As an adjective. The title of this little piece is meant to convey that the other things covered in alternative media, along with those juicy revelations that we all want to read about, may serve a bigger purpose. You know, those stories that expose our most profound suspicions. “Jew banker caught in money-laundering, kiddie-porn, slash-and-burn antics pleads guilty to lesser charge of chewing gum in class and receives two weeks probation from yiddish judge.” Well, the real journalists are here to give you the facts in the case and you can say “I told you so”. And you keep on reading. And you keep on watching. And although the rest of the day’s news is not quite so hard-hitting…well, you take it all in anyway because they just gave you what you wanted. But what of those other stories? Well, they are not so believable. And maybe…just maybe…they aren’t quite the ‘truth’ you came for in the first place. Maybe half truths. But as we all know, half is better than nothing. Right? Or is it?

I don’t know about you, but when someone deliberately lies to me about something important, they don’t get two more strikes. Noam Chomp-sky may prescribe just what this country needs when he describes D.C. as a “…chicken-shit town that should be burned to the ground”, but the rest of his message, is nothing more or less than talmudic controlled opposition. But he is out there for the liberal left to follow. Not us.
As you know, very few talking heads out here get it all right. But if they don’t, should we even listen to anything they have to say? When they deviate from what we understand as fact, should we buy the whole package, when most are half-truths? Good question. If I agreed 100% with an alternative journalist…well, they would be me. No one agrees with anyone else completely on everything. But the important issues…ah, there’s the rub.

So, if I am told by some truth-seeker that he/she has uncovered a plot that explains why the hell we are unhappy as a species, well it gives me pause. You know me. As a rule, I will not listen to any jew explain anything to me…with very few exceptions. I have this rule, because the very nature of that religion is half-truths. And if a member of that tribe has gotten his words or countenance out there, well their message is already suspect. No matter what the content. So I deal with the suspicion. 
Some out here vilify Gilad Atzmon. I can understand that. He is not only jewish, but was raised in that terrorist camp in Palestine. He was a member of the IDF. He understands the bestial behaviour of judaism more than most. He says he is no longer a ‘jew’. And yet he cannot bring himself to completely disavow that gutter religion. He fights for Palestinian rights. He points out the political identity of jews. He points out the half-truths and hypocritical nature of ‘jews-only’ organizations purportedly standing up for Palestine. But you will never hear the candor of a Helen Thomas telling the jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” coming from him. You will never hear him call for the complete dismantling of that Satan-state. You will never hear him advocate for the abolition of that tribe. He will relate all that his ‘former’ tribe members have done in the name of that disgusting dynasty, and yet that is where he stops. But to me, this is the fine line between what an activist says, does, and doesn’t do.

Although he doesn’t advocate my solution to the ‘jewish question’, he does not advocate against it. And he is a valuable asset for having been part of that zionist tribe and is now calling them out. And I have yet to hear a half-truth from him. And until I do, I will not refrain from listening to him. If for nothing else, watching him grapple with his conscience about the obvious conclusions of his stance on the ‘jewish question’. He calls for all jews to ‘apologize’ to the Gentile world for their transgressions, and some rightfully question the severity of his indictment. But to me, he is the perfect microcosm of what every cultural jew must endure and come to terms with. That their religion has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. For anyone. Not them. And certainly not the rest of the world. It is not subject to the tolerance and polite inclusiveness that other religions enjoy. For it brings nothing positive to the table. Nothing. 
But that’s as may be.
We were talking about suspicion. And fine lines. There is a very fine line between something/someone that is suspect and paranoia. But I see my no-jew rule as more a precaution. Generally speaking, I don’t place my thumb under a swinging hammer. But there may come a time when such an action may have its advantages. I can’t think of any at the moment, but I’ll get back to you on that. Hammers are suspect in my book. As are jewish talking heads. I have been on the receiving end of both, and I don’t really care for it.

So, when Abby Martin presents a brilliant piece explaining the benefits of bitcoin, and her next guest is some jewess going on and on about abortion ‘rights’….well, take heed. If George Galloway seems to be championing every cause about which you feel passionate, and in the next breath is glorifying Karl Marx…well, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.
Don’t be paranoid. Be suspicious.


2 thoughts on “Suspect

  1. Tim, I believe it rather convenient( quite apart from the horror show they have turned the place into) that the tribe set themselves up where we can finally keep an eye on them and there far flung agents.

    All roads lead to some where other than Rome anymore , the banking , the graft ,the theft all lead apron investigation to a tiny group of terrorists that have operated from B. C to A .D always the same modus operandi- from ester fame their festivals give them away .
    The “masters of War” as Mr Dylan phrased it sure know how to throw a party.
    The end result is the country ends up looking like a “Weekend at Bernie's” only it's not funny.

    heck all my verbiage just to tell you i'm like you, not paranoid, just very suspicious
    good stuff Tim

  2. Galloway – a so called avowed Islamist – recently called people who did not believe the original 9/11 story nutters.

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