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One thought on “About

  1. Hey Timster,…Blogger Not Available!?I have never seen an outage like this before, mmmmm? Wonder if they are testing our tolerance?

    Oh, while on the subject of menus, what about your recipe for Blueberry Pie? Yumm-eee…haaargh, I never see any real criticism of you you at HDI, apart from that twat blammo, when he first appeared everywhere, at the beginning of April, I should have kept his criticism of my work, boy what a bi-polar little hate Poster he was. He was a smart-arse too, now he’s a suck-up, everywhere; perhaps his crew chief at yid internet trolls inc. told him to cut the shit and try honey? Do you delete the nasty stuff? Perhaps a blog featuring the worst comments by yids would be popular? I allow a wanker through the net every now and then, just to show people why I now moderate. I get a lot of White Supremacists etc. why they think I’m a nazi is beyond me, I do sound harsh in my criticisms, though, given my subject matter, who wouldn’t get hot under the collar, I was programmed from the cradle, to stick the boot in. The WS Nazis stopped completely when I put up that hit piece on the yids involved in the WS Nazi Parties, haaargh, go figure, suss eh? I don’t put up their comments ever, I do believe in respect for racial integrity, everyone’s racial integrity, racism is just dumb, I mean where would we be if we all spoke the same language, ate the same food, wore the same clothes, made the same cultural choices – period, might as well burn ya fuck’n Passport. Boy o’boy when I just let anyone comment – wow, I was a fucking hit parade, I mean some of those yids are so vulgar and vicious, even I blushed, or is that the gout? Two things slowed after the yids stopped coming by, daily hacking and hate-speech comments, haaargh, gee I’m glad the UN makes special provision to protect the yiddish khazars from hate-speech.

    Cheers brother,

    Keep on keepin’ on!


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