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Truer Words…

‘This Little Thing Called the Internet … Makes It Much Harder to Govern’  – John Kerry

Truer words were never spoken. I have banged on about this for years. Mass communication has always been on the side of the common man. Not the uncommonly greedy. It seems so few realize yet that this weapon against the baser aspect of ourselves lies in our arsenal. Martin Luther realized this fact. And the reformation followed. Real journalism used to know this, but that profession went to the dark side. And that’s okay too. I am not a journalist. Just some opinionated jerk with a keyboard and an internet connection, and yet over two million times real people from around the world have read my words. That staggers the imagination. What I have said in millions of words to millions of people would have garnered a last dance at the end of a rope in times gone by. And yet I keep communicating. And I am the smallest of the small on this highway. The Volkswagen beetle coughing and smoking down the road. This technology can and is producing real change to the human mind. Change for good. The ruling class can no longer lie and get away with it. This is why there is turmoil now. Perhaps more global turmoil than we have ever seen. And it is not a controlled conflict anymore. It is the populace against the ‘leadership’.

We must very rapidly understand this power. In this technological infancy of communication among we unwashed, we have to grasp the potential of such a species-altering device now. It is not a genie that will go back in the bottle. There will always be an internet. If the liars shut down this one…another will spring up. That has already happened, and it will continue. Humans long to communicate. And they will. When the common man is uncontrolled…justice will reign. I truly believe that.
We have just opened the door and are still in awe of the massive possibilities of this tool. But so many have ventured across the threshold into interactivity, that there is no going back now.

My sister, whom I have mentioned here before, does not hold my same views of the universe. That is to say that she has yet to sign on to my view that most of what is discard-able in this world can be traced back to the tribe, and very quickly. Well, that’s okay. For now. But among the things that we do share is a love of film. With the advent of online movie services, we pick and choose and share with each other through email, recommendations of movies to watch. I’m sure you do the same thing with others.

I’m ahead. And about this, there is no argument. She is always amazed that I can pick such good films. After her asking the rhetorical question “How do you find all these great movies?”, I finally admitted to her that it is a trick. “Here’s how…”, I told her.
First, I creep very carefully through the onslaught of any films made in amerika. That is a labyrinth of violence and sex for its own sake. Gratuitous displays, for the most part with no real value. And sociological agenda. Secondly, I look at the director. If I find through a quick online search that his grandparents were jews gassed at Auschwitz…into the shitcan goes his art without even viewing it. Next I look at the starring roles. If they are similarly filled by thespians belonging to the tribe…I don’t even get by the credits. Production and distribution is a bit tricky to cull. I am aware that few if any films get any play at all unless the tribe gets a piece of the action(but even that is changing), so I have to step gingerly around these particular credits and be a bit forgiving. If a movie fits within these limits…I will give it a chance. I can usually tell within 15 minutes if it deserves my further attention. There it is. The trick in a nutshell. It almost ALWAYS works. And it is a testament to not only what the tribe has done to the medium that makes me preview films in this manner, but a powerful statement that the films gracing my top 50, are all sans-jews. This little thing called the internet has afforded me this ability.

The film medium is much like the internet. Before such mass communication, really good films produced outside jewy-wood would never see the dark of the theater, even though the viewing of quality films must be done in the den now. But even that is okay. I like to stop films to go pee at times. And I balk at paying $19.95 for a box of popcorn.
So, yes Mr. Kerry…it is going to get much more difficult to ‘govern’ we untouchables in the near future. The violence that you want will no longer be directed at the brown people from whom you wish to steal. It will be directed at your class of human. Because no one is buying your bullshit anymore. You know it. We know it. You are becoming the untouchables. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you exit this internet. This burgeoning TRULY new world order.

Faggots, Bigots And Spit

My wife says I should keep my big mouth shut. I tend to agree.
It has gotten me into some tight places over the years. As much as
I have fought the system throughout my life…as much as I ‘see’ the man for what he is…I have never given in to paranoia. Either rational concern for privacy, or a tin-foil hat there-coming-to-get-me hysteria. I just don’t give a fuck. So I yap on recklessly. As I have often confessed, they know who I am, they know where I live, let em come. And that is not necessarily bravery. More resignation to the facts as I see them. I chose this path knowing I would reckon the cost. Good or bad, that decision was made long ago. The rest is not defense, but delineation.

