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  1. i homeschooled for over 7 years…it was a great challenge at times…and then, i burnt out. my youngest kids go to a small school here in our small town. i hate public school…but for now, while i regroup..well…it is what it is. i am familiar with this man's position, and i agree with him. someday , i may have to jump back into the homeschool arena.

  2. I agree the ultimate goal of education is to make managements job less of a hassle.But what if one gets through the education system, sires three children then wakes up to 9/11 and all the other zionist horseshit including the poisoning of one's patients by pharmaceuticals for a buck?Hmmm.

  3. the goal for me… at the time…was to give my kids alternative information… which now… i realize was just as false as the status quo…so… i sympathize with you here… waking up..after kids is rough.i don't want them to be rude..or disrespectful…but they are being spoon-fed garbage breakneck speed. you, mr. mouser…will have to be their alternative teacher… ; ]

  4. I also homeschooled my children for a time. I don't see anything positive about sending a child to school. Even Pinnochio probably had a little intelligence that he had to be cured of. Still I don't agree that their goal is to keep them children. To be childlike is good and they take that away. The society makes small children into mind filled mini adults. Greedy to compete, to make money, to be somebody other than who they actually are. And yes they teach obedience which is ugly. A child needs always to trust himself first then decide. An intelligent child who is free to be himself will not be manageable to the society. Sad!Thank you again Timster!Marigold

  5. "Imagine if you dedicated your life to psychiatry and found out that you have been misdiagnosing many of your patients due to a scam, faulty information inserted into textbooks that you obediently regurgitated. How would you feel? It would be a painful realization to find out you wasted your life through a betrayal of the “Shadow government”."

  6. define responsibility… do people [alleged educators] play ring around the mulberry bush..instead of simply saying…"Hey Look, "Jesus" said to round "THEM" up and put "THEM" in the ovens.." educational..more real resultsI went to a Lutheran school just down the street from Graceland in 66-68…we played mumbleypeg at recess…in high school in West Texas we took our guns to school so we could go hunting after football would not be any fun if you couldn't take your Guns & Knives to school so who would want to go and have no fun repeating "Jewish" lies all day ?just sayin'

  7. All – Very astute comments/observations coming from those on which the regimens of industrialized education didn't take.I've always loved Gato's up-to-date take on the subject. Also that it isn't education at all…it is 'training'. There is a BIG difference. Even if the bulk of the curriculum was merely vocational, it still wouldn't be education, or teaching a child to think for themselves. But I agree with the author that it has always been more or less well-meaning. It has just morphed into a tool for industrialists. Like Carlin said, it produces a working class just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, but too dumb to figure out how bad they are getting fucked every day. I also agree that those teachers you had in 'public' school that you really liked, and from which you learned life-long lessons…are dangerous to this system.Interesting guy, Gato. Read his books.

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