As Seen On TV

Is no one immune? Besides myself, I can categorically claim that NO one I know….doesn’t watch television. From the most programmed to the ‘enlightened’…they all claim that “well, I just have this one show that I watch”. I can see it on their faces. I hear it in their pre-fab prurient humor. I see it in how they choose to live their very lives. It is like the gambler that discovers ‘tells’. Once you see that your opponent at the poker table always unconsciously plays with the ring on his finger when he has a good hand, it sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. This tv addict will even lie about his tv habit as do most drug addicts. Knowing that it is a mundane entertainment venue for the brain-dead, most will use the “I only watch…” phrase out of sheer guilt.

Now I am not here to foist any more guilt upon you. Because I know you are one of those lying addicts. But I am here to comment on your addiction. I will venture the following:

If no one ever watched television, culled their movie habits, and refused to read anything in the papers other than the weather report(and even those are suspect), most of the problems of our modern world would grind to a halt and vanish. 

Pretty ridiculous, huh?  Such a claim. What am I, nuts? Well, perhaps…but let’s examine my postulate.  

From the above mentioned brain-dead to the enlightened, consider what they see as problems. Economics? War? Jobs? Crime? Politics? 
Well, of course these categories have many sub-headings…but there are problems in our world that we all see and seemingly can’t fix. We know of these problems because they effect us personally in our everyday lives. Or do they?  When is the last time a bunch of religious fanatics fired assault weapons at your house from the back of a Toyota pickup? You see it every day on tv. It must happen everywhere…and it must be stopped. If you join the army you can feel that you have had a hand in stopping it. How do you know this? Because you just minutes ago, saw a brave man in his dress military blues walking down the street of his home town while on leave, and all his friends and neighbors looking up to him in admiration. On TEEVEE. He must be doing the right thing with his life, AND he is getting paid for it.

Okay…okay. This is an extreme example. But what is it that is so difficult to understand about the glaring FACT that all media is propaganda packaged in puerile scat? ALL. Even that ‘one show’ that you watch is a fantasy. And not a good one.

I just watch this one show. “So you think you can dance”. I mean where is the harm? There was this one episode where this 8-year-old whose parents were in jail for something and he danced his heart out and I like voted for him like 17 times(you can do that…you can call in as many times as you want). And he won and now his parents are out of jail and he got a contract to dance on Broadway and I was part of his success.*

Are you serious? How can you live in this world of fantasy and still get through life?  Well the answer to that is that you don’t. Get through life that is. You are being pulled through it by your nose. 

I recently watched this film adaptation/condensation of Chris Hedges’ “Death of the Liberal Class”, called OBEY. This is to represent the views of possibly the most pro-active political thinker of our time. The man that sued O-bomb-a and actually won. The film pissed me off to no end. Besides being so gloom-and-doom that if one took it at face value, one would slit his wrists instantly…well, it and Hedges are SO right…and yet SO wrong.

There are two glaring ‘wrongs‘ that stick out like the above mentioned sensitive digits. One: not once in his book nor this film is even the suggestion to opt out of the medium by which the Corporate devil controls us all, mentioned. And two: the illusive perpetrators of the philosophy behind such Corpocracy remain unnamed as if they are just the ‘greedy elitists‘ among us. 
What Hedges got right obviously, is that since WWII, we are all  going to hell in a hand-basket. What he refrains from mentioning is WHO is carrying said basket, and how the hell to get out of it. I cannot help but think that with all the research this man has done that he doesn’t understand what philosophy lies at the root of such social sickness. By not naming the beast, his books, films and prescriptions are more or less ineffectual.  And will remain so. Like so many other ‘cautious’ writers and activists, they will stop short of naming said beast, and in the same breath condemn those that act out of ‘political correctness’ to protect their jobs. And they tell you that they have the snake-oil to solve your ills? 
Oh, please.

In his book and the film he is ready to inform you of propaganda and yet all he preaches is civil disobedience. Disobedience to what? To laws enacted through the very influence of said propagandized media. It baffles the brain. The lack of logic.
If you close your ears to those that would enslave you with their charm and their lies…you have won. If everyone opts out of such shit…the WORLD wins. And they that would control us, lose. That seems pretty simple to me. Odysseus resisted the sirens by NOT listening or looking at them. Surely we are so smart.
“Well how would I know what is going on if I don’t at least read a paper or catch the evening news”, I hear you saying. I guess, my answer to that is “why do you feel the need to know what is going on outside of your world?”  If some drunk runs over people in a parking lot outside a bar in Bumfuck, Iowa…exactly how does it benefit you to know about the details of such an occurrence? And don’t you know that the purpose of such sensation-driven ‘journalism’ is loaded? Loaded with VERY harmful ideologies. The very instant that you push the ‘on’ button. The very second that you pick up that Jew York Times…you have given them the power to enslave.

And who are these that would so harm? Well, as Voltaire told us, the ones that you cannot criticize. No matter who you feel those people are…they are the ones. I can guarantee one thing. They are the ones “As seen on TV”.  

