Gilding The Lily…

I don’t know why I titled this post the way I did. I guess I just always liked that phrase. It is one of  many misquotes of Shakespeare. And probably one of only a handful of such errors  that I like. The original phrase spoke of “…painting the lily” and “…gilding refined gold” from his play King John. But the morphed misquote, like “every dog has his day”, still gets the point across. The meaning remains even if the poetry is diminished.

But anyway, let’s see if we can’t find some way to fit it into a post that will temporarily slake your thirst for yet another diatribe on the tribe. It may be a stretch…but I’m known for that. And I am well aware that you thirst. You have told me many times. You have called me back from my meager meanderings, to the purpose, or original purpose of this site.

Now, I could say that constant reminders here of the inhuman acts of the yiddish are ad vomitorum. You get it. No need to go on. Enough already. And I would agree. If they would. If they would stop the low-jinks. But leopards don’t change their spots and Daddy is never wrong. So generation after generation of ash-can-nazis are trained in their lavish Western palaces and exclusive schools to rule we Goyim. To continue this constant rampage of mine might be seen as gilding refined gold or painting lilies. In a negative fashion. Or perhaps putting a false nose on a witch. Things are what they are and you can see them. Why, then point out the manure that fertilizes. Well, of course, I think it is important and that not enough of you understand that most criticism of the judaic is inadequate. But that’s just me. And not entirely what I’m all about…although it gave me a foothold into your study/basement/garage, or wherever you keep your computer.

I have been reading a few books off and on, and watching a series of videos. One of the books is “Tragedy And Hope” by Carroll Quigley. I heard of the book through the lectures of John Taylor Gatto. Both, Gatto and Quigley, have a lot to say about the condition of Western civilization. Both have larger-than-life egos. Oh, well.

Goes with the territory, I guess. But they also have larger-than-life insight into patterns and real reasons for the social failure we see around us. They both seem to take pride in the fact that they are here to provide you with such insight, and that usually throws up a tiny red flag for me. Give me the “Banksy” persona every time. The ones that don’t necessarily couple wisdom with copyright, and although do not self-deprecate, nonetheless neither do they toot their own brass instrument. The ones whose vanity doesn’t get in the way of the message.

But such is the nature of a celebrity-based social structure. Oh, well. I’ll let you read their works if you already haven’t and little red flags or no, you can decide. Both men cover topics huge in scope. Be patient. I am trying to be. And I am learning quite a bit.

But how else do we paint lilies? Well, one might observe that our

celebrity culture itself is such an endeavor. Where the tribal agenda is to keep pushing all this celebrity shit into our face no matter how distasteful we find it to be. I don’t think any civilization in the history of man has seen a media that is so affixed upon the trivialities surrounding celebrity, so that it rivals every other social concern. Surf to any mainstream media website and witness at least half of the lede space being devoted to whose baby bump is showing, or what to expect in the next episode of some melodrama on their television. This is unprecedented. No longer must the endeavors of those in the arts stand alone to be judged by the public. They must be ‘painted’, promoted and publicized. To the point that these efforts have become the promotion themselves. Again…the media IS the message. Music, literature, painting, sculpture are non-existent without management. ‘Cool’ is a brand.
But you know this. And yet you lower your standards to take in the trailer first. The hype. The press. The awards before the accomplishment. “Winner of the Cannes film festival and Sundance” is an automatic purchase. You are relieved of making your own judgement. You defer to authority yet again…no matter how left of center you believe that authority to lie. 

Give me the originals. In music for instance, from Morey Amsterdam to the Tokens to Paul Simon and Bobby Zimmerman et al, we have witnessed the tribal theft of the works of truly talented Goyim musicians,by those that profit from such personal expression. For if the tribe knows anything…it knows a million-seller when it hears it. And the hits just keep on comin. And this is just one of the areas of thievery that gets my goat. Oh, well. That was all in the last century. I’m sure they don’t get away with that any more(grin).

So is it any wonder that the media has also captured your trust to assess the most important of events? The coming war in Syria has gotten rave reviews and two thumbs-up before you have even had a chance to watch the hollyweird treatment of it after the fact. Which of course, will concur with the pre-reviews. Maybe they will even steal write a theme song for the war.

Some people’s children.

Nope. I was wrong. After re-reading what I have just written…I find that what was on my mind had nothing to do with the title. My bad. Skip this one.


One thought on “Gilding The Lily…

  1. Maybe we gentiles should just quit having babies and let the jews have the world to themselves. No fun being a goy. It is the fate of livestock to be fleeced, buthchered or made into beasts of burden. If a snake bites you then you really can't blame the snake.BTW Hello!McCob

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