False Flags And Real Ones…

I apologize to the millions of readers I have out there just itching to
read my latest post. I haven’t written in a while. Been kinda busy.
But I’m back.

I had my first heart attack.

Now, for all of you jealous folks out there wishing you could have one too…I gotta tell ya that it just isn’t half as much fun as they say. Sure, you get to stay in a hospital and spend all day in a uncomfortable bed, answering a gazillion questions from every nurse that happens to pass by. Of course you get to take time off work. Then there is that sexy scar. These are all on the plus side, I agree. But on the not-so-much side, there is a considerable amount of pain, panic and  reassessment of your life that, well…just isn’t much in the  way of amusement at all.
If I were to choose, I don’t think I  would have another. Maybe that’s just me. 

But I wasn’t intending to throw a pity-party here. I’m okay. Aside  from all the pills I have to take in the aftermath, I’m back on my feet and  healing. Well, physically anyway. Mentally, such trauma can cause one to pause. I guess I am still paused a bit. Plenty of time to look around and see the world at more than just a glance…as I am usually wont to do. I always figured that this ride was a race. Get as far as you can as fast as possible and damn the torpedos. All that. And maybe it is. Unfortunately, as I am stuck here in the mire for a bit, nothing else stands still with me. It all goes whizzing by at a much faster pace to me, because, I guess, I am in slo-mo for a while. But that’s okay too. It provides a perspective.

The latest docu-drama in Boston is hilarious to me here stuck in the center of the merry-go-round, and I cannot believe the voracious way that the public is tuned into it. It is a bonding narrative.  A fantasy that is as sick and twisted as the yiddish theater churned out by hollyweird every day…and with all the special effects, poor acting, lousy editing and a semi-happy ending that such theater can provide. The motive for this drama is obviously the same as for any theatrical piece put in a can in tinsle-town. Profit. For the director, the producer, studio bosses…and the all-important shareholders.
But you know this. It’s just that I am seeing in 3-D, Hi-def , 50fps Dolby surround sound…here in my ambulatory state. I have my silly glasses on and the story plays out on my computer screen like a really bad MST3000 flick. I am happy to provide the riffs. I am gleeful to make fun of the ‘tragedy‘ as others stare at me aghast at my lack of empathy.  As if any of it really happened as they filmed it. Of  course with each of these moving movies that ash-can-nazis release in their media, they get a little weirder and more, I dunno, transparent. At least to me.
I once saw the play “The Night Of  January 16th“, written by Russian jewess Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum(a.k.a. Ayn Rand). As with all jewish entertainment, it was written for audience response as opposed to a true expression of the author. Its gimmick was to present a mystery that had two endings. Which ending the company performed depended entirely upon the audience. As they sat as jurors, their verdict dictated last scenes. I thought a great deal about that play this week as I watched the Boston marathon ‘bombing’ movie in the media. 
You the audience were drawn into participating in this cheapnovel adaptation brought to the screen.
And you decided(within the scope of their intent)how it played out.
There are many unanswered questions in your head as you file out toward the lobby but there will be a sequel and a prequel for your amusement later on.  It will all make sense once they pen and perform these for your entertainment.
But that’s as may be.
At this point I just don’t seem to have as much energy to pick apart such  poorly written melodramas as I had just a few weeks ago. Thanks to my hiatus, I am enjoying watching the people in the cheap seats going “Hey…wait a minute!”, and putting two and two together to realize they have been bamboozled yet again.  

My physical red-flag has given me opportunity to relax and enjoy more and more of you awakening to the cheap theatrics of yet another(soon to be announced) false flag.  


30 thoughts on “False Flags And Real Ones…

  1. I hope you fully survive your heart attack. Stop smoking if you do/can.Boston false flag.Two young innocent patsies."Show me the evidence." Aunt of the accusedWhat total zionist bullshit from A to Z.

  2. You give me hope that there is more than a few of your fellow citizens who see these spectacles for what they are. Good on your life for having the fortitude to stay on top of the water while absorbing wave after wave of discord coming out of the media. I am in the cheap seats myself but the entertainment value is great watching the ruling class lurch like a mad cow. From the cold north 54th latitude where the rivers will run full if the snow ever melts. My respect. R. Olausen.

