Omelet Part II…

You almost can’t not name the beast when speaking frankly about the pickle in which our species finds itself. I said I wouldn’t do that anymore. Well, not so’s you’d notice, anyway. 
But our species concerns me. I dunno why. Perhaps because I am a card carrying member. But I am also writing this from inside the camp of the Evil Empire. And make no mistake. This is the Empire. Replete with Darth Vadars en mass in D.C. or ‘Death Central’. The laws that will disallow this communique to the world outside the Empire, have yet to be fully enforced.  So consider this missive among the last that will emanate from within the camp of the truly civilized world’s enemy.
 The Rebel Alliance has suffered many blows recently, as you well know. Hugo Chavez was finally liquidated. The tenth anniversary of the murder of our own Saint Rachel has just passed and remembrance is forbidden by Empire edict. The Empire has been rapidly beefing up its armaments against its own subjects in anticipation of our rebellion. Things look bad for the Alliance.

My windows are rattling every day from the mortar fire practice emanating from a nearby training base. Iran is going to fall to the Empire next, and they are drooling over the prospect of the mass murder from the skies that they will deliver there soon.

This is no joke. This is no mere allegory. This is fact if I have ever typed such. This is not conspiracy theory. I don’t deal in those. This is happening now.
But as the general ancient Roman populace had no say in what their “Empire” did in their names, we too are close to powerless to stop this insane bid for a “New Amerikan Century”. We know where this insanity began. We know who continues to ram it down the throats of an unsuspecting world. We know. We dare not say.

But these are merely episodic considerations in the grand scheme of things. You can choose to go back to your Uncle‘s farm…or you can go to Alderaan with Obi Wan. At this point…it doesn’t matter. Someone will go with the old man. Someone always has, and they always will. The key is that you “hate the Empire as much as anyone”. And “anyone” is we. The species. We that will not be herded forever. We never have and never will be. And with each Empire that is defeated, they grow weaker in fiber, and more transparent in purpose. It is the way of things in our evolutionary trek. And your role? Well, you must do what you feel is right, of course…

So we are at that juncture where art imitates life, so to speak. And we must all ‘seem’ to choose our roles, but they have already been chosen for us. “Twas rehearsed by thee and me a billion years before this ocean rolled “ as Melville put it so eloquently. You will know if you are to play the hero or the villain by how you ruminate now while reading this. As I said before, I am but an observer. You cannot fool me. I have ventured little and will gain less.


11 thoughts on “Omelet Part II…

  1. Hello Timster…What happens next is self-evident. Government always turn against their own people when they become desperate enough or corrupt enough. That is now happening. It’s a inevitable as the rising Sun.A great many of us will be sacrificed before the rest of us (survivors) will have lost enough to finally gather up the courage to take it all apart. This too in as inevitable as the dawn.Survival Acres/The Cannibal Cabal

  2. Timster,I want to leave behind so much, but I want always to remember our Saint Rachel Corrie!!Thank you for helping us to see her vision ever more clearly. Marigold

  3. Tim:You Know that the entirety of Iran's weaponry will be non-functional when needed? I do not think that the attackers (U.S. primarily) have that capability absent big-time nukes… and even if Nukes are employed, I think that usage will blast us ALL to shit (presuming that non-Iranian forces will retaliate). As demonic as your pals are, would they really destroy Iran only to be destroyed themselves?Dave

  4. Dave – Well, my pals have done stupider things. And there is that 'Samson option' thing hanging out there in the Likud party. What concerns me at this point is the O'bomba compliance. Sabres are rattling here like at the beginning of the Iraq invasion.

  5. Chaim Weitzmann threatened in 1920 to overpower the world should anyone try and stop them from taking Palestine. They had the power all along. You know, those poor persecuted underdog European Jews who only needed a homeland. Sheikh Imran Hosein has said that after the attack on Iran the dollar will collapse and Israel will issue digital money. They will be the new ruling world power. It will be official. No wonder they don't hide it anymore.

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