The Dream Is Over…

When it comes to politics, I guess that is what I have been trying to say all along. The dream truly is over. It is time to put away childish hope of reforming a system that is flawed by design. Throughout these hundreds and thousands of words, I have been trying to expose the hand of the jew meddling in and trying to sustain this childish utopian dream that never was. You can profit from the dreams of others. No one understands this like the tribe.

There have been many attempts throughout history to establish utopian societies. It’s as if the collective mind has always known that there has to be a better way of governing itself than to depend on the whims of ‘leaders’. They all failed, these dreams. They all came to an end. As has the latest amerikan one. And that’s okay. We humans seem to learn best when we learn with our face. Lead with our chin. Take a beating and move on. It is approaching that time to move on. To take lessons learned and change the very nature of how we think of ourselves as a species. We have to. We have no choice. Almost everyone can see this now.

But before we get out of our comfy chairs and get moving on this, we must know where we are going. We certainly need to move in a direction completely opposite than the well-worn path we have been on. It has served no one but the profiteers for thousands of years. So to avoid settling back into the hierarchical pattern with which we are all too familiar, to merely change the ones at the top for more of the same, or worse, we MUST change the entire system. Firstly, it is imperative to understand that federal leadership is not required. There are too many of us. There are too many competing interests. This has always been the downfall of ‘nations’. Whether we are talking about the ‘isms’ or ‘democracy’, they simply do not work on a nation-state level. As a matter of fact they don’t work at all…except for those that have wrangled their way to the top of such systems. A child can see this. 
So to reference the below video,”Revolution:an instruction manual”, I must say I agree with the suggestion that all the world’s countries take a leaf from the Iroquois Nations. Decentralized regions answerable to only those that live within them. No oversight from any all-governing body. All actions within these mini-states to be referendum based. Country in name only. Reality lived within the confines of a populace controlled region. No ‘dreams’ of national governance, that is designed to exploit. That is the only way to insure that everyone participates in their own rule.

The video that I posted gives you a roadmap. It is not complete. It is up to you to fill in the details, but the principles are solid. And the outcome is the only hope I see of removing and more importantly replacing the existing world-wide power structure(now jewish)with a viable alternative. A workable solution. Of course I believe that tribal concerns will fall with the coming revolution, as they are those that profit most from what it is now. That gutter religion will be exposed for what they are once the structure of ‘nations’ is dismantled.

However. There is a stumbling block that the film does not address.
And that is that through the manipulation of all the ‘isms’ our Western world is being run by multi-national corporations. They are the(yiddish) culprits behind the inhuman actions we see in the world around us. They author the wars and slaughter. It is for their profit that we all suffer. So after the revolution has de-legitimized the structure of these failed federal politics, the corpocracy must fall as well. For they are the backbone of the ‘dream’ from which we are all awakening. We must insure that these profit monsters are destroyed along with the national governments for which we now slave. Of course the need for much of what they produce now will soon be irrelevant to the Iroquois nation that we seek. Weapons of war that will no longer be needed. There will be no ‘isms’ for which to die. But as the ‘trust-busters’ of the early 20th century attempted, we must succeed in localizing all material production. Not an easy task when the system for convenient consumption is already in place on world-wide levels. But busted they must be. Or the tribal multi-nationals will again rule by proxy with imaginary shortages, price fixing and all manner of hi jinx to bring down our fragmented regional lives and continue to profit from our misery. 

Of the few concurrant edicts that our local communities must agree upon, it is the banning of conglomerate operation at the expense of regional concerns. This includes everything from media to bubblegum. This will be the greatest task, in my estimation. For nothing corrupts like money and nothing makes more money than war and material consumption. And no ‘ism’ could exist without its corporations.
Everything else can be ironed out as this new system progresses through the coming years. Once the stone wall of the elite is destroyed, and the new plan is in the common psyche, it will be up to those that survive the hangings, to make life and his fellow man his concern.
These are all adult concerns. Not for children dreaming of how things will work out if we just ignore them. I would think that working on a reality of our own would trump the dreams of elitists that seek to exploit us. Sue me.



Solid Advice…

The following video offers a do-able grass-roots roadmap for a productive revolution. You may not agree with it all, but the point is to get this thing on the ground and moving. I agree with much of it. I agree wholeheartedly with its urgency and levelheadedness. Watch it. Take heart. As the author states, the first step has already been taken at sites like this, and that is raising awareness. This initial move is almost complete. Here is a clear-headed view of what should be next.

