We are supposed to react a certain way.  It has been scripted and if you keep your thumb on the lines you can walk through this with me. We were cast in these dumb parts and by god we are going to have to rehearse till we get it right.

I once had aspirations of being an actor. I studied it seriously. Not treading the boards necessarily, although I did a bit of that too. I wanted to be James Dean, or Brando. Film was the thing. I studied under a waaaaaay off-Broadway director. He was so far off the white-way that we were practically standing in the Hudson. Well, that was okay. I learned a lot. About how to listen. If you can’t listen, you can’t act. Because you cannot respond in a natural way if you do not know what it is your supposed to be responding to.
And that’s important. It seems I have forgotten how to respond to things…prompts…from everyday life. I’m listening, but by my unusual responses, I am altering the author’s intent. You can do that. It isn’t difficult and it will infuriate a playwright to no end.
When I didn’t like leading an audience down the playwright’s path, I could hack out a new one that made a mockery of his lines. Kinda fun. And maybe why I never got very far in the field. Who knows.

I find myself doing it again. When I hear, for example that an insane Muslim has just hacked off the head of a British soldier in the street…well, you might just as well tell me that there’s a sale at Penny’s. “Oh my gawd…really?…a sale?” “Was there a lot of blood?”

Because, I have been auditioning for these plays for so long now, that I know that the sale will end in two days and things will be marked back up, I am thinking “what’s the point?”  I don’t go to the sales events. I invest little time in commerce of any stripe. And the purveyors of these sales, at Penny’s or in the bloody gutters, don’t really require my participation anyway. I am not right for the part. Too good-looking. Too old. Too tall. Too something. Just not right, y’know?
I have noted over the years that British actors will do anything for money. To keep working. That is very foreign to many people outside the UK. Lawrence Olivier, for instance, thought no more of lending his considerable talents to Clash of the Titans than playing Richard III.
Both paid well. Both kept him in the public eye. It must be the

amerikan obsession with celebrity and yiddish press that personifies an actor here. Makes their public feel that they know them personally and how they would never sink to doing something beneath their dignity…no matter how much it paid. Dignity. Funny, I thought the British were supposed to have invented that transient emotion. For that is all it is, I guess. It doesn’t exist in the dark.
But that’s as may be. 
It’s a matter of credulity, I think. If I see Helen Mirren playing Portia one week, then the next week see her using her craft trying to convince me that a gutter-turd like Phil Spector is really an okay guy.. and the next week she is the Queen conferring semi-royal last wishes…well, it’s a matter of belief. It doesn’t seem to matter that she or Olivier drew a paycheck. To we that watch it becomes

political very quickly.
I would never have done that. Taken on a role that didn’t suit me and my sensibilities. Or…maybe I would. It seems I am being asked to daily.


Let me try it again with more conviction…

But maybe the Brits have it in perspective. Maybe it’s we the viewers that should exercise this ‘integrity’ of which I speak. So if John Cleese needs to pay his mortgage by using his comedic talents to sell israeli yogurt, then we should look away and remember him as Basil Fawlty only. I should excuse Mirren her trespasses against my sensibilities and think of her only as Prospera or Jane Tennison.
For actors are paid by those that want the play. And if the play is meant to garner a reaction, as Olivier produced in me when I saw him as Hamlet, perhaps that is all. Remember the play not the actors. For the play is the thing. And our reaction is all.



I don’t care for them.  Absolutes. I have found that they, for the most  part, don’t exist. Nothing you can do can make them exist. Sorry. Like those confounded exceptions to rules in the English language, there are always exceptions to everything around us.

I think it is high time for a new enlightenment. That last one didn’t  last. With a more socialist viewpoint that swept Europe in the 18th century also came a more humanist vision of religion. Neither endured. The yoke was eventually replaced. Fear did that. Those who didn’t want to work and to live in luxury used the emotion. It is just a personality trait. Not conspiracy. Seeing conspiracy is as fearful as the religion/wars that the above mentioned have used to control. Maybe worse. Because seeing conspiracy where none exists is an absolute. And absolutes just aren’t the way of things.

Now, I do a lot of jabbering on here about jews and zionism. Some take that to believe that I think that all jews are Satan’s spawn and all that adhere to zionism long for world-wide domination by the ‘chosen ones’. This is not true. I do not believe that. I do believe that religion itself is the culprit behind most of man’s woes. Judaism just makes no bones about it. In its doctrines can be found everything that is inherently evil about all religions;only spelled out. Where all other faiths of the world operate from the premise that their god is the only god, and their holy book is the only real truth, these other religions are forbidden to act upon such assumptions by assuming that they are somehow better than all other humans by virtue of their holy convictions.
I harbor particular hatred for judaism because it cuts to the chase.
It makes no pretense. If your mother was a jew, then you are better than every other human unlucky enough not to have a jewess for a mom. Cut and dried. No room for debate. An absolute. I hate absolutes. They are as dangerous and stupid as a treed raccoon.

