I Suppose…

In the face of the buzz-saw that is the “Syrian Crisis”…I should weigh in. Millions of readers are waiting with baited breath to discover my take on the issue. As if. You already know what I think.
After watching O-Bomb-A attempting to assume the moral high ground yesterday…all I can do is just shake my head. I know as do you, that this is all about israhell. Pipelines, Oil, Rothschild banking, eliminating threats to jews stealing Arab land. Kind of a tough-sell though. Trying to use the big-crayon “this is what we are as a nation” bullshit that we heard before we became the ones using internationally banned chemical warfare. Cue agent orange.

Tough sell, indeed. I want one tenth of one percent of the money that is changing hands right now in congress. I could rule the world with that kind of cash. And change hands it will. Congressional approval will be purchased. I haven’t seen so much chutzpa outside of a Jew York delicatessen, than was coming from the speech patterns and body language of our dear leader as he scolded Assad.
But I am also noticing something that the MSM has also picked up on. Relatively little massive protests to this latest bit of yiddish empire building, from we in the U.S. Of Israel. I have my theory on that too. Besides the fact that the more clever people among us are wising up to the fact that non-violent protest has the same effect as a long drink of water on this jewish-amerikan regime…I think that maybe like me…there are quite a few out there that are stepping back a few paces to let fido chase that car. Short of shooting the cur in the head, you aren’t going to stop his urge to run down and defeat every passing auto anyway. If he survives this latest little sortie down the street in hot pursuit…well, maybe he will have learned a valuable lesson.

Broken legs and all.
You know as well as Barry and I, that there are going to be many more US-killed children in Damascus next week. That’s a given. But what of the consequences? To the Gulf. To israhell. To oil prices. To international retribution. I’m just giddy contemplating all the dark scenarios that will bring this bitch-of-the-zionists(and their masters) to its knees. Yes, even if I have to suffer along with the fallout of any of these consequences. To me it will all be worth it to see Tel Aviv being leveled. For that too is almost a given. And not a moment too soon.
Of course I don’t want to see innocent people slaughtered. But then again, I am not the one that is pulling at the reigns to do so. That would be the judaic in the seats of governance. I’m just a spectator.
The guy standing by the side of the road watching his dog take off after that dump truck.
So…”go on boy! Go catch that nasty old truck. Teach it a lesson. I’ll wait here”. 
But that’s as may be.

Lane change. I received my spit-in-a-bottle DNA evaluation results today. YAY! I know some out there are recoiling in horror at the mere thought of adding a DNA sample to any database…but WTH.
It’s for a good cause. And I couldn’t care less, as I have stated here before, how much info ‘they’ have on me. At this stage in my life…the more the better. “Let it be known who”, prosperity….and all that. So here are my results. As you can see, I am essentially British. With the interesting caveat of 8% being from the Levant. 
Now savvy historians among you will know that this is NOT an indication of jewish background. And that there actually is no DNA grouping for the ‘tribe’, because after the Khazars converted to judaism and as they wandered throughout the world being kicked out of every civilized nation, any cohesive familial markers were diluted to a point that it simply doesn’t exist…percentage-wise. Even though they love to think that they didn’t intermarry…history proves them wrong. 

So that leaves me with the understanding that I have a smattering of Arab ancestry. This may be explained through the Crusades…or, perhaps something a bit more delightful. Like a marriage with an ancient Palestinian. That would certainly account for my unusually passionate empathy for them(grin). Who knows. At this point, I will assume the latter…for comfort’s sake.
I suppose.


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