There is a huge difference in pruning and removing a weed. Most yank till the top comes off in their hand and the offending flora is visible no longer. They have just pruned. For along with the evolution of man-the-weed-destroyer, so too has the common destructive weed evolved. It now thrives on this type of life-giving effort of other creatures. When you remove only the visible plant, it is a defense signal to the weed to grow back faster and stronger. And it does this through the power-house root system that remains hidden to the ignorant and/or lazy gardener. Many types of weeds take this route to survival. Many others you will find, can mimic the appearance of purposefully cultivated plants around them to avoid being noticed and destroyed. Both adaptive methods have been successful in the creature-against-weed battle. Funny things weeds. Smarter than the average bear.
But average bears most of us are. Easily clearing our landscape of the plants we have deemed ugly and found prolific. Only to find it necessary to fall into the weed-trap yet again just weeks after we thought we had rid ourselves of this less than aesthetically pleasing

If there is a more fitting allegory to the destruction of our world as we witness it today, I can’t think of it.
Most gardeners of the world, prune. They do not attack the roots first. It is nothing to identify the fact that our garden is overrun with ugly destructive plants where flowers should bloom. That is obvious. And it takes little more effort to pop the top off weeds that ruin our otherwise healthy and beautiful flowering curtilage. This is done daily. But the weed has another defense mechanism that is just as devious as the above-mentioned. And that is political correctness. It is now taboo to even point out the weeds…let alone believe we are ridding the ground of their presence by yanking on them. For fear of this imagined offense that we would commit by doing so, we turn a blind eye to not only the weed but its roots. You can see what this produces. But those are the ignorant/lazy landscapers that I spoke of.
You and I are a different breed. We don’t quibble. We don’t play word games about what a weed really is, or whether it should be given equal rights among the flowers we raise. As, I believe, Ross Perot once said: “If you see a snake, you kill it. You don’t form a snake committee”.

We see the mimic among the blossoms…and we go for its underground support system first. For this we are labeled so much that one can barely distinguish who we really are. But with all the placards obscuring our identity we hack deeply into the base of the evil we see. We do this rashly at times, but we do it because we have a vision of what the garden could be without the uncultivated deformation that will eventually spoil all our efforts to out-evolve the common weed.
It is here that I could make allusions to Monsanto’s efforts at eliminating weeds and pests by making the ‘flower of mankind’ even more destructive. And how the once healthy crops now serve the plight rather than the consumer. But I’ll let you work out the parallel there.
Suffice to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Weeds are weeds. If you cultivate them they will become prolific. If you half-heartedly eliminate only the visible parts, they will come back healthier and more robust. And you only have yourself to blame for serving them in their purpose of survival and dominance.

I find myself watching RT online recently. More specifically,

Breaking The Set, with Abby Martin. She and her editors at Russia Today have found an audience with those that would like to clean up gardens. A more attractive flower would be hard to find, than she. And one revealing the evil plants around her to all that would eradicate such ugliness. But is she the weed that mimics? Such ‘flowers’ are evolving into such detailed replicas of the real thing…it is difficult for even this old gardener to tell at a glance. Have different weeds infected her shallow root system than the ones she points out every week? Given the lineup on RT ‘news’ other than her show…Larry King et al…I tend to think that she is being pulled by an underground root system. Ah, such beauty…in the flesh and the deed…but only skin deep I’m afraid. And such charm is more destructive than the yiddish that make no bones about their agenda. Much more. This is a journalist that takes on the most ‘lefty’ press and points out their paymasters, and yet in the next breath furthers dangerous agendas that are very clearly tribal. She is the smart/sexy/charming Alex Jones, I fear. There are always those that will take advantage of and

micromanage your anger. And DAMN! They look JUST like the pansies you are weeding around. She is gaining popularity with the phrase “you can’t have it both ways”. Now that is jewish hubris if I ever saw it, considering the types stories she covers.
Age and a keen eye will clear our garden. Experience in dealing with interloping plants seems to be our most effective weapon.


You Can Take This For What It Is Worth…

I don’t like to use fear, like the MSM. But I think this may be a heads-up. I dunno. You decide. Thanks to Lasha for the info…


Bad Signs, by JB Campbell

worship2_dees-jpgI just got some bad news. Our local doctor reported that a trucker he knows brought a government consignment of goods up from the Mexican border to the Arizona/Nevada check point. The Nevada inspector asked, “What’s in the back of your truck?” The trucker didn’t know, it was a government consignment and so he hadn’t bothered to check.

The inspector said, “Let’s have a look.”

They opened the back and the trailer was stacked with new signs that said, “MARTIAL LAW AREA.”

No agency name on them. The trucker was on his way to the north-east part of the country. The signs were apparently made in Mexico.

