Horribly Wrong

All these years, I have been laboring under a horrible misconception. 
I assumed that because I had found an audience for my anti-judaic ranting, that this assemblage of readers was made up of basically decent folk that held similar views to mine. And as an added bonus were open to my ruminations about that gutter-religion.
Not so, Bucko. Apparently, most of those out here that even entertain the notion that judaism is an underlying destructive force in the world, hold some other toxic views with which I have no wish to associate myself. Not the least of which is the very racism which I decry coming from zionists.
As I look back on my writings and the comments made, I see an underlying ugliness that I was eager to dismiss as idiocy from a select few knuckle-draggers, and just move on. Move on to blindly fuel the very blind hatred that, well…I hate.
For this, I humbly apologize. Apologize to that illusive reader that I had conjured from literally millions of page views. The reader to which I wrote. The reader that understands that a racist is a racist. The reader that is fully aware that if the only thing that one objects to concerning the jewish tribe is their destruction of some nationalistic illusive ‘white race’, then they have no right to be in the fight…that they are no different from the kosher pigs that slaughter Palestinians.
So I apologize to this imagined reader for my misjudgements.

I have slowly had this revelation over the past few months, which is why I have been posting so much less than I used to. It is hard to continue my tirades against jewish racism, having been so humbled by my own miscalculations regarding those that I had assumed were on board with me in…well…what I had always considered to be just common sense.
I wrote the piece above concerning the infamous Dr. David Duke, hoping to engage him in the debate over his latent racist views. To no avail. I did, in all fairness receive a missive from one of his minions however. It was so full of vile vitriol, that I chose not to publish it. It would seem that these ‘patriots’ learned their hasbara lessons well, and steep themselves in all the methods used by the founders of racism in an attempt to defend their indefensible positions. And I gotta tell ya…he was not the only one. They came crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches in defense of ‘the vanishing white race’. Oh dear.

So it seems that one cannot successfully separate those that understand the jewish threat to our world, and those that are living in and trying desperately to preserve some ‘amerikan dream’ of European-white-only barbeques in suburbia and the 40-hour work week.
In the face of such blindness, I have all but given up. Who was it that said that we see first in our enemies that which we cannot perceive in ourselves? Someone smarter than me, I’m sure.

But anyway…to be (partially) fair…I will try to answer my REAL reader and his criticisms of my non-racist positions by postulating an exchange on the subject.
I will play both parts. I know my own position. I have heard theirs since I was old enough to blow my own nose.

Patriot: “How dare you criticize one of the most effective leaders in the war against Zionism! Dr. Duke is NOT a racist. He only understands and laments what has become of this once-great country and the decline of the White race here at the hands of the jew!”(ed. note-this a direct quote from one of my “readers”)

Me: Well Patriot, I take exception to a couple of things you said in your opening statement. Firstly, why is it that ‘patriots’ nowadays seem to think of this county only as the pictures they saw in their 7th-grade history books? You purport to be enlightened to false history thrust upon you and yet you cling to the notion that this nation was not merely a political experiment by upper-class slave-owning British idealists. This Sir, is a distortion of fact. From almost its inception, this land has been dominated by imperialist ass-hats that cared little for anything other than what they could get their hands on. The usurping jew came over on the boats with them. This kosher stowaway provided wars, usury, slavery and land theft to these aristocrats that were happy to purchase and benefit. As far as the early populace of this great nation that you love so much. The actual people that settled it…were mostly thieves, cut-throats or opportunists from every nation on earth, murdering and stealing the land of the indigenous people of which you very well may have DNA trace elements in your “pure white” blood.

Patriot: “You are simply a leftist who hates all forms of nationalism, and you no doubt support the destruction of all White nations by mass immigration. You are simply angry that Jews don’t adhere to multiculturalism and egalitarianism because you are too dumb to understand that Jews promoted those ideas to Whites (and Whites only) in order to destroy us.”