-All jews are evil

-All white people are good

-All anything is anything

Ain’t gonna  wash. But you know all this. No matter how much you wish things to be a certain way…it just doesn’t happen like that. Same with belief in a supreme being which you cannot see. It would be nice to know that someone who knows how to get things done and get them done right, is watching over us. But. When that isn’t the way things are happening, you can’t spend your life making up excuses for why this old bearded guy isn’t delivering like your holy book says he will. I’ve known people that are complete assholes, living their entire lives in luxury by screwing over other people. These jerks never feel any retribution for their ill-gotten exorbitance. They just slide through life as if it was tailored just for them and die at a very old age munching on caviar. I have also known pious individuals get the shit kicked outta them by life. No matter which way they turn, they get a knuckle sandwich from providence. Absolutes don’t seem to work on these people.
But of course they wouldn’t. Absolutes are generally ascribed to religious concepts. Not to humans. So there again, we toddle down that “if only” path.
I see no evidence that any supreme entity is watching over us, so I don’t recognize the concept of absolute. Because, as I have observed, the term does not ever apply to something so dynamic as human behaviour. So there.
What am I saying here? Nothing about human behaviour is entire or all-inclusive…except that it is what it is. Groups of people can be taught and believe the most fucked up notions imaginable…but that doesn’t mean that this is a constant even within the group. Especially when it comes to mixing screwed up values being ascribed to biology. I would think that is common sense.
But not absolutely.

So when a ‘conspiracy theorist’ tells me that all belonging to some group are dedicated to a covert plan of some sort merely because of the accident of their birth…well, I gotta think that they don’t know people very well. And they are as scared as that raccoon looking down on the barking dog. It may serve the raccoon well to deal in absolutes in the future, like stay the hell away from dogs…as a rule. But surely we are a bit higher in that tree and can see a bit further and more clearly.
But what do I know?

Note To Self…

I always have something to say. So typing these bits of wisdom occasionally is not a problem. When I come across something in the news, I’m more than happy to give you my take on them. And I am always right. Well, almost always. When I am not it makes me happy. Because as you know…I am a gloom-and-doomer from way back. So being right for me usually means
the worst-case-scenario has played out as I predicted. I hate that.
Note to self: Be more positive;when possible.

But it is not an especially unusual talent that I have for seeing the dark side of things. I wouldn’t even call it a talent. This inclination to see the dark side of even the most encouraging news. Maybe just a logical response to news. And I think the news encourages that. I may be wrong.
News. I question the very nature of such a beast. I don’t believe any of it, and there is nothing ‘new’ about it, save the fact that it is in the now. But driven by those that produce and twist and turn events to their purpose.

Gay marriage in France.
Isra-hell threatening yet again.
Sex scandals abound in the Gentile world.
Missiles here and missals there…all being moved around like pieces on a chess-board.
Pope without a Pope-mobile.
Alignments here and alignments there.

If one cannot see patterns here…well then they are part of the pattern. It’s hard to understand where you are if you can’t see over the maze walls. Fear and hunger push us on through the puzzle.

I am amazed that so many men are clueless when it comes to the fairer sex. Perhaps that is the problem they have. They do not view them as humans. I dunno. It seems every woman that I have spent any time with…has gone on to excel in life. Not because of my influence. But due to the lack of it, I think. I never tried to block any ambition of the women that I have known…and there have been scores of them. But that is part of the puzzle, I also think. And perhaps precisely why there have been scores and not just one. The nuclear family is fading into a mist. Perhaps I have contributed to that new paradigm unwittingly.  Perhaps this is caused by social engineering…I dunno. It would be easy to point to recent trends in defense of such an opinion. Women’s rights. Gay rights. Pornography. All driven by tribal leanings, I agree. But if the general populace is not happy with things as they have become, I can’t help but think there would be resistance. Well, at least more than I see.  Note to self: If people truly don’t like something, they will change it. 

All of the above phenomena have played out in the media like a football match. Huge hot-button topics, each side of which has its followers.

I read that “Sore losers can’t accept that France legalized gay marriage”. As if it was just a game lost. Nothing more. Most of the world was against the ‘gay team’ but they had a great backfield and managed to score the winning goal. “We’ll get em next time”. But wait…there isn’t a ‘next time’. This was the final match. Win-or-go-home took on a different meaning for the French this week. As it has in the states.  Hi-ho.  Note to self: Sexuality of our species is a game.
So what did the winning team win? Among other things they won the right to massage our species legally. To be at the forefront of raising children of the future in an alien environment.  One that will become more commonplace within a few generations.

