It Ain’t Rocket Surgery…

As I mentioned in my last post, I have taken to watching Abby Martin occasionally. There are those that see her as a gatekeeper, comparing her to the likes of Rachel Maddow. And there are those that see her as a hopeful glimmer of journalism returning to its definitive roots. That the fourth estate will once again, with the advent of the competitive nature of net-based citizen journalism, recall those days before it became a mouthpiece for government propaganda(although I would be hard-pressed to provide such a time). Either way, her web-based program is a catalyst for controversy. And she is sexier than Noam Chomp-sky. 
That being said, this latest installment of “Breaking the Set” featured an interview with Miko Peled. He is gaining infamy for calling the bluff of the ‘jewish state’. And being the grandson of one of the founding fathers of israhell, and the son of an israhelli general, his perspective is fresh, personal and dangerous to the tribal zionista.

All well and good. I applaud him. I have read his book and I would rank it up there with “The Wandering Who” by Gilad Atzmon, “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler, or “The Invention of the jewish People” by Shlomo Sand. All revealing works by jews themselves, rejecting what Atzmon calls “jewish identity politics”.
Again…all well and good. To a point. But I will try for the umpteenth time to delineate exactly why these combined literary efforts fall short of the truth as I see it. It isn’t brain science to me. But it seems to be to Abby; and seemingly anyone who investigates the jewish-zionist agenda objectively.
In her interview, if you haven’t yet seen it, she prefaces her critical remarks about israhelli policy toward Palestinians with the caveat: “…unfortunately, on the flipside(of accusations of antisemitism to those critical of ‘zionism’) there IS a lot of antisemitism online in writing and youtube…and unfortunately it has effected a lot of legitimate questioning of the israeli government and I don’t know why that’s so prevelant…”. 

She says this rather under her breath, as if saying “now, here’s a word from our sponsors”…which in essence is exactly what she is saying.
It is my opinion, having been raised around the jewish, having seen what that religion can and does produce in our modern world and what it has done in the past couple thousand years, that no one should be surprised. One should not try to separate ‘zionism’ from judaism. It is the logical political outcome of it. As was communism and is democracy. It is a bit more extreme…or kosher…but other than that, it is judaism in your face.
Gosh. I know. It’s tough to admit that your recent ancestors are murderers. Were savage assholes. It is even tougher to realize and bring to the front of your brain that the REASON they were ethnic cleansing filth, is that culture in which you yourself were raised. Catholics don’t consistently remind themselves how many people were slaughtered in the name of the holy Roman Church. I think the reason for this particular example is that they can assure themselves that causing such human suffering was not in the basic tenets of their religion. And that it is a faith of forgiveness, in theory anyway.
But jews have it really tough. There is no such humane edicts in their ‘religion’. No matter how you look at it…grandpa was a child-molesting, bloodthirsty animal or an unscrupulous usurer…BECAUSE of your familial religion. Those in your culture that haven’t committed such atrocities simply haven’t been pushed to the limits their epistemology.
This seems rather simple to me. Now.
Of course, I have come to this conclusion after doing a complete 180 degree trek. I have, as I am sure you have, muddled through the sludge of revised history and political correctness to arrive at these transparent facts. But maybe I’m not seeing something here. I welcome correction, but in my chuckle-headed view, if you teach your children that they are hated just for being who they are, and they always will be; that they are better human beings because they are so hated; and that they should essentially disregard the basic humanity of anyone outside their culture…well, you have the above mentioned results. Politically speaking: zionism, communism and democracy. Socially speaking, you have generations of people acting on this jewish disregard for the non-jewish, and this manifesting itself in the most disgusting nation-wrecking that this old world has yet to see.

So to answer Abby’s question as to “…why that’s so prevalent” in reference to TRUE anti-jewish behaviour(which I’m sure is what she meant)…well, duh.
People are not as stupid or ‘inferior’ as the talmud would have its followers believe. Firstly, I think they understand, or should, that jews are not a race. They are not even a nationality, even if it is the attempt of zionism to prove that they are. They are followers in a cult BASED on the very type of racism that they preach against. This is CLEAR. Why is it so easy to allow this to be obfuscated by the jew-biased media? As I am famous for saying here: I dunno. But to me, it ain’t rocket surgery. And it is as simple as it sounds. I have yet to read or hear anything to convince me otherwise. Not from half-measure jewish whistle-blowers, and definitely not from Abby Martin. No matter how S/M she looks.