Me: Gosh. I’m too dumb to understand ‘divide and conquer’ tactics, but I know who utilizes them. And yet I fall for it. Oh dear. I AM dumb, huh?
Where to begin. Where to begin…
You are correct about one thing. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about white nations…whatever they are. They sound disgusting.
In my scary neighborhood live three Indian families, a Mexican family, two Black families and a Chinese woman and her children. We enjoy each others’  presence, watch one anothers’ houses when vacation times roll around and have neighborhood garage sales and cook-outs. I guess I’m too dumb to realize that all these folks that surround me are really the enemy. Thank heaven I have you to give me a heads-up on these things. I don’t really enjoy their company and cultural differences. The kids don’t have fun together on Diwali and Christmas and Halloween. I don’t relish the aroma of curry and Mexican cuisine on my evening walks. We don’t enjoy an evening’s impromptu soccer or cricket match with ‘multicultural’ teams. 
And you want to take this away from people. This type of grass-roots cultural understanding has been going on under that white nose of yours since the inception of this country. It is when the tribe forces racial ‘pride’ on the less intelligent of the populace, that friction is created. But your being among that class… wouldn’t understand this.
In any event…you should get a sheet to hide your idiocy, which would also facilitate rapid identification for the rest of us.

I could go on and on with this scenario…but I think you get the point. I have made the horrible mistake of assuming that this type of attitude is much less prevalent than I had thought. I have recently come to understand that it is more and more the case. So the world will read less and less from me. I cannot, nor do I have the desire to fight a two-front war.


24 thoughts on “Horribly Wrong

  1. Tim, this is no time to withdraw from the fray because some crudities have been tossed your way. Your mission is still worthy, even though the racism of some Jew-wise readers is offensive.

    The areas of overlapping views is not discredited just because there are non-overlapping views among people. So I hope you don't throw the baby out with the bath.

  2. Hello Timster….we are all related and the lies, of the so called chosen ones, continue to divide us…and people continue to teach each other lessons with very few blessings!

  3. I have been a long time reader and supporter of yours and have always looked forward to each post. So sad to see that you have finally reached this conclusion. I was on the same path as you so many years ago, seeing the same destructive force and only after much energy expended realized that no single entity can truly be blamed for the ills that WILL befall mankind. It is much too late for humans to work together for the good of humankind. Better off just letting them go as I am of the age now that no changes for the better are foreseeable. There will never be a society that endeavours to build homes for all of its citizens rather than build bombs and bullets. There will never be a society that endeavours to teach others how to fish instead of building a fish market. These things don't seem to be in our in our wiring for some reason. Religions would rather our children see war and violence instead of love. Which one is the 'peaceful' religion? I seem to have forgotten.
    Anyway, Tim, thanks for everything. You're on the right track regardless.
    Can I suggest a thorough reading of 'Armageddon Conspiracy' It's a dot UK website. Might be enlightening as to the who is afraid of the NWO and why.


  4. “…some nationalistic illusive 'white race'…”

    Obviously you have bought into the cultural Marxist Big Lie that “race is a social construct”. As with all such ideas what that means in concrete terms is that Whites are not allowed to pursue their ethnic interests but non-Whites are encouraged to do so to the detriment of Whites of course. The typical double standard.

    “…the infamous Dr. David Duke…”

    And you pretend to have liberated yourself from the Jewish matrix? Dr. David Duke is “infamous” only due to Jewish propaganda. Read his books and articles to see how little justified that is.

    “…in defense of 'the vanishing white race'…”

    That is no myth. Whites have worldwide a subreplacement birthrate while non-whites are increasing. Couple that with mass immigration of non-whites into white lands plus increasing miscegenation and the disappearance of the white race is a frightening possibility. But I guess you would welcome that.

    “…the actual people that settled it…were mostly thieves, cut-throats or opportunists…”

    You have entirely interiorized the “White Guilt” idea. Have you ever realized that ALL countries – including non-white ones – were created that way? There is no “special white guilt” which justifies the destruction of the white race. If one would apply your “morals” ALL races should be destroyed because of historical guilt.

