There are a lot of things swirling around the drain like it is business as usual. I’m here to tell you it ain’t. As the last of accountability and common-sense morality circles away, their demise is being sped up by gravity and people are noticing the sucking sound. Even those that didn’t see the eddy forming just a few years ago. Liquid does that. Finds a way. It changes shape as it diminishes and it will always seek its own level. I guess we are tying to get a stopper in place here.
Something else is happening out here. You can dismiss it as vain, but I notice a small amount of my blog protocols being mimicked. I can also notice phrases and observations that I use being…well, I hate to use the word ‘plagiarized…because everything here is free to copy, and I couldn’t be happier if anything I put forth is used again somewhere else. I see it is as flattering, and I also see it as advancing the cause.

Because I see a synthesis forming, however slowly, toward a herd-think that is encouraging to say the least. And because I am just a miniscule portion of that effort, I see others being copied over and over again, in ever-increasing locations on the net. A final form for alternative discourse is being modeled and I am proud to have played a mere walk-on part. I guess that is the one of the main differences between ‘us-and-them‘. They would sue. We contribute things worth repeating willingly, as a team-effort. A conversational meme being carved out in which every valid observation plays a role.  We are, at the end of the day, thinking animals, and that is being manifest. Very encouraging.

Perhaps even more so when I see pretense swirling away too. 
We all know why the West is engaged in warring imperialism. It is obvious to we that cannot control our edacious leadership…and to those that are being devoured. The ones doing the devouring are seeing less and less need to explain and justify their dark deeds. That hubris with which they pound their chests in imagined  superiority will be their downfall because “it will follow, as night the day” that this pride will come before their fall. 
I believe that a ‘meme’ is also forming in the camp of the enemy. One that declares, “Why should we superior beings bow to the masses and even attempt to justify our actions, when it is obvious that they wouldn’t understand?”  Therein lies their doom. More and more, I see this in their media. The ‘how dare you question’, attitude. Well, daring is right up my alley…as you are probably aware(see masthead). And I am as pleased as punch to see this posture from them. It means they have already failed. The rest is just carnage. Theirs. The argument has been decided in our favor. There is no more debate. They are wrong. We are right. Defense of their position is futile.

I know a few things about pretending. So do you. You can pretend all you want, but at some time the sun starts to go down and it is time for supper. That means gather up all your costumes,cap pistols and tiaras and head home. It was fun while it lasted if you didn’t take it too seriously. We all grew up with those that did. They either wound up in the funny-farm…or at the head of corporations,still living out their fantasy lies. Unfortunately, not enough went to the rubber-room resort, and we allow some of them to continue their faux lives of power. But even supper time comes for them, eventually. And they may have to go to bed without their evening meal. Because those few of which I speak want to keep their costumes on long after play has ceased. They really believe they were kings.  Of course we know better, but have been reticent to call them on it. Until recently when they they have pushed the limits of their delusions
I think the time is quickly approaching when we follow their lead in dropping the pretense. To stop pretending that we subscribe to their grandiose selfappraisal so that everyone can get back to reality, have some supper and get a good night’s sleep. Because tomorrow, if anything, is going to be very real.  


4 thoughts on “Pretense…

  1. Well and truly said. I almost want to get a tv so I can watch them squirm. I am well beyond buying their stock in trade and now await the collapse with glad expectation. We have a lot of work to do.

  2. rich, Tim…stupid CANNOT change true….had a good laugh thinking about the "Jewish" womyn wanting to daven at the "Wall", and the so-called "Jewish" so-called "men" throwing a unpretend hissy fit…looked like they had the heeebie jeeebies…Davy

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