14 thoughts on “It Ain’t Rocket Surgery…

  1. from the environment that she oozed from her mental and spiritual position has become elevated to where the hypocrisy is visible…sometimes ART can do that…she reminds me of Hope Kurtz, who died…"sometimes we need our experience, sometimes we need our youth"….- Harry Chapinhad a "Jewish" {Ashkenazim} room mate who apologized for killing Jesus….such a guilt trip, oy vey.freemasonry oozes from Talmudic Judaism…also.see the words {and footnotes}Assassin, Babylon & Captivity in Mackeys…pre 1924.and also…David Adair.all the lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, a good startsincerelyDavy

  2. Hate to say I told you so but if you happened to see last night episode of Abby's show you know I can. She had Former Senator Bob Graham on, they spoke heavily of the supposed "9/11 hijackers"(no word on which versions-the alive ones, the stolen identities etc.) and how Saudi Arabia did 9/11. Abby is pathetic.

  3. To followup my comment on your previous blog post concerning Ms Martin. Saudi Connection to 9/11 and the way "it" happened. Go to the 15:45 for the start of that segment. Those expert pilots received their "aviator" training in Sarasota. She does ask some good questions later in the interview but then again, everyone has their part to play. And if BP lost rights to drill in the gulf who did?Aris

  4. Abby Martin is a psychological hooker working for the continually morphing and latest jewish psy-op against humanity; using the classical hooks -like an attractive female (in the linked vid, even in short skirt; distracting and disarming, "hmm, maybe it's okay that jewish and israhell are waging mass theft, mass murder, genocide throughout all the mid-east – yeah, do it for Abby, what the hell") who will endlessly lead you on with promises to give your what you want (all the truth for example), but never-ever will (i.e. the jewish mentality towards the gentile). It's only a matter of time before she will turn, but based on the same patterns repeated for decades by the "media", and which she's now setting up, she will turn.

  5. I want to thank you sincerely for not capitalizing "jews", "judaism", israel", "israHell", etc. This was a really good article, and there needs to be a much larger conversation in the "alternative" media, like Russia Today, about what is REALLY happening across our world. PressTV does a MUCH better job of exposing the big-picture, and it is obvious why that it is.Here is my essay on the House of Saud being jewish, and the big-picture of Syria and why things are the way that they are in The Middle East. Enjoy, and please read and share the following other essays on the issue:"The Six Million Myth""israel Did 911""How the jews Won the West""The jewish Utopia""Masters of Deception" by ZCF"The Greatest Deception: zionist-cabal"

  6. oh, yeah, for all you 'mericans – Columbus or whatever his name really was – was a jew, his "expeditions" were funded by Spanish jews who had just been kicked out of Spain, his main advisers were jewishHappy jewish Columbus dayand the next greatest myth of human history – ranking just below the holohoax – Columb's "discovery of America" (see according to their freakish law – the jews can claim anything they want as long as they're the first to claim it according to their bogus law).One more thing: no, talk like this won't create conditions for another "holocaust". Why? Because there was never a first one! Only in the jewish mind can such an event have occurred or may again. Pure 100% jewish mentality projection on to others. Their bogus holocaust is their wet-dream-religion's goal for all the "goyim"

  7. Thank you for this alternative viewpoint – it's always good to look at things from another angle."Things are not always as they seem…"OTOH, AM laid out 2-1/3 hours of her 9/11 convictions on a "Media Roots" video, (transcript at Such as:“And 9/11 is so important. It’s so, so important because if it weren’t for 9/11, we would not be openly torturing. We would not be openly assassinating American citizens abroad. We would not be engaged fully in this fake, manufactured, ‘War on Terrorism.’ We wouldn’t be engaged immorally and illegally in two countries and going after other countries in the Middle East. We would not be eradicating civil liberties. We wouldn’t have the Homeland Security. We wouldn’t have these agencies. We wouldn’t be propping up our Military apparatus by the trillions.” Q: Is it possible her producers told her, "Go easy on the 911 thing, just do current issues" ?IDK, just sayin…

  8. Lindsey – You're welcome. I was taught to only capitalize "proper" nouns. If there is anything about the judaic that is proper, I'm damned if I can find it…Like your site!

  9. Anon@10:27 – Wow. Thanks for the link!Very telling. I had no idea about a lot of things about Abby. Oh, and between her and her Bro…I counted 17,446 "likes" in just that one interview. I'm like…stunned.

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