My apparent ‘hatred of jews’ must be more accurately defined as hatred for judaism and the culture that surrounds the most destructive ‘religion/cult’ ever to darken our species. My aversion for homosexuality, must be further explained as a hatred for tribal use of same, to further their cultural agenda of divide-and-conquer. No more. No less. Few men will not gleefully observe the display of lesbian affection. But more often than not, those same males will feel their lunch wishing to go north rather than south at the same exhibition of male homosexuality. There is a reason for that, but it doesn’t figure into today’s essay. Suffice to say, I number myself among the above group of heterosexual males. And like the jewish-inspired misnomer of ‘antisemitism’ to silence debate…the equally incorrect label ‘homophobic’ is applied to blokes like myself. But there is no room for the very common opinion that sexuality should be a private concern. That no matter what your preference, it should remain in your bedroom. Not on the front page or children’s classrooms. Most people feel this way about it. If the real truth be known…probably most homosexuals would even concur. But even they are not allowed such modesty, when the politicization of their preferences is paraded to further a tribal agenda, however.  Or so it would seem to the silent-majority of heteros. As homosexuals would never concede, or shouldn’t, to accepting heterosexual norms as their own…so too should we heteros not be forced into ‘accepting’ their preferences over lunch. It won’t ever happen. No matter how ‘tolerant’ we each try to be…the lunch will be launched if something is continually forced down the throat. Human nature. Nothing to be splashed about with terms of ‘faggot’ or ‘bigot’.

This ‘new’ agenda designed to force the issue is a tool of the tribe. You know this no matter what your sexual stripe, or you wouldn’t be here. You understand the blurring of lines that is being attempted.

For that’s the agenda, or rather the plan of attack.

It is definitely not okay to attack and beat some poor clown because he is gay. If you do this, the age-old ‘fear’ of homosexuality…fear that you yourself harbor latent tendencies of same-sex preference, is rather obvious. It is also not okay to teach techniques of male-to-male sodomy to school children. And most people are rightfully repulsed by such a notion. But being repulsed and beating someone are two different things. The tribe wishes to blur these actions as they do with politics. Either you accept their latest ‘gay-pride’ offensive or you are a homophobic bigot. You either love israhell or you are an antisemite. You either accept all the government tells you as fact, or you are a conspiracy theorist.

And the homosexual community…like that poor clown that got his head bashed in some alley…are laying their lives on the line for yet another jewish offensive to the common man. Yet another nudge toward the talmud. Normal everyday people with a sexual preference for their own gender are handed ‘pride’. An empty promise that everyone will accept their sexuality publicly, if they are just vocal enough about it. Either they go along with this very vocal campaign and put their safety in jeopardy, or its back to the closet. The tribe won’t brook a fence-sitter here either. With us or against us. Boycott Russia for displaying a little common sense, or go beat up a queer. There is no middle-ground.
I just submitted my spit for DNA identification in a genealogical project of mine. I shouldn’t be telling you this. But I have a big mouth and as I said, I’m not paranoid. I’ll let you know if they find any jewish markers.

Who, Indeed

I talked to a woman the other day about something or other, and I said something to the affect of: “You don’t really believe that, do you?” She had an interesting answer. “Yes, I choose to believe what makes me happy, regardless of whether it is true”, she said without hesitation.
That impressed me. Because, she was right. If she can, and probably will, live her entire life in a fantasy, it will make no difference that it was a construct of a separate reality. She is intelligent enough to know that her life can be lived as merely an elaborate game. Win or lose. I do the same thing. Choose to believe what makes me the happiest…I guess.

Neat thing, fantasy.
There are many types. But can you live a fantasy? I’m sure there are many out there that stumbled upon or arranged to try, sexual ones. If you are like me, you were sorely disappointed. But that didn’t stop you from continuing to have these ultra-reality wishes. Life in the Occident is much like that in my view. This woman tries equally as hard to hold her constructed view of the universe together, as I try to deconstruct it, I’m sure. But who gains and who loses? Hard to say. Seeing through propaganda, as I pride myself in doing, gives me quite a bit of vain satisfaction. And a heads up to coming failures in this material world that can effect me personally. But even this view has a price. I have spent my life trusting no one and questioning everything. A dyed-in-the-wool skeptic. Freedom from believing anyone’s agenda.  My anger at social norms started early and has simmered ever since. Not a really great way to spend my one and only existence. But Freedom tastes of reality.

