You Can Take This For What It Is Worth…

I don’t like to use fear, like the MSM. But I think this may be a heads-up. I dunno. You decide. Thanks to Lasha for the info…


Bad Signs, by JB Campbell

worship2_dees-jpgI just got some bad news. Our local doctor reported that a trucker he knows brought a government consignment of goods up from the Mexican border to the Arizona/Nevada check point. The Nevada inspector asked, “What’s in the back of your truck?” The trucker didn’t know, it was a government consignment and so he hadn’t bothered to check.

The inspector said, “Let’s have a look.”

They opened the back and the trailer was stacked with new signs that said, “MARTIAL LAW AREA.”

No agency name on them. The trucker was on his way to the north-east part of the country. The signs were apparently made in Mexico.

Trouble is on its way…

13 thoughts on “You Can Take This For What It Is Worth…

  1. trucks moving nuclear shit up the east coast….power grid drills in november…everywhere…and now this…. heads are up… i hope they don't roll.

  2. Tim, I believe that when the P. T. W (powers that were) show their hand,at least than more people can see what their taxes have been going too.Bush told everyone to go shopping me thinks the new shopping list under this regime will boldly telegraph the response -let them eat freedom fries!appreciate your work

  3. apologies – this has nothing to do with this blog posting, but with no other way to communicate, here's a message (you probably may be aware of this already, but it's first time i've seen it)How Dare I is being blocked by something called (i.e. jewish thought control)"you are being blocked from viewing:…For content of the following type(s): Pornography"i thought the jews enjoyed ponography – maybe only if they are making money from it

  4. Timster -answer to your "How and where is it blocked?"I came to your blog via one of Les Visible's blogs. Before visiting your blog, I also attempted to read a new article by Lasha Darkmoon on – yep – jewish sexual deviance (can anybody imagine such a thing) in Weimar, Germany, on her blog, also via Visible's and got the same thought-control message (pornography (non-jewish) warning).I was able to get to your blog via proxy – to post above comment.Now there's no more thought control/blocking of your blog -? I don't know?

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