Moral Relativism: 101

Is there a universal morality? One born of common sense rules of human dignity that span all cultures? Should there be? And if not, why not? This question has plagued we monkeys for ages. Of course those that wish to sit at the top of the heap would have us believe that we cannot judge one culture by the standards of another. Thereby granting them immunity from all other cultures when and if they play by rules contrary to most other groups. The jewish culture is such an example. They are quick to point out that the actions of their terrorist camp inside occupied Palestine are justified in preserving a jewish homeland. Anything and everything laid down in their holy books is allowed to preserve this separatist members-only culture.


And such a book. If you take the time to actually read the talmud, the torah and the pentateuch(the jewish first five books of the old testament)you will discover a carte-blanche for wanton murder, child-rape, virulent racism and generally hell-bent-for-leather justification for the most atrocious human behaviour known to our species. All kept in reserve as moral relativism. Behavior that cannot be questioned by those outside the hebrew persuasion. No matter how inhuman. It is not the concern of Gentiles. No rational judgement can be made about these rules by which the yiddish operate. Period. Even the most casual criticism is labeled race hatred, or g_d-forbid, the most dreaded label: anti-semitism. The rest of the world’s cultures are held hostage by this ad-hominem meant to demonize the critic and defer the validity of the criticism. But this tactic doesn’t work the way it used to.
If we are talking about such cultural differences as diet, clothing, religious traditions practiced within a group/culture…I think that a universal morality could be perhaps bent a bit. A blind eye could be turned by the world to burkas and lutefisk.
Many say that moral relativism fails as a moral system simply because it cannot arbitrate disagreements. I agree.

Organized crime in amerika as depicted in the headlines of its infancy and hollywood films, left our populace horrified. Although most of the criminals were actually of the above mentioned tribe of talmud followers, Italian mobsters were to become iconic. They murdered and robbed their way to infamy and are said even yet to control the seedier side of our society. Well, that is a myth. However, let us assume for a moment that this type of criminal behaviour was indeed borne of the Italian culture. One which immigrants had brought with them to the land of opportunity. What exactly did they do? Well, according to news reports of the day and the fear-mongering of hollwood, they had gang wars, brought gambling and bootleg liquor to the public and robbed banks. Aside from the occasional crossfire accidental killings of non-gangster folks…I don’t see a downside. But maybe that’s just me. No one cried foul, however…from these Italian gangster camps. They understood that they were breaking the laws in their host country and were either killed or imprisoned without a peep about anti-Italianism. I wonder why that is? Well, partly because these organized crime bosses were not in fact necessarily Italian at all and were for the most part jewish. And partly because those that were actually Italian/Sicilian borne, held the same morality that most Gentile societies praise.

But there is another side to this ‘relativism’ question. 

If 1 of 3 kids stealing cookies is caught, I don’t feel that he can point to the others and maintain a rational defense by declaring that: “The other two guys are just as guilty and so I should go free!” “Why are you singling me out?” Or perhaps: “Since I wasn’t the only one taking the cookies, the rule against stealing them should be questioned!”  Being the one caught does not excuse the crime. That is not a valid defense in my book. But so few read my book…maybe I’m wrong. I may just be trapped in my own culture’s morality.

Isn’t this what we are hearing today coming out of the mouths of the  Abe Foxman’s and Alan Dershowitz’s? How dare we hold these zionist racist scum to the same standards with which we would judge any group? The nerve of we. It is all relative. Morally speaking, that is.


6 thoughts on “Moral Relativism: 101

  1. I didn't read the lot….because it makes my piss boil when the so called Ashkanazi 'jews' of convenience are mentioned….Abe Foxman…..spare me. If that MF loves Israhell so much, why doesn't he live there? Weizmann bleated for years about their 'homeland'.Parasites living off their hosts…..they have no country. Ben Johnson was right.

  2. If you take the time to actually read the talmud, [codified lies] the superinsinuation of the "toe of ra" and the so-called pentateuch…cannot be "JEWISH" as no so-called "JEWS" existed at that time and Abraham did not have a Talmud..nor speak YIDDISH with GOG & MAGOG – "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism…500AD & 740AD(the jewish first five books of the old testament)….the History of the Children of Israel is not a "JEWISH" narrative…just as there were never any cocaine snorting DALLAS cowboys at the Alamo, there were never any so-called "JEWS" before the word "JEW" enters the lexicon, that doesn't mean the morally bankrupt BAD FAITH assholes who manufactured the so-called religion of Talmudic Judaism didn't exist…BEFORE…"they" being the MONEY CHANGERS NATION RAPERS & MASS MURDERERS and PHARISEES = PROFESSIONAL LIARS {ATTORNEYS} = SPIN DOCTORS = MORAL RELATIVISTS….see TALMUDVISION = "JEWISH" = IRS ..idiots representing Satan….nonetheless, you continually point to the insanity of "JUDAISM" and why people should put the "JEWISH" so-called NARRATIVE under an electronic microscope and wipe the SLUDGE from the eyes to witness a truth …holy warrior is the exact opposite of "JEWISH" banker… said put them in the ovens.ANTI-SEMITISM ON STEROIDS…?curiously more than 90% of so-called "JEWS" are not even Semitic……hmmmm strong…COQ10 & Habanero'sLaugh at "THEM"…swirling around the drain in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…Davy

  3. Hey Timster. If I may, I would like to advocate that everyone forward all future comments from the disgruntled Khazar going by the moniker of "Davy" immediately to the circular file, where all such comments from his kind belong. By "his kind" I of course mean whiners

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