Dogs And Fools…

As if all the analysis of Ed Snowden’s whistle-blowing endeavors weren’t enough for you, I guess I should chime in with mine. Not that I give a shit…on the surface…but in an effort to stay relevant, I will tell you what I think about this media explosion. The latest ‘leaker’. The new Bradly Manning/Julian Assange. 

In a word:Bullshit.

 I brand this story thus, for two reasons. Wikileaks, videos of war atrocities and the power-point presentation that Mr.
Snowden dumped on the media all have a common thread. They are not denied by the PTB, nor their minions in their media.

Red flag alert!
If you think for even a second, that a power structure that can deny the validity of an avalanche of evidence, considering the real stories behind 9/11,(or Pearl Harbor, or Waco…or, hell, you pick)consistently over a period of many years, and yet they wouldn’t just disregard Snowden’s conspiracy theory, then you aren’t thinking this thing through.
Mr. Snowden has a few power-point slides that I could make in 20 minutes. Oh…and a story to go with them. If in fact Mr. Snowden did indeed hold all of these top-secret positions, how difficult would it be for the NSA to disavow any knowledge of him? And by so doing, any ‘conspiracy theories’ that he came up with.  So what makes his theory a mainstream story? The mainstream itself. The MEDIUM is the message here. The medium is delivering you from evil. Not Ed Snowden. It is their decision. And since it has been

their decision to deride and or ignore all valid and provable evidence against the REAL atrocities, then I gotta kinda think, cui bono? Why now? Why this weak story? Why all the credence in the press.
Well, these are good questions. The ones that citizen journalism should be asking. Instead of jumping on board the ‘hero’ or ‘traitor’ bandwagons.  Is he part of this illusion that has generated all the media frenzy of a new blockbuster action movie? Or has he been set up to play the patsy for a larger agenda? I don’t know. And neither do you. However, what you do know generally is how the media and the government work hand-in-hand…or you wouldn’t be  here. You do have common sense. You do ask the uncomfortable questions.
A good rule of thumb is to believe nothing. Nothing you read. Nothing you hear. Nothing you see.

When I heard that Ed and Julian were communicating, it drove the final nail in the coffin of an otherwise heroic tale. So, alas, heroic tales are always just that. Tales. Too simple. Too heroic. What did Wikileaks actually reveal? Nothing. What was the true weight of the disclosures of Manning? Zilch. And what new info has Snowden brought to the table? Nothing that most everyone didn’t already know.

Call me a skeptic. Call me a malcontent. Call me the Devil’s advocate. But I have seen too much of this shit. This tail wagging the dog. While we are heatedly discussing Ed Snowden, 5,000 amerikan troops are on their way to Syria. While we are getting angry at Verizon, the jewish state has taken the decision to build even more jewish housing on even more stolen land in Palestine.
But this is just my take…and I’m just sayin.


6 thoughts on “Dogs And Fools…

  1. He has some pretty solid khazar connections according to aangirfan. Maybe his rabbi told him big problems were coming to the U.S., immigrate to Hong Kong and take some buddies with you. For the lesser intellects, it also gives the impression that justice is being served, they are onto the spying and something will be done about it. Yeah sure

  2. I am saying Toronto, Detroit, New York and L.A. will be receiving many refugees once the missiles start flying in the Levant. 30,000 deliverable new condos in Toronto alone,man is it going to get strange. By the way, you are Mr. Reliable in the judgement department.R. Olausen.

  3. Mick – Good obs. "… gives the impression that justice is being served." All the while is it not a GREAT way to introduce into the Western psyche that universal surveillance is a legitimate tool at the disposal of the PTB? It is now a 'debate' since they have 'leaked' that the tech and the means are certainly available. The amerikan populace will go down without a fight.

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