Water, Fiddles…And Snowden Should Hang

When I was just a little twirp, the area in which I lived suffered through a devastating tornado. I have been told. I don’t remember that much about it save all the debris laying in the streets of town as my Father drove the family around the area to check on and help friends and family. What I do remember as vividly as if it happened just yesterday, was that on one of these jaunts that we made, we noticed that a neighborhood gas station had put up a large quickly painted sign, “Clean Water – $2.00 a gallon”. Our town had undergone severe sewer damage and those that still had tap water were on a ‘boil only’ alert from the Civil Defense(back when such bureaus seemed to have the common good in mind).
Dad didn’t think twice. “That son-of-a-bitch”, I remember hearing him mutter as we screeched into the station. He hopped out quickly and I remember seeing he and the station owner in a VERY heated argument through the station’s front window and hearing bits of my father’s side of the dispute as he yelled “NO…you are GOING to take the sign down NOW!” Not the kind of directive that most men would take lightly…as indeed this gas station owner didn’t. Out the man came, my Dad right behind him. As the man pulled down the sign and my Father was getting in the car, he left the opportunist with the promise that if he put the sign up again,he would regret it. 
The station owner did not put the sign back up, nor did he sell any more water. That was all it took. A human reaction. He actually closed the station not long after that. I like to think that such an act of greed and preying upon those in need helped in this businessman’s demise. But maybe not. I would also like to remember that the business was jewish-owned but I refuse to remember something I don’t(grin).

That was eons ago. My, how things have changed. But have they? There is very little that I can take from “the good old days”. Very little was good then, and only in contrast  to things I see today are such comparisons even worth remembering. But an important object lesson was taught that day. I thank my Father for that knee-jerk reaction and the instruction it provided me. Of course there are still those that would fight that gas station owner and his greed…but not enough to keep such activity at bay, it would appear. Too many of us grin and bear it. And have to be reminded that we are being taken advantage of;and to kinda look after the next guy a little bit. Oh, well. That long-ago gas-jockey may not have been of the yiddish persuasion but his enterprise has been co-opted by some MAJOR tribal concerns.

I have been half-heartedly following the Ed Snowden snow-job. With all the pundits and politicians weighing in, and “I think to myself♫, what a gullible world♪”. I wouldn’t say that the diversions of the 4th estate are getting any more inane, but they certainly aren’t getting any more sophisticated. Nor are they coming any less frequently.
But since everyone is putting their two cents in…here’s a buck-three-eighty.

Again we are being played like a cheap fiddle and the tune harmonizes with others I have heard coming from the roof. Others see through this, but I think they are making some erroneous conclusions where one will suffice. Although there are MANY facets to this latest stage production, it all boils down to one thing. War. Forever. Or at least as long as it can be sustained by those that don’t have to suffer such conflict’s devastation. It is what keeps the economies and the philosophies of most every nation on earth afloat. There are no good guys and bad guys, folks. Just war.
It may change its face from two armies fighting each other to world armies killing civilians but it always boils down to killing and making a profit for those that don’t fight but direct. A child can come to this conclusion. It isn’t rocket surgery.
So at long last I’m of the same opinion as the filthiest politician…


Oh…and while we are stringing people up…let’s start producing gallows instead of drones. I’ve got a list longer than my wee-wee of gas-station owners to swing. So whether Snowden’s Oscar performance is meant to produce the West’s easiest access to yet another declaration of war…cold or hot. Or it is designed to make surveillance a rallying support of the age-old “us-against-them” dynamic, or both…the outcome is the same. Constant conflict for ‘us’ and constant wealth for ‘them’

I guess that is what I keep looking for around me nowadays. A human reaction. Someone saying enough is enough. No debate. This is inhuman. Take the sign down or you will regret it. Close your business. Leave town or pay the consequences. Human reaction is getting harder and harder to find. I think maybe Gallup is selecting it out of the survey.
As my Father very demonstrably taught me one day, common sense is very common, and should be allowed to flow freeely…well…like water.


Gilding The Lily…

I don’t know why I titled this post the way I did. I guess I just always liked that phrase. It is one of  many misquotes of Shakespeare. And probably one of only a handful of such errors  that I like. The original phrase spoke of “…painting the lily” and “…gilding refined gold” from his play King John. But the morphed misquote, like “every dog has his day”, still gets the point across. The meaning remains even if the poetry is diminished.

But anyway, let’s see if we can’t find some way to fit it into a post that will temporarily slake your thirst for yet another diatribe on the tribe. It may be a stretch…but I’m known for that. And I am well aware that you thirst. You have told me many times. You have called me back from my meager meanderings, to the purpose, or original purpose of this site.

