Circle Twerk…

In a recent survey, 3 out of 10 amerikans think that it may be time
for an armed revolution here.
Call me easily impressed.  Call me naive. Call me anything…just don’t call me late for dinner. But I just think that if that survey was taken here anytime after WWI and up to about 50 years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to find one in a million that would tick the “armed revolution” box. Maybe that is telling.  That the PTB have finally pushed too hard.  Or maybe it’s just this crazy society that we live in. 

Or it could be just me.  I guess we can ruminate on what happened in this country about half a century ago…give or take a decade. Just for a few minutes anyway. Well, in 1948 there was that nasty ‘israhell’ thing, where we couldn’t get the pen out of our pockets fast enough to sign up for zionism. And there was some ‘Oh-my-goodness’ espionage among the yiddish among us, Commies drug to trial in Tinsel-town and Roswell(?). Then one of the most important days in the annals of mankind…my birthday…occurred
But we won’t go there. Where we will also not go is Jerusalem, apparently. More and more people aren’t going there. For love or money. And a good thing too. Summer in tel-aviv could get a bit hotter than usual. Hope springs, eh?

But let’s look at the other end of that span of time. Around the years of WWI we had, what? Jekyll island where the jackals(also of the yiddish stripe) feasted on our inexperience. 
But that’s as may be. 
Back to twerking. I like it. But I would. The sight of upside-down women shaking their butts provocatively piques my interest. And not just is a sexual fashion…although there is that too.
It seems that youth seems a bit upside-down recently. They are looking at things more deeply than point and shoot. They will make a mark and they will score. I’m getting more and more hopeful. And maybe it’s time to focus on the positive a bit.   
This post is full of hyperlinks and I suggest you follow them. That is what communication is all about. Presenting an opinion. Options for alternative thought. Presenting a tweak or a twerk or two…. 


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