I had cousins that were raised by a ‘couple’ of homosexual women. They grew up. They had children naturally. Maybe they are screwed up mentally when it comes to sexual roles. I dunno. I never asked them. I’m sure that they battled with a lot of mixed-signals…as we all have. Maybe more.  I am not a homophobe. I don’t think. Nothing about alternative sexuality scares me. Disgust is a different matter, but I try not to judge. Well, most of the time anyway. I just try to see trends and how they affect our species. In a very anthropological sense. I see the hand of the khazar in most of these rapid species shifts, however. Usually leading us to toward the dead ends of the maze.  But maybe that’s just me.  Note to self:try to understand the social benefits of alternative sexual identity.

I have a lot of notes to myself. I have to keep myself in check and remind myself of many things all the time. Curbing my tongue is one of these that I just can’t seem to get the hang of.
Note to self: Don’t try. 


Ya Think?

There was an age or two, they tell me, in which the elders were revered in every social setting. They were used as guides in coming times because of their wisdom. Well, wisdom is subjective they say. But is it? Do our senior citizens have anything to tell us today? I guess I should know; approaching such a time in life. 
Life is larger now. Billions of people on this spinning sphere, where only millions were before. But does that change wisdom as it was once honored? Is it relevant? Was it ever? Didn’t we muddle though the ages depending on a tried-and-true vision of the universe supplied by those that had been through it all before? And is just ‘muddling through’ enough anymore?
All good questions, to be sure. There are so many opinions being ventured. Surely there is a synthesis. A point at which we can stand back from ourselves and view a common sense solution to how we proceed rationally. Surely. Well, there are those among us that would have us focus narrowly on the issues that effect us. For love or money. For profit and vanity. And there are those that would have us hearken back to the good old days that were neither old nor good. Any port in a storm. And a squall is appearing in the near distance.

I have often wondered how many of us have lived. I’m sure some anthropologist/statistician has figured that number out to a man. And I don’t know what I would do with such a huge number if I had it at my fingertips. Perhaps I am looking for a perspective. A Rosetta stone of sorts that would provide the answer to why we seem to have gone astray. Plugging this figure into an equation, along with other variables would produce an x=oops kind of conclusion that could not be denied. 
But alas…I doubt it. 
If the good-old-days were so good…I guess we wouldn’t have changed things. Or if we did, we had damned good reasons to do so. To make them better new days. But I’m not seeing that. 
I am above quite a few mundane and negligible concerns. To me, most all the problems that face the common man(or woman) are merely symptoms of a disease that could have been avoided had we listened to our elders before they passed away. Maybe I have risen above these symptoms because I see them as just that. Sitting here in this lofty position of “Elder”. And maybe…just maybe…the same fundamental issues that plagued our forefathers are still kicking

Of course, I would point to religion as being the invader to the body human. And one particular ‘religion’ that does not rely on the masses to follow, for it to work it’s particular regressive spell. One that, above all others, does not attempt to convert. The one that most all of our past elders warned us of.  The one with patience. The underlying disease that has plagued a burgeoning species for too long. And as Bill Maher says…it rhymes with ‘da blues’.

I have always liked the blues. Black blues. Not white men in sunglasses and odd hats. Billie Holiday type blues. The tribe whose namesake rhymes with above, also likes them. They identify with that lonely depressing feeling, I suppose. I have read time and time again about some blues artist or other that met an early demise because of tribal influence in their careers. Those talented musicians that were led to booze or drugs or both, by the leeches that clung to their expression of sorrow. That always made me wonder. The more substances these jews fed such black artists, the deeper into the sorrow they performed. Until they were used up.

Billy Holiday, Robert Johnson, Charlie Parker et al were seduced by the lure of heightened chemical performance provided by their friendly yiddish managers. Talent raped and distorted. Time and time again. And as talented as these people were, they always died penniless. Of course the ashkanzim that have run the entertainment business for over a century in the West have done this to countless artists, no matter what the genre. But, I dunno…the blues scene just irks me. The tribe that stole, shipped and enslaved Africans seem to take particular delight in listening to, and exploiting the sorrow that they caused. Go figure.
But back to the elders. What is it that they all have seemed to agree upon over the ages? Maybe those things are the ones that we should rubber-band back to. I know(even though it is poopooed and lied about)that one thing stands out. Expel the jew. 
So, ya think that might just be a good idea? As opposed to the opposite, which is supporting the jew’s bastard offspring, zionism.
Ya think?     