Now, I could say that constant reminders here of the inhuman acts of the yiddish are ad vomitorum. You get it. No need to go on. Enough already. And I would agree. If they would. If they would stop the low-jinks. But leopards don’t change their spots and Daddy is never wrong. So generation after generation of ash-can-nazis are trained in their lavish Western palaces and exclusive schools to rule we Goyim. To continue this constant rampage of mine might be seen as gilding refined gold or painting lilies. In a negative fashion. Or perhaps putting a false nose on a witch. Things are what they are and you can see them. Why, then point out the manure that fertilizes. Well, of course, I think it is important and that not enough of you understand that most criticism of the judaic is inadequate. But that’s just me. And not entirely what I’m all about…although it gave me a foothold into your study/basement/garage, or wherever you keep your computer.

I have been reading a few books off and on, and watching a series of videos. One of the books is “Tragedy And Hope” by Carroll Quigley. I heard of the book through the lectures of John Taylor Gatto. Both, Gatto and Quigley, have a lot to say about the condition of Western civilization. Both have larger-than-life egos. Oh, well.

Goes with the territory, I guess. But they also have larger-than-life insight into patterns and real reasons for the social failure we see around us. They both seem to take pride in the fact that they are here to provide you with such insight, and that usually throws up a tiny red flag for me. Give me the “Banksy” persona every time. The ones that don’t necessarily couple wisdom with copyright, and although do not self-deprecate, nonetheless neither do they toot their own brass instrument. The ones whose vanity doesn’t get in the way of the message.

But such is the nature of a celebrity-based social structure. Oh, well. I’ll let you read their works if you already haven’t and little red flags or no, you can decide. Both men cover topics huge in scope. Be patient. I am trying to be. And I am learning quite a bit.

But how else do we paint lilies? Well, one might observe that our

celebrity culture itself is such an endeavor. Where the tribal agenda is to keep pushing all this celebrity shit into our face no matter how distasteful we find it to be. I don’t think any civilization in the history of man has seen a media that is so affixed upon the trivialities surrounding celebrity, so that it rivals every other social concern. Surf to any mainstream media website and witness at least half of the lede space being devoted to whose baby bump is showing, or what to expect in the next episode of some melodrama on their television. This is unprecedented. No longer must the endeavors of those in the arts stand alone to be judged by the public. They must be ‘painted’, promoted and publicized. To the point that these efforts have become the promotion themselves. Again…the media IS the message. Music, literature, painting, sculpture are non-existent without management. ‘Cool’ is a brand.
But you know this. And yet you lower your standards to take in the trailer first. The hype. The press. The awards before the accomplishment. “Winner of the Cannes film festival and Sundance” is an automatic purchase. You are relieved of making your own judgement. You defer to authority yet again…no matter how left of center you believe that authority to lie. 

Give me the originals. In music for instance, from Morey Amsterdam to the Tokens to Paul Simon and Bobby Zimmerman et al, we have witnessed the tribal theft of the works of truly talented Goyim musicians,by those that profit from such personal expression. For if the tribe knows anything…it knows a million-seller when it hears it. And the hits just keep on comin. And this is just one of the areas of thievery that gets my goat. Oh, well. That was all in the last century. I’m sure they don’t get away with that any more(grin).

So is it any wonder that the media has also captured your trust to assess the most important of events? The coming war in Syria has gotten rave reviews and two thumbs-up before you have even had a chance to watch the hollyweird treatment of it after the fact. Which of course, will concur with the pre-reviews. Maybe they will even steal write a theme song for the war.

Some people’s children.

Nope. I was wrong. After re-reading what I have just written…I find that what was on my mind had nothing to do with the title. My bad. Skip this one.

Dogs And Fools…

As if all the analysis of Ed Snowden’s whistle-blowing endeavors weren’t enough for you, I guess I should chime in with mine. Not that I give a shit…on the surface…but in an effort to stay relevant, I will tell you what I think about this media explosion. The latest ‘leaker’. The new Bradly Manning/Julian Assange. 

In a word:Bullshit.

 I brand this story thus, for two reasons. Wikileaks, videos of war atrocities and the power-point presentation that Mr.
Snowden dumped on the media all have a common thread. They are not denied by the PTB, nor their minions in their media.