The Wrong Side…

I can’t help it. I always seem to pick the wrong side to be on. I often take the popular opinions of a topical issue to task and try to present that which doesn’t appear readily. The “that’s ridiculous” point of view. Statistically speaking, these skewed versions of news events somehow turn out to be the ones which should have been adopted in the first place. I’m a hell of a guy. Or I have a trick. 
Well…I hate to admit it but…it is a bit of a trick. The rabbit never was in the hat. It was up my sleeve all along.

I had a friend once that introduced me to “Doyle games” as they are sometimes known. If you haven’t played them, you have missed out on a fascinating way to wile away some hours. The premise is that one person presents a scenario, usually of a crime. It is the challenge of the other person(or persons) to solve the crime by asking ‘yes or no’ questions and receiving only those responses from the storyteller. This varies from ’20 questions’ in that there are no limits to the amount of queries allowed, and that the described mystery be of a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ type of conundrum. Hence the  moniker “Doyle”. Oh, we had great fun. It is fun for those laying out the crime to watch the others wind themselves up and down dead-ends, knowing the one and only solution all the time. And it is fun for those trying to solve the crime and to do so as quickly and concisely as possible. A real brain exercise. There are classic crimes that were designed for this century-old game, and they are great fun. But I found after solving a few of them myself that it is not that difficult to create new ones, if you understand what makes them so difficult to solve. Most importantly, I found, is the inclusion of phrasing the facts of the case in language that forces the player to make assumptions that are not necessarily true.
“There is a dead body in a room with no windows and a door

locked from the inside, and there is a small pool of water by the corpse”. That type of thing. When given this murder scene description, the brain automatically assumes many things. Many things that are not true. These assumptions can lead a detective off on the wrong path with many diversions and no ‘yes’ answers.  I think you can see where all this is leading. Aside from a great game that tickles and teases one’s reasoning powers…it can present a very important rule to follow outside the confines of such an amusing pastime. Never assume.
I know…that seems sophomoric at best. But have we forgotten this age-old wisdom? Do we use it enough in our daily lives? Is there a need?
All good questions, that I will attempt to answer with a bit more than yes or no.

When you know that integral trick of the Doyle game, you can see that it is a pitfall to which most can and do fall prey, and on a daily basis. Assume that the homey looking and familiar face on your tv screen has your best interest at heart and she can lead you to many false conclusions. Ones to which you eventually will find a “no” stopping you from solving the real crime. Assume however, that she is lying through her straight and whitened teeth to pay the mortgage on her luxury east-side apartment…things become clearer, you get ‘yeses’ all the way to the real perpetrators of the “murder”, and you win. It can be just that simple.
For another instance…you assume that when you are told that school children have been murdered, that there really were school children murdered. From that vantage, you will be asking all the wrong questions. And the one that made up the mystery will be laughing at you behind all of his ‘no’ responses.
So when I say(and I have many times here)that the evening news provides propaganda with just a hint of ‘fact’ to make it plausible, this is what I mean. You are given some facts, and you are given some deliberate lies and you are given some distracting half-truths. And it all makes for a detective game if you are so inclined to get the final ‘yes’. 
All of this is possible if you are willing to take the wrong side of an issue from the start. If they say white, you assume black. If they say it’s going to rain…plan a picnic.
In conclusion and to illustrate my point, I will leave you with a Doyle game that doesn’t necessarily involve a crime(see how I did that?) This was the one that made that light go off in my head about the above mentioned trick:

A man moves into the 10th floor of an apt. building and quickly establishes a routine regarding his new home. He gets up every morning and gets ready for work, goes out to the elevator and rides it down to the ground floor, goes out of the building and goes to work. In the evening he comes back, goes inside his building and gets in the elevator and rides it up to the 10th floor and goes home.
On the day in question he repeated his path as always…gets ready for work, gets in the elevator and rides it to the ground floor level and goes to work. However, this evening he comes home to his building, gets in the elevator and rides it up to the 5th floor. He gets out and walks up the stairs to the 10th floor and goes home.
Why did he do that?