    Your association of reasonable white nationalism with the Ku Kux Klan comes straight from the playbook of the Jewish ADL or the SPLC, but you don't think Jewish, no?

    I'm sorry to say, but you are more Jewish in thinking than you realize.

  5. Anon@2:23 – You are right, I'm sure.
    But read on down and see what I'm talking about in this and the preceding post. I get this crap CONSTANTLY…

  6. Franklin – Well, you are the reason for the past two posts. You and your ilk.

    “… Whites are not allowed to pursue their ethnic interests.”

    I have no idea what those would be but they sound ominous. What could this possibly mean, I wonder.

    “the disappearance of the white race is a frightening possibility.”

    Frightening to whom? What exactly are people like you afraid of?

    If anyone has been taken in here, I think it is you. Keep being 'proud' of something you never accomplished. Keep fighting race wars. That is JUST what they want.

    I only published your latest rant to let readers see what kind of idiocy is out here trolling around, that gives me pause. I don't know why I bother. Don't write back. You are banned. At least I can do that much…

  7. Dear Timster…

    Like others, I have been a long-time reader and I LOVE your determination to at least TRY to get through to the populous about what's going on… I take exception to the racist bullshit though… They are faulting you and decrying the “decline of the white race”… blame immigration… blah blah blah… First off, you will NEVER get through to those types of people b/c they are like spoon-fed Christians with their dogmatic thinking… If they aren't smart enough to see their hypocrisy for what it is then forget 'em… there is NO hope for them. They whine about immigration and the decline of the white race? Bullshit. I've Native American heritage… truly. And if anyone has a right to complain, bitch and moan about immigration it is the Native Americans. Yeah, white man arrived… and nearly decimated an entire people. Just like what is taking place in Palestine. Rape, pillage, and plunder has morphed into confine, slaughter, and cry foul. Only difference being the Native Americans weren't essentially confined to a “barrel” as a result… they were confined to camps and displaced. Let's see… oh yeah, by the white man all b/c he thought himself “superior” with his “god-given” right! Sound familiar? Don't understand what color has to do with any of this back and forth the “racists” are spewing. Despicable behavior is just that, despicable… Doesn't matter what color the perp's skin is. But weak-minded people will cling to that which they know best… It's easier that way. And don't expect them to admit fault or go back on that which they've preached for so long… if they do they risk 1) losing their “following”, which empowers them and 2) feeling vulnerable — can't have that! Secondly, there is only ONE race… It's called HUMAN. And sadly, I guess there will always be assholes out there with small penises, unfortunate, traumatic and crappy backgrounds, hard life lessons and such that have turned them into the small-minded hateful bastards they are. So sad. I pray one day they find peace… I truly do. The sooner they do the better. Life is too short for their poisonous, hateful nonsense. The least they could do for humanity is keep their racist bullshit to themselves and let those willing to do what they can to HELP humanity do so unfettered. But what do I know, eh? Later, Timster…. Keep up the fight to help others find the strength to stand up for what's right… and maybe help the remaining few extract their heads from their arses.

  8. Totally understand how maddening and crazy-making this 'white genocide' crap is for you. It's fucking everywhere on the 'alt' websites nowdays.
    I'm totally with you, brother. Racism is racism. Supremacy is supremacy. Wish we could banish all such asswipes to another planet.
    A planet with no 'people' for a 'people' with no planet.
    Stay the course, Tim.

  9. Anon@6:54 – Oh. I'm staggering from that onslaught! I took them to task…you walked them through hell.
    Nice writing too. Many thanks for the support.

  10. bholanath – Thanks for the support on this issue! And thank you for reading. I would like to put your site on my blog-list. I especially recommend it to my readers. LOVED “An Avatar Walks Into A Bar”

  11. Hi Tim, I'm late to the party, and seem to have mostly missed it…
    I've come to the conclusion that the 'Jewish problem' is really the 'Gentile problem'…
    Firstly, of course, the problem 'Jews' are actually satanists, and not Jews at all. And the 'gentiles' are often descended from the 12 tribes of Israel. It's a confusing picture.