Red flag alert!
If you think for even a second, that a power structure that can deny the validity of an avalanche of evidence, considering the real stories behind 9/11,(or Pearl Harbor, or Waco…or, hell, you pick)consistently over a period of many years, and yet they wouldn’t just disregard Snowden’s conspiracy theory, then you aren’t thinking this thing through.
Mr. Snowden has a few power-point slides that I could make in 20 minutes. Oh…and a story to go with them. If in fact Mr. Snowden did indeed hold all of these top-secret positions, how difficult would it be for the NSA to disavow any knowledge of him? And by so doing, any ‘conspiracy theories’ that he came up with.  So what makes his theory a mainstream story? The mainstream itself. The MEDIUM is the message here. The medium is delivering you from evil. Not Ed Snowden. It is their decision. And since it has been

their decision to deride and or ignore all valid and provable evidence against the REAL atrocities, then I gotta kinda think, cui bono? Why now? Why this weak story? Why all the credence in the press.
Well, these are good questions. The ones that citizen journalism should be asking. Instead of jumping on board the ‘hero’ or ‘traitor’ bandwagons.  Is he part of this illusion that has generated all the media frenzy of a new blockbuster action movie? Or has he been set up to play the patsy for a larger agenda? I don’t know. And neither do you. However, what you do know generally is how the media and the government work hand-in-hand…or you wouldn’t be  here. You do have common sense. You do ask the uncomfortable questions.
A good rule of thumb is to believe nothing. Nothing you read. Nothing you hear. Nothing you see.

When I heard that Ed and Julian were communicating, it drove the final nail in the coffin of an otherwise heroic tale. So, alas, heroic tales are always just that. Tales. Too simple. Too heroic. What did Wikileaks actually reveal? Nothing. What was the true weight of the disclosures of Manning? Zilch. And what new info has Snowden brought to the table? Nothing that most everyone didn’t already know.

Call me a skeptic. Call me a malcontent. Call me the Devil’s advocate. But I have seen too much of this shit. This tail wagging the dog. While we are heatedly discussing Ed Snowden, 5,000 amerikan troops are on their way to Syria. While we are getting angry at Verizon, the jewish state has taken the decision to build even more jewish housing on even more stolen land in Palestine.
But this is just my take…and I’m just sayin.

"Stay Off My Clean Floors!"

Y’know, it is coming to the point at which I would rather watch the  deliberate lying in the mainstream media, than read the paranoid ramblings of conspiracy ‘theorists’. They are really getting under my skin.
For one, these folks that we all could do without…either the ‘truthers’ that actually believe their own drivel…or the hasbara trolls, are muddying the brand of fact. I don’t want to hear what you theorize actually happened. Or is happening. Or may happen. Your pet paranoia is as much unsubstantiated shit as the evening news. If you have an agenda from Tel-Aviv and are paid to troll the sites that seek facts not fiction…at least your are getting a paycheck and can be rather easily identified and disregarded.
Neither group will ever say those dreaded words: “I don’t really know”. Like the used car salesman, they  always have a ready answer to common-sense questions. 

“How did the illuminati get so much power when I have never met or even seen anyone that belongs to this group, or even heard of it except from you?” 

“Well, they are a secret society, aren’t they? They do everything under the radar so that the common man is bamboozled without even knowing who did it…But I have figured it out!”

“Oh…you have, have you?” “Well, then, if they are that secret, you must be pretty smart to have penetrated their subterfuge, yes?”

I guess that is what these ‘truthers’ want. To be recognized for their brilliant detective work, and their undying concern for the well-being of we commoners. I keep wondering exactly whom is being bamboozled. Or should that be ‘who’. I could never figure out the objective case in sentences like that. Oh, well.

“And the Masons are part of the illuminati!”

“Oh, really? Have you ever attended a Masonic meeting, or do you know any Masons? Is that how you made this conclusion?”

Well, no…but look at all of this symbology!” “It’s everywhere!”

“Uh-huh”. “See the DaVinci Code one too many times, have you?”

Of course, this view of mine concerning conspiracy theorists isn’t very popular out here. Which probably accounts for my site’s relatively low hit history. Those unhappy with the things that are going on in the world want answers. That is why they are out here looking. They don’t want me to tell them anything but that I know who is rogering them behind their back. And their patience is wearing thin. So any snake-oil salesman, paid or not, attracts their attention, I guess. They want someone to blame. And the more shadowy and secretive they are told that the perpetrators of this world-wide shit is…well, the more they feel that they have been taken advantage of by ruthless people that are not above-board. And that these people have secret handshakes and symbols…if you just look hard enough.
I understand this. I sympathize to a point. But there are those at ‘alternative news’ sites and opinion blogs that take advantage of this. And they are tracking mud on our clean floors. And you are letting them.