Trouble is on its way…

Oh…I Get It…It’s A Trick.

I’m gonna go out on an all-too-familiar limb here. You know me. I love to play the Devil’s advocate. Or at least see through the Devil’s eyes.
This whole ‘Syrian Crisis’ thing is just another ploy.
When I see the MSM reporting anything and subtly trying to get you on board a viewpoint…watch out. Let’s think about this for a minute or two, and stop reacting. Oh-Bomb-uh is one of the most brilliant thespians I have ever seen work the boards that he treads. Brando or Olivier had nothing on this guy. So when he tells me something, as difficult as it is to see on the surface, I know he is lying. Well, acting anyway…which of course is the same thing. But the irony this time is just a bit too thick. The jewish-owned media is hedging their stance on this whole thing, which makes me believe that it was planned failure from the beginning to garner support for our latest bombing-Arabs venture. There is something in the mix that we are not seeing. Do you think for one moment that consent couldn’t be manufactured by the press corps if they needed it? Do you think that even one story about Amerikan unwillingness for more war would gain ANY traction on the toob, if such a sentiment wasn’t planned? Let’s not be naive here.

I know…I’m probably the only one out here saying this. Everyone that represents ‘citizen journalism’ is banging away on the”Hands off Syria” drum. But doesn’t it seem a bit odd that all of a sudden, we are getting support from the folks that brought us Iraq, Afghanistan..et al? There is something afoot…and I don’t yet know what it is. But I think the world is going to find out soon enough and we are all gonna do a face-palm shortly and wonder how we got buggered yet again.

Methinks somebody is protesting too much. And they are getting us all on their side for a reason. Of course, on the surface of it all, we will see a mad-dictator-president that has made a judgement and is pushing too hard for more war. And to oppose him, we do our duty out here in the alternative media. It is obvious that he is lying about everything he and his fellow-actors are spewing…and it is just a bit too easy to see it. I’m going to have to quote a couple of StarWars lines: “I have a bad feeling about this”…and “They let us go. It was the only reason for the ease of our escape”.
“You call that easy?” 
Paranoid? Ya, think?

Well, one thing I have learned. Media editors like politicians ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS have an agenda. You will never hear or see anything coming from them that they do not want you to see and hear coming from them. That, you can bank on. Things just don’t happen that way and I defy you to tell me of a time in modern history when they did.

So, if you assume for a moment that I am right about this(and I am always right)…what can be gained. Although since few if any will heed my warning, I’m sure we will find out when it is too late. But I will guarantee that this thing is the false flag of all false flags. You heard it here first. Nothing in this story and how it is winding around, is what it appears to be.
Have the JPTB planned this ‘limited’ military action(or the lack thereof) as a bit of theatrics to actually begin a world-wide conflict? Are they deliberately shooting down one of their own to replace him with someone that will ‘save the day’, as they have been known to do: “Create a problem then provide a solution”. 

I dunno. But after decades of second-guessing the tribe and their trickery, I gotta say that something pretty nasty is in the offing.
This whole thing is just a little too…cardboard cut-out for me. Call me anything you like…but I ain’t buying it.
In my opinion, they(meaning the tribe) are depending on your ‘common sense’ reaction. And I must say that I think this is the big one. They are all-in on this one. If you provide(and you probably will) the humanitarian reaction that they are banking on you are going to experience the worst bad-beat in history. I must confess that I don’t see the endgame clearly. I am not an investigative journalist. Just a jerk with a keyboard. But I can tell you one thing:

It’s a trick.
Just sayin…

Miley’s Guns In The Distance

It’s going to happen. Whether you like it or not. You have lost control. There will be continued war, and nothing you do short of violent revolution will stop it. And that isn’t going to happen here any time soon.
Every morning now, I wake to the sound of mortar practice from a nearby military camp. They are ramping it up as they always do just before we topple yet another regime that doesn’t play ball with the psychopaths that occupy our ZOG.

The end of our reign will come from without…not from Miley Cyrus twerking for jews. Not from code pink. We will have to be spanked by a more moral entity. And that will happen. I hope to see, before I join the choir invisible, just one more state-sponsored necktie party. One hosted by forces outside this empire. One that simultaneously happens in Tel-Aviv as it happens on Pennsylvania avenue. But it’s kinda obvious that we S&M burger-eaters do not have such vision. That is for others. We have resigned our ability to judge. And that’s okay too. As it should be. We need discipline and Miley is not slapping her butt quite hard enough. There are others in the world that will be glad to show this Mouseketeer-turned-pole-dancer how it is effectively accomplished.

