Truer Words…

‘This Little Thing Called the Internet … Makes It Much Harder to Govern’  – John Kerry

Truer words were never spoken. I have banged on about this for years. Mass communication has always been on the side of the common man. Not the uncommonly greedy. It seems so few realize yet that this weapon against the baser aspect of ourselves lies in our arsenal. Martin Luther realized this fact. And the reformation followed. Real journalism used to know this, but that profession went to the dark side. And that’s okay too. I am not a journalist. Just some opinionated jerk with a keyboard and an internet connection, and yet over two million times real people from around the world have read my words. That staggers the imagination. What I have said in millions of words to millions of people would have garnered a last dance at the end of a rope in times gone by. And yet I keep communicating. And I am the smallest of the small on this highway. The Volkswagen beetle coughing and smoking down the road. This technology can and is producing real change to the human mind. Change for good. The ruling class can no longer lie and get away with it. This is why there is turmoil now. Perhaps more global turmoil than we have ever seen. And it is not a controlled conflict anymore. It is the populace against the ‘leadership’.

We must very rapidly understand this power. In this technological infancy of communication among we unwashed, we have to grasp the potential of such a species-altering device now. It is not a genie that will go back in the bottle. There will always be an internet. If the liars shut down this one…another will spring up. That has already happened, and it will continue. Humans long to communicate. And they will. When the common man is uncontrolled…justice will reign. I truly believe that.
We have just opened the door and are still in awe of the massive possibilities of this tool. But so many have ventured across the threshold into interactivity, that there is no going back now.

My sister, whom I have mentioned here before, does not hold my same views of the universe. That is to say that she has yet to sign on to my view that most of what is discard-able in this world can be traced back to the tribe, and very quickly. Well, that’s okay. For now. But among the things that we do share is a love of film. With the advent of online movie services, we pick and choose and share with each other through email, recommendations of movies to watch. I’m sure you do the same thing with others.

I’m ahead. And about this, there is no argument. She is always amazed that I can pick such good films. After her asking the rhetorical question “How do you find all these great movies?”, I finally admitted to her that it is a trick. “Here’s how…”, I told her.
First, I creep very carefully through the onslaught of any films made in amerika. That is a labyrinth of violence and sex for its own sake. Gratuitous displays, for the most part with no real value. And sociological agenda. Secondly, I look at the director. If I find through a quick online search that his grandparents were jews gassed at Auschwitz…into the shitcan goes his art without even viewing it. Next I look at the starring roles. If they are similarly filled by thespians belonging to the tribe…I don’t even get by the credits. Production and distribution is a bit tricky to cull. I am aware that few if any films get any play at all unless the tribe gets a piece of the action(but even that is changing), so I have to step gingerly around these particular credits and be a bit forgiving. If a movie fits within these limits…I will give it a chance. I can usually tell within 15 minutes if it deserves my further attention. There it is. The trick in a nutshell. It almost ALWAYS works. And it is a testament to not only what the tribe has done to the medium that makes me preview films in this manner, but a powerful statement that the films gracing my top 50, are all sans-jews. This little thing called the internet has afforded me this ability.

The film medium is much like the internet. Before such mass communication, really good films produced outside jewy-wood would never see the dark of the theater, even though the viewing of quality films must be done in the den now. But even that is okay. I like to stop films to go pee at times. And I balk at paying $19.95 for a box of popcorn.
So, yes Mr. Kerry…it is going to get much more difficult to ‘govern’ we untouchables in the near future. The violence that you want will no longer be directed at the brown people from whom you wish to steal. It will be directed at your class of human. Because no one is buying your bullshit anymore. You know it. We know it. You are becoming the untouchables. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you exit this internet. This burgeoning TRULY new world order.


18 thoughts on “Truer Words…

  1. Interesting way to sift the movies you watch Tim. I use a similar system and said system extends to everything in the world of art, music, literature and even documentaries. If the tribe shows its face, into the trashcan it goes.A story at WRH about a pilot turning his plane from Tel Aviv to New York to pick up a missed summercamp kid – forgetaboutit.Anything and everything tribey – and that's most everything in Canada and Sweden – direct to the dustbin, no questions asked.When this screening process catches on the less-than-one-procents won't just be feeling BDS, they'll be feeling total economic isolation at every level of life.Money is something (the only thing?) the tribe understands.Who invented usury to enslave the world?Who wants them as king of the whole world?Not I said the Gentile.

  2. I too have enjoyed your movie recomendations in the past, making my free one year subscription to your blog all the more worth it. It kills me to have to take my family to the theater to view rehashed hammered shit that my family is spellbound into thinking is cool.

  3. It looks like Kerry has two black eyes in that photo. I wonder if the tribe did a number on him. Remember that time Bush had marks on his face? Veritas where have you been? What happened to your site? I thought they got you.

  4. They did get me, they still have me, I go back into Court on sept 02, I have not seen my children since before christmas, I have been accused of in Open Court, yet never charged with Racial Vilification, namely, Anti-semitism, propagandizing a demeaning and ludicrous alternative to the holocaust "historical fact", by insinuating the victims are somehow conspiring to defraud over their dead relatives, etc etc etc, my ex has lost the plot in a vindictive act of alcohol induced turpitude fully funded by the Aussie tax-payer, I don't know many Aussie tax-payers that are on tax-payer pay-rolls, however, in all fairness i don't know many stunted smelly little dykes or streak-o-piss fags! No evidence has ever been brought against me for scrutiny, as Gillard in 2011 passed witching hour legislation to remove the writ of habeas corpus from testimony described in allegations of Domestic Violence against a woman and her children! FACT!My life is a mess…lost my job, again, get questioned every day by the Police, they stalk me and are always wheresoever I am, no matter the time of day!Here's my response…Fuck israel, fuck Global commo totalitarianism – yiddish bolshevik new world order…Today we free…FREE PALESTINE!Tomorrow…

  5. V – DAMN! Haven't heard from you in a long time…but I never imagined anything like that!You have a forum here, Mate. Anytime you want to rant about the tribe and/or give my readers updates on your prosecution(persecution)just type away. I'll publish as soon as I see anything from you. LMK if there is anything we all can do to help?

  6. What I, a most common man learned from the internet: Kerry is actually John Kohn -that be a jewish name- and he just happened to find this out, as well as the fact that he's jewish, during his 2003 run for president of the United States of Israel. Something else out he in internet land – about Kohn's Forbes-side of his family being former slave-ship owners, turned China-opium runners once the 80%-owned African slave business was busted mid-19th century …How many times can the Forbes-Heinz fortune be divided for reparations and etc.Not to diminished your well written, informative work, but just to offer a little more truth.

  7. try twenty years as "enemy of the state"…,7340,L-4419701,00.htmlhaven't had time to peruse your list, but one film I enjoy infrequently as the video is in the storage unit… Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen…"Open the Gate" !!'m sure we feel the same revulsion of those who cave in for the PARTY LINE.sincerelyDavy

  8. Veritas every since I read your message I have been trying to figure out how to respond. I haven't really been able to think of much to write. I guess I'll just have to second what Timster said. I'm sorry to hear that they're giving you so much trouble. I don't believe they will get away with their criminal deeds much longer. Hang on friend. Take care and keep in touch.

  9. Veritas every since I read your message I have been trying to figure out how to respond. I haven't really been able to think of much to write. I guess I'll just have to second what Timster said. I'm sorry to hear that they're giving you so much trouble. I don't believe they will get away with their criminal deeds much longer. Hang on friend. Take care and keep in touch.

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