I recently read an article on Marilyn Monroe that answered more questions than it posed. If that is possible. There is more he-said-she-said in the piece than a holocaust expose’. And although I agree that there were a lot of shady goings-on concerning MM’s career, spreading rumors about MKULTRA and some silly-assed theory of ‘Presidential Monarchs” would be laughable to anyone with half a brain between their ears, if it didn’t feed this childish fear monster that is ‘conspiracy theory’. It is ironic that the author of this and other articles just as ridiculous calls themselves “vigilant citizen”. I can see this person banging away at their keyboard, feverishly reading their previous paragraph and following the logical progression of a fairy tale. Then going back in to the piece afterward and googling other ‘theorists’ shite to back up their own masterpiece. Vigilant indeed. Oh dear. Surely, we are better than this?
Surely, we are smarter than this.
I really don’t want to see this kind of junk become the standard. But what’s a mother to do? Well, cull your reading habits for one. As you throw the talmud-vision in the shit can…you can also strike these types of sites off your daily reading list.  But that’s as may be.

Back to clean floors. Citizen journalism has its drawbacks obviously. As many as the old type of reportage. Each are subject to editorializing and agendas and advertising. All of these bother me.
But none more than vain editorializing under the guise of ‘fact’. That is the biggest weapon the MSM uses against us. It should never be used out here. But for various reasons, usually vanity, used, it is. Constantly.
Now I can say that it is my opinion that a handful of blood-sucking khazars seized upon Marilyn and rode her for everything she was worth. And I can give you the tribal names and dates, but beyond that, I certainly cannot tell you what happened in that bungalow bedroom on the evening of the 5th of August in 1962. No one is left to tell you what actually transpired…nor would anyone have in 1962, I would wager(although that is speculation…not fact). So unless you are an eyewitness, have photographs, blood samples et al…shut the fuck up? Don’t pose your inane theories as fact. We don’t need that kind of journalism. Never did.
This goes for the Masonic Lodge, the non-existent ‘Illuminati’, devil worshipers, Lady Gaga’s secret(well, not-so-secret)symbolic hand gestures and gowns, reptilian Queens and whatever else your ‘vigilant’ little fairy-tale brain can manufacture in your Mom’s basement. K?

And stop tracking mud on our clean floors!
And tell the milkman, NO MORE CHEESE!


Moral Relativism: 101

Is there a universal morality? One born of common sense rules of human dignity that span all cultures? Should there be? And if not, why not? This question has plagued we monkeys for ages. Of course those that wish to sit at the top of the heap would have us believe that we cannot judge one culture by the standards of another. Thereby granting them immunity from all other cultures when and if they play by rules contrary to most other groups. The jewish culture is such an example. They are quick to point out that the actions of their terrorist camp inside occupied Palestine are justified in preserving a jewish homeland. Anything and everything laid down in their holy books is allowed to preserve this separatist members-only culture.


And such a book. If you take the time to actually read the talmud, the torah and the pentateuch(the jewish first five books of the old testament)you will discover a carte-blanche for wanton murder, child-rape, virulent racism and generally hell-bent-for-leather justification for the most atrocious human behaviour known to our species. All kept in reserve as moral relativism. Behavior that cannot be questioned by those outside the hebrew persuasion. No matter how inhuman. It is not the concern of Gentiles. No rational judgement can be made about these rules by which the yiddish operate. Period. Even the most casual criticism is labeled race hatred, or g_d-forbid, the most dreaded label: anti-semitism. The rest of the world’s cultures are held hostage by this ad-hominem meant to demonize the critic and defer the validity of the criticism. But this tactic doesn’t work the way it used to.
If we are talking about such cultural differences as diet, clothing, religious traditions practiced within a group/culture…I think that a universal morality could be perhaps bent a bit. A blind eye could be turned by the world to burkas and lutefisk.
Many say that moral relativism fails as a moral system simply because it cannot arbitrate disagreements. I agree.

Organized crime in amerika as depicted in the headlines of its infancy and hollywood films, left our populace horrified. Although most of the criminals were actually of the above mentioned tribe of talmud followers, Italian mobsters were to become iconic. They murdered and robbed their way to infamy and are said even yet to control the seedier side of our society. Well, that is a myth. However, let us assume for a moment that this type of criminal behaviour was indeed borne of the Italian culture. One which immigrants had brought with them to the land of opportunity. What exactly did they do? Well, according to news reports of the day and the fear-mongering of hollwood, they had gang wars, brought gambling and bootleg liquor to the public and robbed banks. Aside from the occasional crossfire accidental killings of non-gangster folks…I don’t see a downside. But maybe that’s just me. No one cried foul, however…from these Italian gangster camps. They understood that they were breaking the laws in their host country and were either killed or imprisoned without a peep about anti-Italianism. I wonder why that is? Well, partly because these organized crime bosses were not in fact necessarily Italian at all and were for the most part jewish. And partly because those that were actually Italian/Sicilian borne, held the same morality that most Gentile societies praise.