I have said that I welcome all that is coming to us, and of course, reluctantly, I do. We will not come out of this last bit of hubris resembling anything like what we are now. The fate of empires gone by will pale in comparison to what we have coming. And as justice always is, it will me merciless. Which is a shame. But you pay for your indifference as much as you pay for your participation. The deal is done, I’m afraid. You might as well put your Harley on Craig’s list…you won’t be needing it any longer.

If it doesn’t come immediately following the strikes on Syria, then it will come in the wake of many nations allying with them in the aftermath. Russia, China, Iran…it will come. The endgame moves have already been made by the zionists through their proxy states. They leave the above-mentioned powers no choice. And I will be on their side…in spirit. I DO love to see the bully get his comeuppance. I will have a ring-side seat this go-round.

I don’t see anything…culturally speaking…worth saving here anyway. Except for the well-meaning “I just want to get on with my life” dumbclucks. These saps are once again going to pay for Yom Kippur bet-hedging. No more birthday parties for young daughters. No more vacations at the lake with the family. No more teaching your son how to fish. No more weekend gardening with the parents. Shame, really. Those things that we look back on(those things other than a sit-com that we can barely remember)are things that will be missed. Shame. But these things weren’t good enough for us. These things are about to be taken away forever. Shame. And shame is what you should feel, having sold these things for a bit of twerking. Oh well. It was your choice. 
Miley’s guns are calling. Better turn on your TV and watch the


I Suppose…

In the face of the buzz-saw that is the “Syrian Crisis”…I should weigh in. Millions of readers are waiting with baited breath to discover my take on the issue. As if. You already know what I think.
After watching O-Bomb-A attempting to assume the moral high ground yesterday…all I can do is just shake my head. I know as do you, that this is all about israhell. Pipelines, Oil, Rothschild banking, eliminating threats to jews stealing Arab land. Kind of a tough-sell though. Trying to use the big-crayon “this is what we are as a nation” bullshit that we heard before we became the ones using internationally banned chemical warfare. Cue agent orange.

Tough sell, indeed. I want one tenth of one percent of the money that is changing hands right now in congress. I could rule the world with that kind of cash. And change hands it will. Congressional approval will be purchased. I haven’t seen so much chutzpa outside of a Jew York delicatessen, than was coming from the speech patterns and body language of our dear leader as he scolded Assad.
But I am also noticing something that the MSM has also picked up on. Relatively little massive protests to this latest bit of yiddish empire building, from we in the U.S. Of Israel. I have my theory on that too. Besides the fact that the more clever people among us are wising up to the fact that non-violent protest has the same effect as a long drink of water on this jewish-amerikan regime…I think that maybe like me…there are quite a few out there that are stepping back a few paces to let fido chase that car. Short of shooting the cur in the head, you aren’t going to stop his urge to run down and defeat every passing auto anyway. If he survives this latest little sortie down the street in hot pursuit…well, maybe he will have learned a valuable lesson.

Broken legs and all.
You know as well as Barry and I, that there are going to be many more US-killed children in Damascus next week. That’s a given. But what of the consequences? To the Gulf. To israhell. To oil prices. To international retribution. I’m just giddy contemplating all the dark scenarios that will bring this bitch-of-the-zionists(and their masters) to its knees. Yes, even if I have to suffer along with the fallout of any of these consequences. To me it will all be worth it to see Tel Aviv being leveled. For that too is almost a given. And not a moment too soon.
Of course I don’t want to see innocent people slaughtered. But then again, I am not the one that is pulling at the reigns to do so. That would be the judaic in the seats of governance. I’m just a spectator.
The guy standing by the side of the road watching his dog take off after that dump truck.
So…”go on boy! Go catch that nasty old truck. Teach it a lesson. I’ll wait here”. 
But that’s as may be.

Lane change. I received my spit-in-a-bottle DNA evaluation results today. YAY! I know some out there are recoiling in horror at the mere thought of adding a DNA sample to any database…but WTH.
It’s for a good cause. And I couldn’t care less, as I have stated here before, how much info ‘they’ have on me. At this stage in my life…the more the better. “Let it be known who”, prosperity….and all that. So here are my results. As you can see, I am essentially British. With the interesting caveat of 8% being from the Levant. 
Now savvy historians among you will know that this is NOT an indication of jewish background. And that there actually is no DNA grouping for the ‘tribe’, because after the Khazars converted to judaism and as they wandered throughout the world being kicked out of every civilized nation, any cohesive familial markers were diluted to a point that it simply doesn’t exist…percentage-wise. Even though they love to think that they didn’t intermarry…history proves them wrong. 

So that leaves me with the understanding that I have a smattering of Arab ancestry. This may be explained through the Crusades…or, perhaps something a bit more delightful. Like a marriage with an ancient Palestinian. That would certainly account for my unusually passionate empathy for them(grin). Who knows. At this point, I will assume the latter…for comfort’s sake.
I suppose.