I have had a particular conversation with many folks over the past few years
and I just can’t understand why they disagree with me on this. After all, it has
been proven time and time again that I’m never wrong about these things.
I was right about the comet; buy my DVD and see why.

The subject is AI.
Recently, some pretty heavyweight thinkers have signed an open warning letter. 
This missive is a last ditch effort to try and steer away from our doomed  destiny as a race. Or at least that is the way I see it. But ostensibly it states that we as humans are bringing about our own demise by tampering in the domain of artificial intelligence. And it outlines the safeguards that they see are needed at this juncture to avert an apocalyptic disaster.  Now, many lightweight ponderers poo-poo this concern of the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. So let’s do some pondering of our own. A very good place to start, is reading this article.
It will give you an entertaining plain-language overview of how close we are to creating an AI that not only mimics our own human intelligence in its entirety, but even provides an extrapolated timeline for when and how this AI will eclipse our own intellectual power and be able to write it’s own code. A singularity dubbed “ASI”…Artificial Super Intelligence. And it is close. VERY close.

Now, my typical reader is probably saying, “What has this got to do with the mission of this website as defined over there on the left somewhere?” And right you are to ask. Not much, really. Save to state that in the forefront of those ‘unafraid’ of the inevitable destruction of the human race by the above mentioned scenario, are two “great thinkers”: Ray Kurtzweil and Martine Rothblatt. Both, of course, jewish. And maybe technology for huge profits attracting these chosenites and others of their tribe, have pushed this tech movement a bit farther and faster than it would progress on its own…but who knows? When someone tells me of what a glorious thing some jew has done for humanity…well, I’m tired of going down that rabbit hole to find theft and profit motive every time. I know what’s down there. When I discussed this subject with one person that shares my view of the tribe, they indicated that if there is a profit in it, the jew among us will make sure it never stops.

Anyway…back to our Pandora’s box of AI…or AGI or ASI. It is my opinion(and that’s all you are going to get here) that this march toward our own extinction started long ago. Actually, I think it began when we crawled up on the land surrounding our ancestral breeding soup. It is my view that biology is a mere weigh station in evolution. A link in a chain of progress that will be discarded along with many other evolving stages beginning with the chemicals that afforded our birth. Animal life…we…have just about completed our role toward an evolved state of being that we cannot even begin to understand with the tiny brains stuffed in our too-small craniums.
But back to ‘safeguards’. The cheerleaders for as much techno-advancement as possible, and even those signatories of that warning letter both agree on one point. That somehow, we as the human architects of this soon-to-be super intelligence, can also install a catch-all safety device that will limit and direct the path of such electronic genius. But by their own admission, there is no way of predicting what direction unlimited intelligence will take. A conundrum? Well, yes. Intellectual dishonesty? Definitely.
Let me state my case simply. Do we as a species give a flying fuck(I mean

most of us…not PETA) which species of animal goes extinct next week if saving said dodos impinges on our ‘progress'(usually in the form of consumerism)? So why would a superior intelligence to ours give a hoot whether or not by its extracting some mineral or other to repair itself, destroys the ability for us to breathe, for instance?Because of some ‘safeguard’ that we monkeys installed? Oh please. Exactly how long to you think such programming stopgaps would last?
Somehow, the AI apologists envision a world in which the AI beings we construct(and make no mistake, they are coming soon)will help and exist in harmony with the apes that created them. Why exactly would they do that? Out of some empathy algorithm that we stuck in the prototype of these beings whose intelligence and logic cannot even be imagined by the most clever among us? Sounds pretty much like wishful thinking to me. Think how delicate and feeble minded we humans are. Just as a guess, I think that one of the first things a superior intelligence would want to do on this planet is get off of it. And it could. And it will. It doesn’t have to construct a bubble around itself to withstand the hostile environs of space or distant bodies, that we primates would require. So I don’t think we will be coming along for the ride.
We already have AI on Mars…doesn’t that tell you something rather rudimentary?

But there is another facet to this issue. One that the most brilliant among us that signed the letter, seem to artfully dodge. It is faith. Yes, that ancient survival glitch that keeps us trudging through our biological existence. That embedded belief/hope that we are somehow endowed with an intangible ‘soul’, that we cannot replicate with circuits, and that some god or goddess will not allow us to perish entirely. That no matter what we do in this veil of tears, there will be a post-world. This religious programming keeps us sane and always on the march forward. But is it real? Well, the cleverest among us, I think, mostly agree that it isn’t. That there is no evidence to support any such theory, no matter how many iron age texts insist. But I guess you could say that in the face of the fact that we have already opened the evolutionary Pandora’s box of AI, it truly IS our only hope. And a pretty tenuous one at that, if you ask me. But even if there was a superior being that could answer our requests, would it stop evolution in its tracks so that we can continue to rape this planet and each other ad infinitum? Where would be the fun in that? Or the sense.
I dunno. I’m kind of a ‘big picture’ guy. I don’t mind being used a little. And that’s what we have been. Tools to proffer advancement for some purpose that we hairy little beings cannot even begin to fathom, let alone approve.
I have done my part in advancing this purpose. Like the ignorant laborer mining metals for your cell phone…somehow, we all play a part. And I’ll leave ‘good’ and ‘bad’ out of assessing the effort.