But there is another side to this ‘relativism’ question. 

If 1 of 3 kids stealing cookies is caught, I don’t feel that he can point to the others and maintain a rational defense by declaring that: “The other two guys are just as guilty and so I should go free!” “Why are you singling me out?” Or perhaps: “Since I wasn’t the only one taking the cookies, the rule against stealing them should be questioned!”  Being the one caught does not excuse the crime. That is not a valid defense in my book. But so few read my book…maybe I’m wrong. I may just be trapped in my own culture’s morality.

Isn’t this what we are hearing today coming out of the mouths of the  Abe Foxman’s and Alan Dershowitz’s? How dare we hold these zionist racist scum to the same standards with which we would judge any group? The nerve of we. It is all relative. Morally speaking, that is.

Partly Cloudy Or Partly Sunny

I try not to get too personal here. I try to keep my day-to-day experiences out of that picture that I am trying to paint. It’s hard to do so.
But I attempt it. 
I guess it is a hide-and-seek endeavor that all writers(good or bad)feel they need to play. To make it personal for the reader, and yet not autobiographical. But should we? If I find that I’m getting too far into someone’s observations and that they are merely the author’s own experience, I tend to shy away. TMI. Keep it generic, I say. Otherwise you are tapping into soap-opera territory. Not a good thing. It could be the truth that I am seeking to relate as a writer, but if I get too personal, it becomes my truth only. Keep it universal. Keep it man-on-the-street.

Then there are days when I want to bitch about how my hair was cut. Or how noisy my neighbors are. Or what a perfect day it turned out to be, on the upside. These are mundane concerns in the scope of what I write. And should remain so, inasmuch as they have no intrinsic value to proving some point or other.
But I am finding that to be more and more difficult. We are the sum of all of our experience. All that. I guess then the key is to strike a happy medium in which our personal experience is germane. 

So back to partly cloudy. It is today. Not just here. I totally agree

with the ‘global-warming’ crowd. The entire world is heating up. And those living in the multimillion dollar homes on the beach are going to find themselves scrambling for dry ground very soon. But the heat is not coming from nitrogen or cfc’s. It is coming from friction. The friction of applying too much pressure on moving objects. These objects would be you and I. We move around a lot here under these partly cloudy skies. Pushing boulders up that hill for the man lounging in his beach home.

As you know, I am a big fan of the late author, Joseph Campbell. His knowledge of the mythology of our species played a large part in the creation of Star Wars. The original three films were simple age-old tales that repeated to their viewers, the archetype of good versus evil. The underdog becoming triumphant. The Empire versus the rebels. Were these theater goers paying attention? Did they understand the “Empire”?
Did they see it for its all-encompassing presence?  Do they have the mental capabilities to grasp the significance of the tale? I wonder. 
For as Campbell implied, the purpose of myth is basically instructional.

It seems simple to me. Why, for instance, did we immediately identify with the heroes of the tale as opposed to the all-pervasive Empirical forces? Were the rebels more likable? More “us”?  Was Obiwan more the type of guy that you would have over to dinner, than Vader? Well, of course he was. But the tale could just have easily been written differently. The Emperor could have been seen as the protector of a secure one-galaxy government with the common good always at the fore. And the rebel alliance could have been highlighted as neer-do-well malcontents bent on destruction and for its own sake. Funny that. How tales unfold. How they can mimic life outside the theater. Outside the campfire light. Outside the narrative of a well written book. Or they can be rewritten to suit the author’s preference.

But that aside, let’s change lanes.
Roger Waters recently wrote a heartfelt letter to Alicia Keys. One more blow against the Empire. And the Emperor is hopping mad.
The musician known for bricks in walls, just won’t shut up. Good for him.

But would Luke Skywalker have joined the alliance if his Aunt and  Uncle weren’t slaughtered by empirical soldiers? I doubt it. It is and always was a matter of pushing too far. Creating that warming trend under these cloudy skies. Squeezing too hard until more of those you squeeze, “slip through your fingers”. Even Luke will do it when his time on the throne comes. That is the way clouds drift. They always have. They always will.
The cyclical nature of man is as predictable as those clouds that come and go above us. It is just how they are perceived. Partly sunny to partly cloudy. With an ever-present chance of revolution.