Bill Of Goods, Or Santa Claus In July

Ya know…there are many qualities to a main-stream story. One that is covered constantly. The sheer size of the narrative has become most critical. It didn’t used to be that way, I don’t think. But be that as it may, the very nature of media items that top the bill of fair nowadays must have certain characteristics. Chief among these is to serve an agenda. No matter what these tales must have, they must first have a purpose, I’ve learned. But they also must have a shred or two of believability. Much less than they used to. White man murders black kid? Okay. Man goes crazy and kills theater goers? I’ll buy that. Chechnian guys blow up marathon. That’s within the bounds of credulity. A common-man whistle-blower has threatened the most evil empire in the history of the world? I’m on it! And once the most skeptical of us allows for the possibility of these events actually happening…they have us.

Case in point: Edward Snowden.

I vowed not to go on about this story, but I feel I must bring it up just one more time.
I want to believe this story. You want to believe this story. It is a glorious moment indeed that we now experience in which we can push out our chests and declare “See? I was right all the time!”
We just knew that our world had turned into a fascist corpocracy and here is the proof. Proof indeed.
But along with this story, I also want to believe in Santa Claus. I want to have faith in that kind old gentleman and his altruism. I also want to know that everything that I find that I need in the previous year will be waiting for me under the tree on each December 25th.  But I know better. After the initial shock that I suffered of learning that my Christmas fantasy was merely a marketing scheme to get my money, I was wary of ‘too good to be true’ stories. So were you. Weren’t you?
But it was almost true. When we placed our faith in Julian Assange. Okay, maybe he didn’t blow his whistle quite as hard as we would have liked. But Ed Snowden! Look at the neocons run for cover now! We have them just where they want us.

Now I won’t go into all the glaring inconsistancies of this latest media circus. You probably have been thinking about them without my prompting, or I have misjudged you. 
The first red flag that should pop up under your quif, is that the very people that you know to be behind the most horrific black ops and coverups in the history of mankind…the jewish press…think that you will buy this. 24/7. You. The critical thinker. 

The next little no-no that should come to mind, is that, as with Assange, the subject of israel is not even mentioned. A story to do with international spying…and the masters of international spying aren’t even mentioned? Uh-huh.
Honey, if you see it on TV. It is a lie. What is so difficult to understand about this fact that has been proven again and again and again?
Folks, Ed Snowden is an actor. He never held any position in the CIA or any other government agency. No one operative has as much info as he is supposed to be sitting on. He is not seeking asylum anywhere. He is granted witness protection of a heavenly quality that you and I can only dream of. He has probably already  been filmed ‘revealing’ secrets that will be released to the public as is deemed necessary to keep the surveillance issue on the table and in your collective mind. For the psychopaths to bridge the most disdainful actions imaginable…they must first have a catalyzing event to bring it to the forefront. Think 9/11 and the patriot act. Think underwear bomber and airport fondling. Think Boston Marathon and posse comitatus. 
When you believe that such ‘revealed’ surveillance is possible and within the realm of debate for your security, then the debate can be won. But only then. So it has to be put on the table. Ed is doing this for you. “Hi, I’m Ed and I will be your server”.  And you are buying this bill of goods.

If you are still convinced that Snowden is the real deal. That hero that you have been waiting on. The guy that brings down the JPTB. Then ask yourself why every other ‘whistle-blower’ or researcher into the nefarious deeds on a national or international level, either turns up dead, or are smeared in the SAME PRESS that is bringing you the Snowden story. They aren’t paraded before the public as having legitimate concerns and damaging info. Aside from ad hominim, the press virtually disregards those tireless journalists that address REAL evil. Why do you think that is? And what has Snowden actually revealed? Or is likely to…considering he is being advised by Assange and WikiLeaks’ jewish lawyer? Essentially nothing damaging at all. A story. A story with a purpose. Soon to be revealed. Actually many purposes. I could name about 20. All serving those that hold the reigns of power.
But if you still want to believe this….go ahead on. Revel in your vanilla glory. I’ll be waiting down the road where Santa Claus left me many years ago. A place where no bill of goods can be marketed.  You will get there eventually and we will revel in a different glory. Knowing that we cannot be purchased, no matter how they tailor their bullshit. Not even for a minute. There is no free lunch or Santa Claus in December. And definitely not July.


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