    The fact is: It takes two to tango. The 'gentiles' have forsaken their birthright for a bowl of soup. They were given the perfect law of God to live by – and they rejected it because they wanted a king – an earthly government.

    Instead of living the true law of equality and peace, people chose the civil law of kings and serfs. People are suffering because we forgot the true law, we allowed a counterfeit legal-system to be imposed on us.

    We have to ask ourselves: How stupid are we? To reject the law which we owned, is just 3 words (Do no harm), and delivers justice, for one which we do not own, is incomprehensible, and delivers injustice.

    This is why the satanists feel such contempt for the 'Goyim' (Goyim has same root as Gollum!) – because we have been so incredibly stupid. Brainless even.

    Look at it this way: If you have parasites – is it the parasites fault, or is it yours? We can all pick up parasites in life, but good hygiene dictates that we should remove them swiftly.

    There IS a simple solution to all the worlds problems, and it is this, a RETURN TO THE RULE OF LAW:
    “Common Law Community Training Manual”

    PS: Strawman. I think you're wrong. I think that justice is just around the corner. 🙂

  12. spot on timster…great read-and as you-i am also tired of “white is dying…white is right”…kind of thinking. nothing stays forever thank goodness…that would be arrested development…we need to expand,grow,evolve, and enjoy.
    thank you.

  13. “I don't relish the aroma of curry and Mexican cuisine on my evening walks.”

    Is this your grammar Timster?

    This piece reminds me of an old question “why Dr. David Duke is still with us and Edgar J. Stelle, Esq. is not.

  14. -Tim

    White nationalism is a natural outgrowth of jewish and whebe actions on traditionally white, christian, western style nations created and built by white people, of white people and for white people.

    Surprisingly (or not) the most rapidly growing anti-jewish, anti-non-white and anti-immigration white grouping are young (between 14 to 30) white middle-class urbanites throughout the Western world. This contrast with rural/exurbanite whites who are actually declining in so-called “bigotry” is nothing less than astonishing, unless what we are experiencing here is the old adage “familiarity breeds contempt”.

    I would love a world akin to Lennon's “Imagine”, sadly though, it is simply not going to happen; at least not without a nightmarish eugenic scenario ala “Gattaca/Neanderthal parallax”. Even if the “good folks” won and we installed eugenic techniques specifically to remove the anti-social/sociopathic elements of the *Homo* species complex, where would it end? It is VERY clear what we call Mankind is a grab-bag of species, subspecies and races, all with unique characteristics. Some of those groupings have such high rates of innate genetic sociopaths and neurotic disorders that are incredibly dangerous when expressed, you would be essentially changing their entire make-up just to preserve white, western civilisation.

    To me, there are no easy answers. I've known members of many other hominid types that were wonderful, kind and loving. Does that mean I pretend that on balance, I disregard all the mountains of personal experiences and research and data sets that show such horrific negative effects? What do I do? I've know wonderful Jewish people as I am sure you have, but what do I do regarding the perfidy of the Jewish race as a whole?

    It is a conundrum, a seemingly hopeless one.

  15. Thomas – Yes. Is there something grammatically incorrect with that statement?
    So you are saying that Dr. Duke is a strawman? Well, that is my conclusion so I venture to say that we agree.

  16. Stunned – I'm really trying to grasp the meaning of your comment. Really.

    Firstly, judaism is not a race. It is a culture/religion. I agree that there are no easy answers. I have never expressed hatred for all jews, or 'all' of any group. People are people. I don't have much use for any of them. Call me picky.
    Secondly,I do not believe that sociopathy is inherited. One way or another, it is taught. Jews just seem to excel at teaching their children these talmud-based anti-social characteristics because their gutter-religion allows it. That's all. The rest of us are too tolerant of religion in general to arrest that development. Simple. Other than that I have no idea what you are trying to say, but thanks for reading.

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