On The Canvas…

I read a lot out here. I watch a lot of videos out here. I gather in a lot of other people’s opinions in this electronic nether-world. All or most of this information has to do with humans struggling with themselves. And of course, this information comes from those affluent enough to have a roof over their heads and an internet connection. That kind of wealth is nothing to sneeze at, considering that most people in the world do not have such luxuries. So all of these opinions are being expressed by the ‘haves’ in proxy of the ‘have-nots’. I got a problem with that. As much of a problem as I have with the uber-rich speaking in my stead.
I remember during the Falklands war(?) in 1982, talking to a British woman about the conflict with Argentina and her native land. She summed it up by saying “Oh, we Brits love a good scrap”.
That impressed me. A very profound statement, thinks I. For the PTB or the PTW(were), there is always fertile ground for war mongering. I don’t think I would say that it is in our DNA to desire conflict with our fellow humans, but we certainly are susceptible to propaganda aimed at stirring up mayhem for the benefit of the banking industry. And of course that is behind all war, no matter how you paint it. That’s as may be.
Back to struggle. Life itself is such. Or should be, if it’s done right, I feel.

It happens. And it enriches our experience on earth. It defines us.
A good scrap against the odds makes our accomplishments all the more worthwhile. But lately, this barney that we are involved in has most of us either on the ropes or on the canvas. Most of the middle-class people I know are being beaten to the hemp, and although aware that they are allowed to hit back, nonetheless seem to prefer to do the rope-a-dope thing in defense. Half protecting their faces and taking a pummeling in lieu of the knockout punch that would send them to see Jesus. At least they aren’t being counted out on the floor, they seem to feel.
I like to draw analogies about boxing. Since I was a kid, I have always been mesmerized by two guys battling it out in a ring. I have always seen pugilism as a microcosm of life itself. It is not necessarily the competition with others that intrigues me…it is the  beat-or-be-beaten rawness of such battles that fascinates. True human will put to good use. The having to put all you are on the line, or suffer horrible defeat. When two boxers are well matched, it speaks to something primal in me that wants the opponent with the most resolve to remain on his feet. I guess,whether you can enjoy two such thugs beating hell out of each other or not…it is the battle with which most can identify. The “Rocky” narrative. We all like to see ourselves somehow in those that can battle odds and a faceless opponent to prove our worth. Some take this too far. Those that know they have no such battles in life.

I had a great giggle the other day when I ran across an ad for the latest treatment of Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” when I saw who jewy-wood had selected this time around to play the meek protagonist. Of course…a fellow jew. Again. 
Now, another couple generations of Gentiles will view Mitty as yet another khazarian victim. Sigh. Like Danny Kaye a few generations ago, Ben Stiller embodies how the kosher film producers mistakenly(or not)perceive the milquetoast dreamer as a down-trodden-type jewish persona. They love that shit. It is part and parcel to their mythology. From Superman to Mitty, they must always understand themselves to be the meek overcoming the strong. Probably because, at least in this age of the jewish being at the top of the heap, they have nothing left to validate their inflated accomplishments. Of course I speak of those jews in positions of media power that embody “jewish identity politics”. For identity is what this is all about, after all.
I received a review recently on amazon concerning my book. I quote:

“Initially drawn in by what seemed to be a bold attempt to tackle a forbidden topic, I found it wanting. The writing is a banal, stream of consciousness that includes periodic outbursts of gratuitous profanity. Anyone could find this sort of rant online; it should never have been bound together in book form.”
Now, I can’t say that I disagree with that review completely. I guess some could see my writing as ‘banal’. Definitely stream of consciousness. Of course you CAN find my sort of rants online. After all, they are from here and this is online. It is debatable whether they should or should not be bound in book form. I’ve read worse books. But of course the reviewer is entitled to that conclusion. But what the fuck is he talking about “outbursts of gratuitous profanity”? I don’t remember any of that shit in my tome. There is no pleasing some people. But I will wholeheartedly agree that I found it wanting as well. I find most about me wanting.
It all comes back to struggle, I guess. My struggle against a pretty nasty tribe by publishing my thoughts about them. Trying to be on the right side of history. I don’t call for every ashkanazi to be swinging from a lamppost. Perhaps that is what the reviewer was looking for. Who knows.
But in this season of forgiveness, I applaud the reviewer’s opinion. At least he put it forth. I will leave it to my millions of fans to rebut his estimation.


8 thoughts on “On The Canvas…

  1. to thine own self be true…curiously all the khazars could cease and desist…{being "Jews"}or go into the ovens…OH HAPPY DAY.I know Jesus wasn't born on December 25, maybe that was when Mary was visited…and became with Child so that Joseph could take care of her and baby Jesus and go to Egypt…any wayI agree with the boxing observation, and also found wrestling to be almost as entertaining…but the people in the stands in wrestling seemed to have {much} more emotional capital invested in their favorite Wrestlers…at least in Memphisthat was the case back in the late 60's and early 70's when Ali was being robbed…I really did think the Frazier Ali fights were cruel….both were true champions in my book…and I even like Howard Cosell.and Jackie Mason, too.http://buelahman.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/bmans-redneck-watch-vagina-or-anus/and I really thought Andy Kaufman was funny the way he made fun of the stupid braindeadgoy…with the soap & toilet paper gag.http://www.online-literature.com/tarkington/penrod/15/100% of Khazars don't have to be "JEWS".Feliz Navidad y Joyeux NoëlsincerelyDavy

  2. I must say old man! I always read your words with a bit of fruit, an apple or a banana, goes right nice with your many words.
    Not every piece of work is for everyone. Very sporting of the sport, to spout some words though. Just the fact he called you a banana, please don't take it personal.

  3. You have been screaming this for so long.
    And this is made just for us to see at this moment in time.

    Time to shift and move.

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