  3. every good critic keeps it brief…you nailed it, Yiddish Theatre…REDUXCoQ10 & Cayenne Pepper…90,000btugood water, and some serious eye candy….not that skanky sow on cnnhttp://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/167338heal well Davy

  4. i hope you make a fast and complete recovery…. i am thinking of you….waving hands in the air..invoking the viking god to make you well… ; ]

  5. My good friend, a heart attack and your my age! Holy cow! I haven't seen you in a couple weeks and at our last conversation things seemed to be going rather fine. Have you been worrying, working to hard, or just old age? Man oh man, that throws a big wrench in the mighty gear. (I men pump.) Take them pills, get plenty of rest, do some thinking, some writing, peaceful relaxing things you know. Leave the heavy lifting, the yard work to these youngins. To change the subject I have not, nor will read about this orchestrated crappola on the wee t v and the media, nope I'm feed up with all the shit spewing all over the world.What the world needs is "love sweet love" and baby . . . that is never going to happen! Wish you well my friend!

  6. Mr. Timster,So happy to know that your heart is strong (which I already knew), and that you are having to relax into yourself. It seems we need those hard pushes now and again to slow down, not move too fast. My heart is upholding your heart, so know that you are not doing all the work of recovery. My heart is heavy with a serious drug problem with one who I love so dearly. But we shall all heal and we do all march together as Kahlil Gibran has said. Be well!Marigold

  7. You are one impressive being; your gift with words is comforting. I long for everything you print as I can totally relate. You put into words everything I also feel, but am not able to articulate. After following your blog for so long and feeling almost identical emotions I feel like your a friend. That said I really do care that you had a heart attack and hope you recover and wish you the best of health. I'm sure your knowledgeable of the juwice pharm scam and follow the advice of anonymous 11:32 and Davy. Sincerely Rachel

  8. At the risk of offering unwanted advice, Timster, get yourself an e-cig. It is ridiculous how easy it is to quit smoking real cigarettes with these things.Furthermore, I do hope you've made provisions to inform us readers in the unfortunate event you should decorporealise. We are not as eager for that day as you seem to be.

  9. Anon@11:32 – Thank you very much for your concern AND the link. Interesting stuff. The wife and I started reading his stuff on your recommendation.

  10. Tom – Sigh. Yeah, you are right about that. You work all your life in this damned capitalist shit-hole, then get smacked in the cardiac area. Old story.

  11. Delbert – Yeah, I tried those. But like many that have, they didn't work for me. The nicotine rush is satisfying enough…but because it is in water-vapor, it made me cough constantly. I have talked to others with the same complaint. Just going to have to conquer it the old-fashioned way…stubborn resistance(which I am known for).I have left instructions w/friend to notify all my readers here if I am 'suicided'(grin).Many thanks for the concern!

  12. All good wishes old friend. As for smoking, I quit about six years ago by using the nicotine chewing gum and lozenges. However, now I'm hooked on gum and lozenges. But at least I can actually run to the store to get more if need be.

  13. Timster,Motherwort. Leonuris Cardiaca. A stiff cup once a day will work, well, a lot of good stuff. Bitter as hell, but with the above recommended CoQ10, Vitamin C and assorted, should give youa really good boost. I cultivate many motherwort plants in my garden here. Peace to you, Tom

  14. Well shit T. I hope you get better. One silver lining is that it happened before sobamacare kicked in. The hot doctor at the poor people's healthcare warned me last year at this time and since then I avoid canned soup and lunchmeat, processed foods. No more beer and whiskey and the green leafy. It sucks that everything most enjoyable is usually bad for you.I walk everyday no matter what the weather but I just don't have the energy like an 18 year old to go to some faggy gym and stare at myself in the mirror.

  15. Anon@3:58 – Many thanks for the comment! Yeah…same boat. I'm eating leaves and twigs mostly. AND my insurance signed me up for cardiac rehab. Looks like I'll be spinning with the sickies for a while. Maybe it will get me back into shape without fear of another 'incident'.

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