I now open this mystery to questions. ‘Yes or No’ queries only, please…

Bill Of Goods, Or Santa Claus In July

Ya know…there are many qualities to a main-stream story. One that is covered constantly. The sheer size of the narrative has become most critical. It didn’t used to be that way, I don’t think. But be that as it may, the very nature of media items that top the bill of fair nowadays must have certain characteristics. Chief among these is to serve an agenda. No matter what these tales must have, they must first have a purpose, I’ve learned. But they also must have a shred or two of believability. Much less than they used to. White man murders black kid? Okay. Man goes crazy and kills theater goers? I’ll buy that. Chechnian guys blow up marathon. That’s within the bounds of credulity. A common-man whistle-blower has threatened the most evil empire in the history of the world? I’m on it! And once the most skeptical of us allows for the possibility of these events actually happening…they have us.

Case in point: Edward Snowden.

I vowed not to go on about this story, but I feel I must bring it up just one more time.
I want to believe this story. You want to believe this story. It is a glorious moment indeed that we now experience in which we can push out our chests and declare “See? I was right all the time!”
We just knew that our world had turned into a fascist corpocracy and here is the proof. Proof indeed.
But along with this story, I also want to believe in Santa Claus. I want to have faith in that kind old gentleman and his altruism. I also want to know that everything that I find that I need in the previous year will be waiting for me under the tree on each December 25th.  But I know better. After the initial shock that I suffered of learning that my Christmas fantasy was merely a marketing scheme to get my money, I was wary of ‘too good to be true’ stories. So were you. Weren’t you?
But it was almost true. When we placed our faith in Julian Assange. Okay, maybe he didn’t blow his whistle quite as hard as we would have liked. But Ed Snowden! Look at the neocons run for cover now! We have them just where they want us.

Now I won’t go into all the glaring inconsistancies of this latest media circus. You probably have been thinking about them without my prompting, or I have misjudged you. 
The first red flag that should pop up under your quif, is that the very people that you know to be behind the most horrific black ops and coverups in the history of mankind…the jewish press…think that you will buy this. 24/7. You. The critical thinker. 

The next little no-no that should come to mind, is that, as with Assange, the subject of israel is not even mentioned. A story to do with international spying…and the masters of international spying aren’t even mentioned? Uh-huh.
Honey, if you see it on TV. It is a lie. What is so difficult to understand about this fact that has been proven again and again and again?
Folks, Ed Snowden is an actor. He never held any position in the CIA or any other government agency. No one operative has as much info as he is supposed to be sitting on. He is not seeking asylum anywhere. He is granted witness protection of a heavenly quality that you and I can only dream of. He has probably already  been filmed ‘revealing’ secrets that will be released to the public as is deemed necessary to keep the surveillance issue on the table and in your collective mind. For the psychopaths to bridge the most disdainful actions imaginable…they must first have a catalyzing event to bring it to the forefront. Think 9/11 and the patriot act. Think underwear bomber and airport fondling. Think Boston Marathon and posse comitatus. 
When you believe that such ‘revealed’ surveillance is possible and within the realm of debate for your security, then the debate can be won. But only then. So it has to be put on the table. Ed is doing this for you. “Hi, I’m Ed and I will be your server”.  And you are buying this bill of goods.

If you are still convinced that Snowden is the real deal. That hero that you have been waiting on. The guy that brings down the JPTB. Then ask yourself why every other ‘whistle-blower’ or researcher into the nefarious deeds on a national or international level, either turns up dead, or are smeared in the SAME PRESS that is bringing you the Snowden story. They aren’t paraded before the public as having legitimate concerns and damaging info. Aside from ad hominim, the press virtually disregards those tireless journalists that address REAL evil. Why do you think that is? And what has Snowden actually revealed? Or is likely to…considering he is being advised by Assange and WikiLeaks’ jewish lawyer? Essentially nothing damaging at all. A story. A story with a purpose. Soon to be revealed. Actually many purposes. I could name about 20. All serving those that hold the reigns of power.
But if you still want to believe this….go ahead on. Revel in your vanilla glory. I’ll be waiting down the road where Santa Claus left me many years ago. A place where no bill of goods can be marketed.  You will get there eventually and we will revel in a different glory. Knowing that we cannot be purchased, no matter how they tailor their bullshit. Not even for a minute. There is no free lunch or Santa Claus in December. And definitely not July.