There are a lot of things swirling around the drain like it is business as usual. I’m here to tell you it ain’t. As the last of accountability and common-sense morality circles away, their demise is being sped up by gravity and people are noticing the sucking sound. Even those that didn’t see the eddy forming just a few years ago. Liquid does that. Finds a way. It changes shape as it diminishes and it will always seek its own level. I guess we are tying to get a stopper in place here.
Something else is happening out here. You can dismiss it as vain, but I notice a small amount of my blog protocols being mimicked. I can also notice phrases and observations that I use being…well, I hate to use the word ‘plagiarized…because everything here is free to copy, and I couldn’t be happier if anything I put forth is used again somewhere else. I see it is as flattering, and I also see it as advancing the cause.

Because I see a synthesis forming, however slowly, toward a herd-think that is encouraging to say the least. And because I am just a miniscule portion of that effort, I see others being copied over and over again, in ever-increasing locations on the net. A final form for alternative discourse is being modeled and I am proud to have played a mere walk-on part. I guess that is the one of the main differences between ‘us-and-them‘. They would sue. We contribute things worth repeating willingly, as a team-effort. A conversational meme being carved out in which every valid observation plays a role.  We are, at the end of the day, thinking animals, and that is being manifest. Very encouraging.

Perhaps even more so when I see pretense swirling away too. 
We all know why the West is engaged in warring imperialism. It is obvious to we that cannot control our edacious leadership…and to those that are being devoured. The ones doing the devouring are seeing less and less need to explain and justify their dark deeds. That hubris with which they pound their chests in imagined  superiority will be their downfall because “it will follow, as night the day” that this pride will come before their fall. 
I believe that a ‘meme’ is also forming in the camp of the enemy. One that declares, “Why should we superior beings bow to the masses and even attempt to justify our actions, when it is obvious that they wouldn’t understand?”  Therein lies their doom. More and more, I see this in their media. The ‘how dare you question’, attitude. Well, daring is right up my alley…as you are probably aware(see masthead). And I am as pleased as punch to see this posture from them. It means they have already failed. The rest is just carnage. Theirs. The argument has been decided in our favor. There is no more debate. They are wrong. We are right. Defense of their position is futile.

I know a few things about pretending. So do you. You can pretend all you want, but at some time the sun starts to go down and it is time for supper. That means gather up all your costumes,cap pistols and tiaras and head home. It was fun while it lasted if you didn’t take it too seriously. We all grew up with those that did. They either wound up in the funny-farm…or at the head of corporations,still living out their fantasy lies. Unfortunately, not enough went to the rubber-room resort, and we allow some of them to continue their faux lives of power. But even supper time comes for them, eventually. And they may have to go to bed without their evening meal. Because those few of which I speak want to keep their costumes on long after play has ceased. They really believe they were kings.  Of course we know better, but have been reticent to call them on it. Until recently when they they have pushed the limits of their delusions
I think the time is quickly approaching when we follow their lead in dropping the pretense. To stop pretending that we subscribe to their grandiose selfappraisal so that everyone can get back to reality, have some supper and get a good night’s sleep. Because tomorrow, if anything, is going to be very real.  

Circle Twerk…

In a recent survey, 3 out of 10 amerikans think that it may be time
for an armed revolution here.
Call me easily impressed.  Call me naive. Call me anything…just don’t call me late for dinner. But I just think that if that survey was taken here anytime after WWI and up to about 50 years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to find one in a million that would tick the “armed revolution” box. Maybe that is telling.  That the PTB have finally pushed too hard.  Or maybe it’s just this crazy society that we live in. 

Or it could be just me.  I guess we can ruminate on what happened in this country about half a century ago…give or take a decade. Just for a few minutes anyway. Well, in 1948 there was that nasty ‘israhell’ thing, where we couldn’t get the pen out of our pockets fast enough to sign up for zionism. And there was some ‘Oh-my-goodness’ espionage among the yiddish among us, Commies drug to trial in Tinsel-town and Roswell(?). Then one of the most important days in the annals of mankind…my birthday…occurred
But we won’t go there. Where we will also not go is Jerusalem, apparently. More and more people aren’t going there. For love or money. And a good thing too. Summer in tel-aviv could get a bit hotter than usual. Hope springs, eh?

But let’s look at the other end of that span of time. Around the years of WWI we had, what? Jekyll island where the jackals(also of the yiddish stripe) feasted on our inexperience. 
But that’s as may be. 
Back to twerking. I like it. But I would. The sight of upside-down women shaking their butts provocatively piques my interest. And not just is a sexual fashion…although there is that too.
It seems that youth seems a bit upside-down recently. They are looking at things more deeply than point and shoot. They will make a mark and they will score. I’m getting more and more hopeful. And maybe it’s time to focus on the positive a bit.   
This post is full of hyperlinks and I suggest you follow them. That is what communication is all about. Presenting an opinion. Options for alternative thought. Presenting a tweak or a twerk or two….