Isis On The Cake

The cake is a lie. But, that being said, and if I were a mean-spirited person I would have many things to celebrate about now. Joan Molinsky(Rivers) is slowly dying and suing. Literally. Well that’s what jews do. Die slowly and sue. George Galloway exposed the really attractive facet of judaism with his jaw. Literally.
And one jew isn’t telling the other what the hell they are doing. Kind of a ‘failure to communicate’.
I have a friend that works for a huge techie outlet(kosher obviously)and as a salesperson in this multi-national, he now has to refrain from using the branded name of their newest touch-to-pay service. Ya see, before israhell and Al-CIA-duh created ISIS they didn’t check with their software people in the retail sector. The newly launched ISIS-wallet name now has to be scrapped. My friend tells me that when he mentions this service to prospective customers, that they recoil in horror. I find that hilarious. But maybe that’s just me. An overlap of merchandising. One takes money from your virtual wallet…the other grips you with horror every time you see a woman in a hijab. Both programs from the folks that brought you 6 million pajamas. And that lot that seems to want to rule the planet…well, aren’t doing so well. They had there asses hand them in Palestine on a PR level. And many of their other products are failing in the marketplace.
But that’s as may be. I read an interesting essay the other day.  It was so cute, it had my eyes welling up a bit. Like watching a child discovering that there is no Santa Claus. Of course, I have no argument to make with the author, Mark Dankof.  None whatsoever. Everything he says in the article is quite true. But these are things that are forgone conclusions to many. It is emotionally strenuous to see someone come to terms with bitter truths. But as I said, he is correct. He just has his timeline a little skewed. The Untied Snakes was doomed from the start. It has never been anything but a PR dream. I really wish more people would grasp that fact. It could have saved everyone a lot of difficulty over the past couple hundred years. But that’s the nature of public relations. It almost always backfires.

I recently toyed with the idea of joining up with ISIS(in maybe a consultant capacity). They have such a slick recruitment campaign going on that I almost fell for it. Then I thought better of the idea. Partly because ‘slickness’ sets off a little alarm in my head. I know where that kind of solicitation usually comes from. Coupled with the fact that in all of the Middle East there is only one place where this band of revolutionaries(along with every other ‘terrorist’ group)never show their scarves,and that is that shitty little country that sponsors them. I mean…a child can trace this…right? That little child that has had to wrestle with the Santa Claus thing? Surely. Eventually.
But what do I know.
Well, I know death-throes when I see them. And that’s what I’m seeing. But like Ms. Molinsky, they aren’t going to die without causing a hell of a lot more trouble for decent people.

“…I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive.
While you’re dying I’ll be still alive.
And when you’re dead I will be still alive.