Cheap Shot…

I am going to take a cheap shot. Sort of. With all this Boston marathon hype, I find myself watching clips from ‘tv’ online to get
the latest bullshit being spread in their media. It’s hilarious.  For that, may the lord make me truly sorry. 
But I’m just gonna have to come out and say it. I have never seen so much ‘nose-meat’ in my life. I had no idea that it had gotten this far.

Now this little rant/observation has been bugging me for a few years, but without wishing to sound off-the-wall bigoted, I refrained from saying anything about it. There seems to be a ‘meme’ gathering though. A trend in which the bespectacled, curly-headed, huge nose appearance is somehow gaining acceptance? Now, aesthetically speaking, I have no problem with people wearing glasses. And I have few if any problems with noses. But when the size of the nose is accentuated by goofy cheaters…well, I gotta think that there is a new ‘chic’ arriving on the marketplace. And I gotta look to where it comes from. Now sue me, but if I had a honker the size of a Buick, I don’t think I would try to make it look the size of a Hummer by sitting tiny black-framed glasses on top of it. But maybe that’s just me.

Many millions of people have large noses and they are not always cult members. Many cult members do not have large honkers. Medical science informs us that of the few things that never stop growing as we age…the ears and the nose are the most noticeable. So I understand that if you start out in life with a rather large proboscus…well, by late will enter the room several minutes before you do.
But it is more than that. The media can push whatever they want on a docile public. Bad music. Questionable art. Horrible films. But appearance is just something that is hard to change in the eyes of the public.

When I was a kid, everyone knew that for a good laugh, nothing beat the huge nose and glasses disguise. Al la Groucho Marx. Even he made fun of his own appearance by enhancing his eyebrows and mustache. He was funny-looking. The difference between those times and now is, I guess, it is supposed to be acceptable to play up these repulsive physical characteristics in the media. Contacts and rhinoplasty are no longer needed  for one to blend. Well, it is obvious from whence this new ‘beauty’ standard comes. And I understand that if you are a tribe member and you are just dying to get your puss on the screen, that you have to think about these things. Plastic surgery? Laser eye treatments? Or just go with the ‘jew look’. The well-worn stereotypical Woody Allen. But when are we supposed to laugh? And when are we supposed to take this goofy looking mask seriously? Well, it would seem that we are being asked to take it seriously all the time nowadays. Women are supposed to fall all over themselves at the mere glimpse of a gargantuan beak topped with glasses frames to glorify the sheer size of one’s bill and one’s narrow placement of the eyes. Frame such a countenance with dark ringlets and voila. The new handsome. Huh?
As I said, this is merely and observation arrived at through a few glimpses into your world of talmud-vision. 
I suppose if you are bent on pushing your culture on a non-tribal populace and are looking to gain acceptance through your media, you would have to also push your physical stereotype. This appearance boilerplate will out. At some point you have to stop trying to look like a goy and come out of the closet. Proboscus, goofy frames and all. But what gets me is the way the Gentile celeb tries to mimic such humerous presence. Probably dictated by their owners in an attempt to soften the hilarity of such human ugliness.
I guess, I’m trying to say that since I’m not used to this temperature
that other frogs in the pot have grown to be okay with…I don’t know when to laugh anymore. This isn’t meant to be profound. It certainly isn’t scientific. It is(if jews were truly a race)a racial slur masquerading as valid consideration.
You probably shouldn’t even be reading this, nor should I be writing it…but I just can‘t help but giggle and forget entirely what it was he was saying when I see the Wolf as he is telling me of the latest terrorist threat. I should take this guy seriously?  I mean, Groucho?  Oh, please.  



8 thoughts on “Cheap Shot…

  1. The show "Big bang theory" comes to mind, pushing the geeky tribal member as someone to hook up with. And down in my neck of the woods if you don't have a cuban or tribe name you don't get to be a "reporter" on the news or papers. But one thing is FOR SURE, anything this collective group of assholes latches onto with their shithooks turns into just that…SHIT!!!

  2. I try very much to avoid talmudvision because of the puke factor… and there so many good books to read.your observation is spot on and truly the whole TRIBE thing is so totally laughable at this point it is hardly economic to bypass the giggle…before Luke ambushed Erin in the hall at that cheap hotel I thought it might be fun to de-program her.. they obviously spend several hours getting her ready to be on TVoh welllaugh it upthat's what Moorris108 sez…and He's in EnglandHave FunDavy

  3. Well, my friend, you really hit the nail on the head with the new "hot" stereotype being what it is… and I agree about modern comedies. Seinfeld certainly played a big part in acceptance of looks with some of the cast. Friends also made geeky "lovable" and both shows really altered comedy in America. It went from being genuinely funny to being slams, slurs and insults with a lot of reference to body functions. Let me tell you how my daughters escaped all that. Both have found "the" partner within the past yer. My older, a stunner, dated geeks for a long time (none Jewish actually) because they got the cachet of hanging with a hot girl and she got to be brainy with them which was necessary. I have to add when she tried the geeky look with glasses, all she did was become more gorgeous and … well glasses just did not work.But each girl when they were gushing about "the" guy to me said the same thing.."He's a REAL MAN, Mom" in endearingly bragging tones ~ the one who said she wanted to grow up and be a trophy wife to a doctor (!) chose a plumber! Gotta love it… a gentile plumber who has never eaten meat in his life but is a big brawny gentle giant with a huge brain. Hilarious actually but true, they have chosen rugged specimens… smile. Believe me I had worried…. As for Boston… I am not doing much posting about it. Everyone else is and the stories are so conflicting… I watch, absorb, search, but as with Sandy Hook, M avoiding the fray. But… hearing the boys had a definite connection to the CIA it gets murkier and murkier, like stirring up the filthy scuzz that builds up on a neglected fish tank until you cannot even see the fish. I have never watched that geek show about the big bang theory…. think I lasted about two minutes. Geeky can be endearing but not how we are getting it. Metromale geeks just don't cut it with this old girl.(Woody Allen never mattered to me at all. Even as a young person I found him boring, whining, unfunny and perhaps creative but not to my taste so I rarely understood his whining kvetching self deprecating humour.)

  4. My husband is a big fan of the idiot box, and so no matter how hard I try to ignore it I do catch snippets now and then. And when I do I've noticed the same thing and in my dIsgust have an urge to make comments such as your,and on occasion can,t resist no matter the ridicule. But in our house I'm the bigot, anti-Semitic if I do. Anyway, love your writing it is hilarious and love sharing with my sister who I was able to open her eyes through your writing. Thanks Rachel

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