I don’t care for them.  Absolutes. I have found that they, for the most  part, don’t exist. Nothing you can do can make them exist. Sorry. Like those confounded exceptions to rules in the English language, there are always exceptions to everything around us.

I think it is high time for a new enlightenment. That last one didn’t  last. With a more socialist viewpoint that swept Europe in the 18th century also came a more humanist vision of religion. Neither endured. The yoke was eventually replaced. Fear did that. Those who didn’t want to work and to live in luxury used the emotion. It is just a personality trait. Not conspiracy. Seeing conspiracy is as fearful as the religion/wars that the above mentioned have used to control. Maybe worse. Because seeing conspiracy where none exists is an absolute. And absolutes just aren’t the way of things.

Now, I do a lot of jabbering on here about jews and zionism. Some take that to believe that I think that all jews are Satan’s spawn and all that adhere to zionism long for world-wide domination by the ‘chosen ones’. This is not true. I do not believe that. I do believe that religion itself is the culprit behind most of man’s woes. Judaism just makes no bones about it. In its doctrines can be found everything that is inherently evil about all religions;only spelled out. Where all other faiths of the world operate from the premise that their god is the only god, and their holy book is the only real truth, these other religions are forbidden to act upon such assumptions by assuming that they are somehow better than all other humans by virtue of their holy convictions.
I harbor particular hatred for judaism because it cuts to the chase.
It makes no pretense. If your mother was a jew, then you are better than every other human unlucky enough not to have a jewess for a mom. Cut and dried. No room for debate. An absolute. I hate absolutes. They are as dangerous and stupid as a treed raccoon.

-All jews are evil

-All white people are good

-All anything is anything

Ain’t gonna  wash. But you know all this. No matter how much you wish things to be a certain way…it just doesn’t happen like that. Same with belief in a supreme being which you cannot see. It would be nice to know that someone who knows how to get things done and get them done right, is watching over us. But. When that isn’t the way things are happening, you can’t spend your life making up excuses for why this old bearded guy isn’t delivering like your holy book says he will. I’ve known people that are complete assholes, living their entire lives in luxury by screwing over other people. These jerks never feel any retribution for their ill-gotten exorbitance. They just slide through life as if it was tailored just for them and die at a very old age munching on caviar. I have also known pious individuals get the shit kicked outta them by life. No matter which way they turn, they get a knuckle sandwich from providence. Absolutes don’t seem to work on these people.
But of course they wouldn’t. Absolutes are generally ascribed to religious concepts. Not to humans. So there again, we toddle down that “if only” path.
I see no evidence that any supreme entity is watching over us, so I don’t recognize the concept of absolute. Because, as I have observed, the term does not ever apply to something so dynamic as human behaviour. So there.
What am I saying here? Nothing about human behaviour is entire or all-inclusive…except that it is what it is. Groups of people can be taught and believe the most fucked up notions imaginable…but that doesn’t mean that this is a constant even within the group. Especially when it comes to mixing screwed up values being ascribed to biology. I would think that is common sense.
But not absolutely.

So when a ‘conspiracy theorist’ tells me that all belonging to some group are dedicated to a covert plan of some sort merely because of the accident of their birth…well, I gotta think that they don’t know people very well. And they are as scared as that raccoon looking down on the barking dog. It may serve the raccoon well to deal in absolutes in the future, like stay the hell away from dogs…as a rule. But surely we are a bit higher in that tree and can see a bit further and more clearly.
But what do I know?


8 thoughts on “Absolutes…

  1. this is very close to where i am at,at this time in my experience… it causes me a lot of deep alignment when i read these statements. …religion…ugghh… people…well they fall in ditches, and come out either smelling like religious by-products…. or wash themselves off, and read your blog…. ; ]

  2. it is interesting though that the so-called "religion" of talmudic judaism requires of its adherents to hate Jesus….who famously admonished to know the trutha riddle inside a conundrum…probably not, unless one can produce a polaroid fotograph of a dallas cowboy at the Alamo snorting coke with a tattooed slut of the caucasian persuasion…the absolute truth is knowingcheersDavy

  3. Water is wet.Fire is hot.Foxes eat chickens.Gravity has a tendency to bring about sudden stops.Mosquitoes suck blood.A baseball bat to the head hurts.No absolutes?Try laying on the rail tracks before an oncoming train, and see if your 'belief' in the absence of absolutes is valid.1 in 40 million crows is an albino, but this only reinforces the truth that all crows are black. All Jews are supremacists, either actively, as zionists, or passively, as sayanim, synogogue attenders and financial supporters. The Jack Bernstein's, Benjamin Freedman's, Aaron Russo's, Gilad Atzman's, Norman Finklestein's, Brother Nathaniel's are the albino crows. The rest of the millions upon millions are the rule.Or haven't you read much history?Liberté, égalité, fraternité.And that's not even the beginning.“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

  4. Anon@5:45 – "… but this only reinforces the truth that all crows are black." That is well put. "Truth" often disagrees with fact.Of course I was speaking of the human dynamic only, excluding tangible bats and "rules". But thanks for reading and the comment.

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