Care About The Bleeding Crowd

Often nowadays, I find myself looking at google analytics on my site traffic. That is to say that I am painfully aware of my traffic here. Who they are. When they come. What draws them. What doesn’t. What pushes them on down the road. And what they take with them from here when they do push on.
I’m not in love with what I see, more often than not. It has come to the point(or perhaps it was always thus), that unless I say the right things, the graph trips over itself and tumbles downward. I’m sure a few readers out there(you know who you are), don’t judge so capriciously, but generally speaking I find that I have entered a contest that I never intended to enter. And I’m more worried about the burning lungs in my chest than who just passed me. I never really got races. I never really understood competition in any form.
But hey, that may just be me.
However, back to saying the right thing. That is a tricky business. I

know what readers out here in the blogosphere want to read. I know they want me to point ad infinitum to this evil group or the other, and ‘tsk tsk’ them. I know that there is this camp and that one, that have their favorite demons. If I’m lucky I will hit on a few and the amen crowd will reward me with hits and…well, amens. They will hyperlink and electronically applaud for my hour or so work of putting one slanderous word after another, attaching a few images, choosing a pleasing color and selling a package of observation with my particular flavor. I’m kinda over it though. And apparently, I’m only holding my own within the trailing pack that is just rounding the 3ed turn anyway.

There seem to be various formulas for success out here where I have chosen to reside for a certain percentage of my precious time; for all time is precious. If success is one’s goal.
But of all the various postulates out here, they all seem to have one thing in common if they want to garner attention. And that is that somehow, the entire world’s population(except, of course, the author and readers of these successful endeavors) are being controlled. Controlled against their will and common sense if they would just wake up. See the devil for who he is and his master plan for world domination(which I would think these demons would already have if they already have so much control).

Well, I have chosen my enemy as per the unwritten rules out here. And the more I rail on and on about a ‘philosophy’ of a loosely-knit cult that call themselves ‘jews’, I am still seen as one that would demonize an entire group of humans. And if I stray from such cultural bigotry…again, my graph line starts heading south.

When I was forced, by various social means, to play(amerikan) football, I was preselected to be a lineman. I was big for my age and bulky. A threat. That’s the nature of that game I hated for years and still do. I can almost always tell the guys that didn’t play more than touch, or flag football in their youth. They make up most of the male football fans of today. It’s like driving a huge truck or Harley. Outward appearance of manliness that doesn’t reveal one’s lack thereof. But anyway, suffice to say, I hated it. Someone once said that it is the perfect amerikan game: Violence punctuated with committee meetings. I couldn’t agree more. But it was more than that to me. It foreshadowed all the jobs that I was to have later in life. Y’know…hierarchy. Bullies. Having to take shit from some ‘leader’ that didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Suffering for their glory. Oh, well.
I remember a defining moment in my short-lived career out there on the line. After one of our brilliant QB’s play calls that failed, he of course blamed everyone on the line for his failure to lead us effectively a few more yards toward ‘his’ goal. And he focused his anger at me and my fellow left lineman. As we tripoded down onto the next scrimmage, we two merely glanced at each other and grinned through our facegaurds. At snap we both slid away from each other enough to open a hole that you could drive a steamroller through. Which was exactly what happened. The entire opposing team funneled through our gap, and that preening asswipe of a quarterback left the gridiron on a stretcher. 
I love watching bullies get their comeuppance. I like to be the cause of it when I can. We all do, I guess. Unless we are the bullies. But would we even know if we are? I could be seen as a spoiled imperialist-capitalist pig by probably 75% of the world. If you were to look at how I live. I have a roof over my head, a vehicle and some money saved. I eat regularly and have time to type this tripe often. I have won a race that I didn’t even consciously enter. And yet I have the unmitigated gall to preach that I have a social conscience. That I “…care about the bleeding crowd”, when generally speaking, I don’t. If I did, I would give away all that I could to those that are not so fortunate. And if I truly cared about my internet ranking, I would write exactly what millions of people want to read. That there is an evil-dooer group that are bent on the death of every other living creature in the world. That by my observant typing, I will champion your cause against ‘the man’, no matter who he is. I am aware and awake and I am going to lead you to such consciousness.

The only things I am genuinely aware of, are these: The world has ALWAYS been going to hell in a hand-basket. There has ALWAYS been war and slaughter and bigotry and blind hatred and devious leadership and greed at the top. And, more importantly, there ALWAYS will be these conditions. I’m sorry…that’s just the way it is. It is my considered opinion that if you don’t see this fact…well, you either haven’t lived long enough or you are mentally unfit. If you foresee a day in which we all live in harmony and justice, you should ask your doctor if commitment is right for you. Seriously.
This, of course doesn’t mean that we have to like these continuous  conditions of our species. Or participate in them. We should fight such influence everywhere it is apparent…as we ALWAYS have, with varying degrees of force and results. The more that the ‘mad scientist’ in our midst believes and tries to implement world domination, the more the common man will rebel. That is what we are seeing at this particular junction in our history.
I rail on about judaism here because they are the ones causing all the most recent shit. That is not to say that they have always been the ones.

So care about the bleeding crowd, as much as you feel comfortable with, but do not live under the delusion that this is the worst that it could possibly get. It has been much worse many times for many more. But it hasn’t been as ‘in your face’ as it was in our decadent past due to the lack of our now all-prevalent media. Who knows what would have happened if wikileaks was around to reveal Rothschild’s little buy-the-bank-of-England trick. What if social media was around to expose Spartan camps where preteen boys were kept for the warrior’s pleasure? What if a youtube video was made of Caligula’s court of orgies? Or a thousand other ‘new’ lows to which we have allowed ourselves to sink.

We are bullied by the technology that is now in the hands of the ruling judaic. Use that technology to temporarily defeat this latest effort, but don’t think it is the last battle. Don’t deceive yourself that your progeny will live in a world in which such battles are no longer necessary. Just make sure that the fruit of your loins is not part of the next group of deluded bullies that desire to lord over the next bleeding crowd.


11 thoughts on “Care About The Bleeding Crowd

  1. tim, ya can't bemoan the choices we had-one generation dissociates from the previous because the cultural choices are fluid one generational group finds it increasingly difficult to relate to the previous because "common knowledge" as we understand it, that artificial cultural milieu, is meant to isolate via media engineered modelling . Terence mckenna use to say culture is not one's friend your essay points to all the reasons that statement is so true- but alas the culture one is born into is the software we operate with.Until we understand that part of religion was meant to act as maintenance software to arrest corrupting trends ,and maintain core values we can't benefit from it.dig your stuff

  2. Yes – good reminders – such as wars, greed, parasites, will always be around… Just my opinion and desire – the end of the judaic war against all non-judaic, in all its forms, is far past time to end.

  3. Effin awesome…Until we understand that part of religion was meant to act as maintenance software to arrest corrupting trends ,and maintain core values we can't benefit from it.

  4. The ideal life is one of sweet struggle.Killing another is much easier than killing ones own demons.Life in paradise is stagnation and entropy.If we ever attained such, we would die of boredom.

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