 I have written many times about the inevitable positive aspects of our species, and how I foresee that we will indeed survive as a species, no matter what. I guess what I am saying here and now is…’when do you want it?’ Do you want to turn them off and see your grandchildren benefit. Or do you want to rely on the self-preservation instinct that I tell you will eventually overpower the TV-monsters?

*-paraphrased from Corner Gas


14 thoughts on “As Seen On TV

  1. Dumped my TV twenty years ago due to the shyte that was broadcast. I have no wireless or any other such apparatus except for a laptop….suits me.

  2. well said… yes… the …t.v. is a cursed object here….no dish…no direct…no cable…just the occasional movie… so we have something to do on loooong winter nights in upstate n.y. ….in the summer,,,GARDENS!…POOL…. GRASS and TREES!

  3. reading is much [MUCH] more edifying…Talmudvision is puke paradise…and is like you know…so flipping unnecessary and down right repulsive…mostly the commercials which mock the goy and blasphemecurrently my access is a private library on the enemies of mankind of say 1500 books or so…have you ever read the sigma protocol by Ludlum…?James Lee Burke has some quality and a genuine cavalier atitude towards the dregs of society…as Cletus Purcell is wont to say….."you're spot on big Mon."Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision cannot be said too often especially to the braindeadgoy…at this time 20 years ago I was editting raw footage from satellite that was transmitted during the Davidian TORTURE – MassMurder situation and I would share some information with so-called friends and Family who watched TV and they were very unpleasant and downright HATEFUL and would say…"You don't know what you are talking about"…now they live with JEW SHYTE all over their face…gross.thankfully you are an optimistRemember Deir Yassin & WacoDavy

  4. Timster,Thanks for the continuing great work. One point: Odysseus was able to listen to the Sirens because he had had his men tie him to the mast and had had them plug their ears with wax. No matter how he screamed and struggled, his men were to not let him loose. That's how deceptive and destructive was the Sirens' song. Though they all made it through that adventure, Odysseus was the only one who made it home. Keep on straight ahead, even if you need to be tied to a mast. I wonder what it was he heard. Tom

  5. Tom – Yes, you are right about Odysseus. Was Homer trying to tell us something, I wonder? Prescience.I imagine he heard the same thing that is broadcast 24/7 all over the Western world today. Charming propagandized shit.

  6. "Now I am not here to foist any more guilt upon you. Because I know you are one of those lying addicts. But I am her to comment on your addiction. I will venture the following:"Wrong Timster,My wife and I have not had a TV set since 1999!

  7. Timster,You may want to examine why Talmudists find the teachings of Epicurus so objectionable. To the point of demonization. What is it in semitic primitive psyche so hostile to Greek ideas and aesthetics?

  8. Hey Timster. What a great post and it isn't shouted about enough! I Do Not watch the tv!!!!I see in those round me that desire to catch those few shows that they love.Nobody really wants to admit how empty they are and that these shows ease the pain of that. On tv and in the movies, "they " are so gorgeous, so funny, so passionate, so fascinating. We, on the other hand cannot possibly dance like that, love like that, be funny like that. We use them to make up for our poor selves. How sad. I love to see real lovers in my living room and enjoy real laughter with somebody near. Television is not real and I wish that everyone could see the farce of it and give it up for the real. Maybe after a while we can begin to cry together, laugh together, share our real life. Thanks for sharing with such wisdom and humor!Yeah, I'm with you, even the weather shows are suspect. When Fukushima happened they didn't mention it, as far as I know, but we got informed about pollen in the air!! Haha!!Marigold

  9. Yuman – Great to hear!Well, Epicurean philosophy is counter to the talmud shit of superiority of the jew,and their after-life reward for, well…just being jews. But then all the pre-Socratics were so viewed by the judaic as I recall from philosophy class…many, many years ago. But I may be wrong about that.

  10. Marigold – Again you make a GREAT point. Television and hollyweird concentrate so much effort in fantasy. Real life seems to escape them. But it would. As the jewish culture seems to live vicariously(cue superman)through fantasy, so too then does the scat they crank out for us to envy. As you say..too pretty…too clever, unreal, un-human, worthless and sickening entertainment.

  11. I stopped watching TV about 3 years ago. I stopped going to the movies about 5 years ago.I used to drink TV for 40 years, like addicts would drink booze….even though I KNEW about all the mind control aspects since about 1984.I have had a theory way back then, which since has proven to be right/correct for me personally.If it is all like poison…all of it….and it is, then take enough of it over time and one of two things either die….or develop immunity.Suffice to say I am about 98% immune to anything of a mainstrem media nature.The fice years leading to the three years ago that i stopped watching, I was slowly watching less and less, and was even helped by them, Afterall they started just rehashing 24/7.Same trick different wrapping paper, where they used to spread them out ten years apart….the last twenty years they have been ramming them closer together, timewise, so now you have them respewing everything six months apart since 911 happened.Fast forwardt to 2013, and you have them playing the same infomercial, the same movie back to back to back for entire weekends.the frequencies of repetition beibg the indicator of jus how close we all in the western world to that proverbial hole at the bottom of the cosmic toilet.

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