5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy…

  1. Ach, Although he is poking fun big time at Jews and non Jews alike, it seems Valley, who has been one of my favourite comic writers for years, is still showing his pro Israeli colours here. I never know just who Eli is laughing at in many of his toons.

  2. Noor- It's a send-up. jews invented hair? hahahaha. It is in response to the false story about intel-israhell inventing the chip that Hawking uses in his chair. That chip was actually developed in silicon valley by a Gentile. As a matter of fact, intel is considering a move out of that jewish terrorist camp, to Ireland.

  3. they do have a monopoly on Hypocrisy & Chutzpah…NUKE the F*CKERS..TELL THE TRUTHand laugh yer ass off…anyone that stays in the stool sculpture deity cult compound is the personification of an ASS {hole}….one {Divine} consequence of the "Jewish" so-called State is that in "Christian" lands it has allowed for people to OUT themselves as intellectual {spiritual} whores for filthy lucre and faux-emotional extra specialness….as if worshipping an ASSHOLE is freakin' cool…There are a lot more Muslims on Earth than there are "Jews"http://palestine-encyclopedia.com/EPP/TOC.htmTHANK GOD.Davy

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