Selling Used Cars Now…

Popular culture. I don’t know much about it. Like the ebonic declaration: “S‘your world…I’m just livin in it“...I don’t participate much. It came upon a midnight clear, that I just walked away from it all. Television, newspapers, lines at movie houses and yes, even popcorn. Not really a conscious decision on my part. Other things distracted me. Every now and then I kinda make my own entertainment from your world by feeling the rush of things go by in their short-lived currency.  But I’m not missing much watching the blur alone and not the few recognizable items in the whirlwind, I have reckoned. 

A few things stand still. Those are the objects of my desire. Those things that withstand the wind‘s blow. Shakespeare, the jaw-freezing perspective of the night sky and an animal’s gaze at me. Good whiskey and a book…that’s about as far as I allow myself to go nowadays into introspection. But I’m not mad or mad. Or at least I don’t feel either of these things. And I don’t participate anyway. So it’s tough to get a rise from me, one way or another. I think that more people should be like me in that respect…but I would, wouldn’t I?
I have recently decided to expand my horizons on this site.

Me- 4

That’s the score after 5 or so years of my finger-pointing and raving. The game is far from over…but the shot-clock is running down and I’m getting fewer and fewer open-looks. Their zone defense is killing me; the bench is anxious to get out here and help.

The politically correct don’t listen, or read. The aware…well, they are already aware. So I decided to walk out in the yard this evening and look at the stars all alone. I have invited a few friends to be alone with me and they have accepted. I will be publishing their aloneness here regularly now. You can watch the stars with us or refrain and be worse off for your decision. Or you can contribute…let me know. It’s up to you. It’s win or go home time.

Many will not want to hear what else comes from a mind that has been so focused on one subject with which they agree.  I hope some will fall for the old salesman’s trick of ‘selling yourself first’ that I am trying to utilize now.  If you like my sports jacket and I say that I am also a fan of your favorite team…well, then maybe I can sell you this car?  Maybe not. Maybe you are smarter than that…maybe you aren’t wise enough to recognize a good deal on a cream-puff of a one-owner, low-mileage ride to a real destination.  I dunno. I can’t figure you guys out.
They say that Roy Orbison quit singing at the height of his career and went back to selling cars. After his voice made thousands upon thousands of babies in the back seats of those used cars, he decided to go back to what he knew. I can understand that.
You guys seem to jump in and out of the whirlwind so deftly…“I found this spoon!“, you say.  Then back into the circular mayhem you go…looking…for something else.  A used car perhaps. A destination.
Either way you lose. It will throw you out, y’know. That wind. No matter who is generating it…tribal or otherwise…it doesn’t really go anywhere. Just around. And we here can offer you the breeze in your hair and travel in a straight line, as warned against by our own electronic navigator.  We will visit ‘unauthorized areas’ constantly. Roll up your windows and slide your hands over to your weapons.  Win or go home. These areas are off the screen.

So let me go to my manager with your offer. I’m sure we can work something out that will fit your budget.  The payments will come often but they will be affordable.  Hang on.


5 thoughts on “Selling Used Cars Now…

  1. TimsterYou sound like you could do with a bit of a holiday. You would be more than welcome to stay with me and my family in London should you fancy it. I can't promise I will be able to link you up with your old mate Alexie Sayle though (tee hee!).By the way, what's happened to Veritas (and that's not just a philosophical conundrum)?Fond regards,James R.

  2. Timster, we have heard your message! More will agree, than disagree. The truth and what we can do about it, gets lost somewhere in paying four dollars a gallon for gasoline! Church bells, ring clear, after a while, they're no longer heard! Your's has been a courageous effort! You deserve an explanation! This perhaps, is the best I can give!

  3. James – Hey, I just might take you up on that. Are you withing walking distance of the Globe? I treasured that evening I spent there watching the Scottish play. Then the walk along the river…memorable. We might even hit a few pubs along the way…

  4. Roy selling cars. Uh, huh. Buddly Holly – killed. Chuck Berry – arrested for crossing state lines. Little Richard – back to the Ga church. Eddie Cochran – killed at 21. Elvis – to the military. Carl Perkins – car wreck. Get the picture? They were united blacks and whites – and being played by Jew A. Freed, who was taken care of the Tribal higher-ups for aiding and abetting the enemy (gentiles and blacks). Today, you got your Tribal Bitches – Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews, Metallica, Lady GaGa, Jay Z, Billy Joe Armstrong, etc. Check out the website Daytrotter – real music. Not controlled by Tribal bitches, like Eddie Vedder and Bono (aka the Eager Beavers!)Roy selling cars? Too funny.

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