Here’s The Wind-Up…And…The Pitch

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those that wait.

Any good detective mystery is written backward. Who-dunnit authors freely admit to this technique. And if you think about it and
imagine yourself trying to make up a story, you will see that this retrograde method serves well. For once you begin with the murder, it is merely a formula to plug those things in place that are necessary for the final crime. Motive and opportunity being the chief aspects of such a narrative. On the face of things, for instance, it is not likely that the butler did it, until the intricacies of  the crime are laid out through clues planted by the writer. Such an outcome has no such explanation until it is carefully woven into the plot after the fact. Such is fiction. Fun. To read and to write. We know there was no real murder. We just find it intriguing to guess who did the crime. Col.Mustard, in the library with candlestick.

As the police uncover more information concerning the crime,it is released to the public. Just as a police-drama unfolds in fiction.
Such is the “Case of the Extremist Muslim Brothers”. A drama in many parts that rivals the best of crime/drama mini-series’ that tv watchers addictively follow. We have the multiple murders. We have a crime scene. We have a melodramatic chase and capture of the already media-convicted suspects. All that remains is weaving in the right elements to support the talking-head pundits pre-fab

conclusions. The thick plottens. Stay tuned and you will witness true crime and conviction. Guaranteed. The networks promise the  conclusion that has already been written. The Boston murders were planned and executed by a cell of terrorists that lead us back to the very countries that we have been just itching to bomb back to the stone age. That is my prediction. I will stand by it. Miss Scarlett, in the billiard room with the rope.

Now, I don’t normally make predictions. Too risky. But save waiting for the final card to be played, I will say that the terrorist cell about to be uncovered comes from a predominately Muslim country.  I will further speculate that it will be an enemy of is-ra-hell. Any wagers out there?
But just as I know that the pitcher winding up on the mound is  eventually going to throw the ball I know that this whole mystery has its purpose. Now unlike the catcher that called for a specific pitch, I don’t know exactly what’s coming. But I know it is on its way. I better be ready.  Or not. Doesn’t make much difference to me. I know what the idea of the pitch is. It will probably be a breaking ball like the rest of them recently.

But enough of these metaphors. The Boston bombings didn’t really 
happen. You know this. It is just a warning charade as have been all of the gun and terrorist related fairy tales of late. Be scared. Trust no one. No one but the jews that warn you 24/7. 
Patience is the key. On their part. On yours. They will plan these  incidents up to two years in advance of the performance. You must patiently and patently disavow their efforts.

When you believe nothing about their spook stories, then they become obvious as just that. The less you believe the dumber and more often they will come, trying desperately to convince you. 
Whose patience will last is anybody’s guess. 
But know who is pitching and who is catching. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.     


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