And that may be. But what about this woman of whom I speak? Isn’t she equally plagued? Of course she is. She works tirelessly at keeping this fantasy that is fed her alive. She also enjoys the few benefits of her choices in life. But she has to believe in every aspect…all the lies…all the games…all the ‘stuff’. That must be very trying. Especially when, as I know, most of the time it doesn’t make any real sense. Not the greatest way for her to spend her one and only existence. 
Who would be both have been if neither of us had to put so much effort toward our acceptance or rejection of the machinations of psychopaths, I wonder. Who would any of us be if we got to deal with our own existence without having to address the artificial influence of hierarchical input of others? Funny old world.
Now if we both live another 100 years, I think my world-view would prove to be the correct one. But if we both died tomorrow(which is more likely than another century of life) who would have lived the most productive life; who would have spent their time on this earth the best way, I wonder. In today’s vernacular:

I’m all like,
and she’s like

But I think each should consider the view of the other. Of course there are many more ‘hers’ than those like me. But that doesn’t matter. We both started from the same tunnel of darkness with the same expectations, really. To figure out wtf all this light means and how to negotiate through it to another dark tunnel. Neither is necessarily right or wrong in the big picture. Neither deserves praise or condemnation for our choices.

I think judaism is the foe in my short span of years in our world’s history. She thinks she can refinance her house for a better rate and spend the equity on a cruise to the Bahamas next spring no matter who gives or takes her money and labor. I will be typing and she will be drinking margaritas in the sunshine. 
One thing we can both agree on…life can suck. Between her cruises and my essays here that few read or understand, we will both die within a score of years and who will know the difference?

Inside And Outside

The news, what little there is, that is to say that there is nothing actually new, is as depressing as always. It was 50 years ago today, that Sargent Yiddish taught the band to play…their tune. And it has played on the silver screen since. Norma Jean Mortenson made the leap to the eternal on this day, half a century ago. Well, we all know she was pushed, but that doesn’t matter now. I guess I remember it as the very first first-hand(or left hand) experience I had with ‘our-way-or-the-eternal-highway’, brought to me by those folks that gave me the six-million laughs. In a way…looking back at her last jew-jerks-off-behind-a-camera photo money-shot shoot, I kinda feel sorry for her. Kinda. There she was…age taking away her value for the tribe, and drunk on their champagne for the last time. And naked as the day she was born into sacrifice. Kinda. Not really a martyr. Martyrs fight with their last breath. She gave all her breath to her killers the day she wandered into Tinseltown. Oh well. They come, they go. And ♫”nobody knows the trouble I seen”♫. That is to say, nobody understands exactly how much you owe to the tribe when you sign on the dotted line. Because nobody but you has to pay the final bill.

So martyrdom it ain’t. I won’t waste my pixels or your reading time telling you what a great person this lovable whore was. But she was loveable to left-handed boys(and a few girls, I’m sure). She was the picture of effected innocence turned bad. The girl-next-door who didn’t actually live next door…but ran away and joined the circus. And she was a whore of the first order. But all things being equal, she was loveable at least because she was us. We that surrendered to temptation of the serpent. We that would go through that door that led nowhere. Nowhere but the eternal. So not a martyr per se, but an example. The Eve that bit the apple for all of us.
I’ll buy that.
I’ll heed that warning.
I’ll avoid all serpent-offerings from 1963 on.

But to be a whore in the upper echelon as she was, you have to have something the serpent can use. Human beauty will do when tribal members are…well…serpents without such physical allure. For the allure is all, isn’t it? The honey to trap. The honey never knows it is the trap. The honey never knows. And she was a honey.
There were many honeys before…and multitudes of them after. All biting the apple. I am no believer in ancient texts of begatting-boogaloo…but that lesson is there for all to profit from.

For most of us, there is an inside and an outside life. One we live inside our own walls of work and home. And one we read and hear about from the serpent. You can’t bite the apple and chew it at home. It is a contagious disease with which the snake poisons. Like its genetically modified life in general, it will infect all that it comes in contact with. So the inside becomes the outside. And vice versa. Until all is poison. We are approaching that time.
Critical mass. The point that Saint Norma showed us, without even knowing she was showing us.

So mourn her today. Mourn her stupidity. Mourn her simple-minded calculation. Mourn her vanity. Mourn all she was and we are. Remember although you don’t remember. Inside and outside.