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Friends…I mean ‘real’ friends… have recently been supportive of my leanings to close or change this site.  “Start another blog, if you‘re tired of howdarei“, they say. After all, it is a pretty narrow focused niche that I have carved out for myself here. And as I said…I am leaning.  Listing to one side. Toward widening my commentary to include things other than tribal shenanigans.  I mean, after all, I am a schooled and experienced writer…competent or not. I can place one word after another.  And a few without the need to hear constant condemnation of cultish jewish dominance, might read me.  A few. Maybe that should be enough now. Since I have written a gazillion words here and published a book toward that effort.  Maybe.  Or I could be lost in the mix of a million other ‘bloggers’ that are convinced they have found some righteous path and feel fulfilled in pointing it out to you by their use of clever prose. Again…maybe.
Then there are my readers.  The ones that come here regularly for…hell, I dunno why.  Perhaps they think I have some answers. They might think that I agree with them on issues concerning the jewish among us. Support. A laugh or two.  You name it. They come. Thousands. That amazes me in a way.
Those regular visitors here will have noticed that my essays are coming fewer and further between lately.  I would tell you that I have been busy, but that would be a lie. I would tell you that I have run out of things to say, but that too would be a prevarication.  
I could tell you that I am frustrated with this site and how it is being grouped with other sites and that would be closer to the truth.

As you know(especially if you have such a site yourself), the general reading public is not wary of letting you know how they feel about your work.  Good, bad or in-between…they will tell you and they will reveal themselves in so doing. I have published and debated the more stable of those that oppose my efforts.  I have had online scuffles with purveyors of other sites that disagree with my opinions. I have enjoyed the camaraderie of like-minded individuals that applaud what I write, telling me that I have put into words something they have always felt but never voiced. Those are the precious few. It is vanity on my part to acknowledge their kudos…but vanity can be a driving force. 

But they are not the ‘thousands‘. The majority pick and choose. Hear what they want.
I have known ‘rednecks’. Every place on earth has them. It is just we amerikans that have named them that. The bigoted. The narrow-minded. The fearful. The stupid. They are to be found everywhere. Too many find their way here, and to the sites that I am grouped with. “The antisemitic sites”. I know. I chose this path. I chose it to define rational ‘antisemitism’.  To delineate between above mentioned idiots and intelligent well-meaning examination of over-represented jewish power in the West. Tough thing to do. The tribe fights me. The idiots fight me. I didn’t allow for two battles. My message is getting lost in the fray. Few wanted to hear it in the first place…fewer remain now.  I dodge the ‘patriots’ and the ‘white-ists’ with this post and that. But they won‘t have it any other way. If I see the domination of yiddish control, I must want to save the union…or decrease immigration…or fight for second ammendment rights…or remind everyone of the teachings of this messiah or that one…or preserve a country that never was. Frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck about any of those things. But don’t tell anyone.
It seems there is no place for my political platform….no matter how common-sense based I think it is.  Go figure. Good thing I never ran for any office. 
But I consider the source when I assess most of my readers. I too was raised in a all-white suburb of a country run by white old men that fought just(sic) wars for a subset of greedier white(jewish)men. This had an effect on me to be sure. It seems a different effect though. I take little pleasure in remembering those dream-like times. It seems most out here in anti-judaic land were mesmerized by them. Now they are incensed that they cannot return. Hi ho. 
I‘m through trying to point these things out to them. 
I have had my say about that trickery. You figure it out for yourselves.  Or don’t. 

So ‘howdarei’ will continue. But with a new direction. I might even change my masthead. Rather than be entirely ‘anti-jewish’, it will be more anti-everything. I will group the ‘white-ists’, the ‘patriots’, and the religious in a kind of “me versus them” narrative, which I have learned through this blog is the battle I should be fighting at this point. 

I tire of trying to make the stupid think for themselves. Can’t be done. For the rest…hang on. This could be a pretty wild ride. 


18 thoughts on “The Source…

  1. Fine post Tim. Incredible final picture with the gymnast with bow'n'the arrow in feet perched on a stative in front of a picture of a deer with a gas mask.Your post and the picture gave a moment of pause.

  2. Tim,the famous phrase about fooling some of the people most of the time ,about not all of the folks can be bamboozled all of the time says it only too well- However seems the choke point for getting the message out is the M S M. They have the upper hand-consider the people murdered, slandered,beaten ,missing (generals,writers,actors,presidents)one must understand that the critics considering the consequences of speaking out (family,friends) remain silent under the threat of any one of consequences alluded to above doth make cowards of us all as Shakespeare said -that said I admire your courage your considerable understanding of what the hell is going on and most of all your tireless efforts to stay on message .be well

  3. Timster,I don't know myself how I came to be here listening to your stories. I suppose I can feel in you a like-hearted one. It will be fun to explore many more things with you. Please don't go just yet!Marigold

  4. I've always found your blog to be my favorite — and I understand precisely what you're saying. There's a major operation going on to discredit & destroy the "truth movement." I could name names, but anyone with sense SHOULD know who they are — no matter how "cleverly" disguised they are, &c.

  5. First off I almost lost your message in between the best group of pictures yet! You crack me up!I think it's a good idea to expand your blog. How in the world you've been able to keep the flame burning shows your commitment to the cause, I applaud that.I think it will give you some new enthusiasm. There are so many confrontational subjects you could tackle with your wit. "How dare you" stick to one subject. I know you and have read most every post of yours. You can create a new twist to your number one cause through other subjects. You go get 'em now! Ya hear! There was this one Twilight Zone episode called The Devil's Advocate. I think you could take this to new heights!!! Keep the posts coming on whatever fits your fancy my friend!

  6. Marigold – It is the reader like you that keeps me here. I'm not through. Just through pontificating and "me-too-ing". It will probably fall along the lines of more personal obs, and less to do with the tribe. I will turn around in the pulpit. The choir already knows the words…

  7. Kikz – Nice thought. Thinking I had heard that before, I googled it. Turns out to be original! All I got was "how to change a water filter in a Kenmore refrigerator". I don't think that is what you meant…

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