Our Winter Of Discontent…

Well, there is always discontent.  Winter or no. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t be human, I guess. Maybe we shouldn’t be.
 I read a rather lengthy review of my book, “How Dare I“. I had no idea I wrote all that stuff.  The stuff the reviewer read, I mean. Some times you get what you came for…rather than what is actually there. Oh well.  Helter-Skelter. At least he bought it. And as jewish as that sounds, I still haven’t recouped what I invested in that ‘vanity’ publishing effort. But that’s okay. I didn’t do it for money.
Speaking of which.  I finally found an outlet for the 2006 documentary “Rachel”. I have been looking for it since, well…2006. I reckoned since none of the big streamers, or my local movie store didn’t have it, that the tribe had locked it up somewhere.  I hate when I’m right about things I don’t want to be right about. But hey, it‘s affordable at this…the one-and-only location.  Only $295. I’m saving my pennies as we speak…to give to the tribe that bought the rights. If any of my readers know the ins-and-outs of seeding a torrent anonymously…LMK. Maybe between us, we can help spread the truth about the deliberate and grizzly murder of an Angel, by Satan himself. I‘m told that the film exposes just that.

In case you are not familiar with Rachel Corrie…you should be. The day of her martyrdom is coming up.  March 16th.  She had the stuff that civilizations should be made of.  But aren’t.  The kind of courage that I can only write about, but don’t have myself. To quote Vonnegut…“Hi Ho”.

But I was talking about Winter, wasn’t I? I hate Winter. I like discontent. I love chaos. I want to see civilizations crumble. Temples destroyed. Halls of governance demolished. Upheaval at the expense of psychopaths. A little quirk of mine that few share, I guess.
But documetaries like “Rachel”, “5 Broken Cameras”, “Tears of Gaza…well, they document. That is their purpose.
I suggested to a friend that he watch “Cameras“, and he did. He was astonished to the point of true disbelief. By that I mean his mind dug for scenes that he could believe to be propagandized.  Rather than focus on what the camera recorded for his edification he searched for a slant. I can understand that. It is a tough thing to watch a child’s life being stolen. Right there in your face. It is unbelievable that the greed of a few can alter so many lives so horrifically. But he, like myself, doesn’t like to be fooled.  I don’t want to see only someone else’s take on such large events.  I want to know the whole truth…and then and only then…can I watch and relate.  But a question he had stumped me. Why did this film win the Sundance best documentary award for 2012 in this…the second nest of zionism?  The second home of the Western jew. Why did Sundance, whose list of board members other than Robert Redford, reads like a bar mitzvah seating chart, promote this film? 

 It exposes the same jewish inhumanity in Palestine as do countless other films that have been silenced by the very same tribe members.  Am I wrong about the jewish mindset entirely?  Was Sundance’s yiddish infiltration trumped by Redford’s sense of fair play? Or are these zionists beginning to see the light. Plagued by guilt. Contrite. Willing to make amends.  Uh-huh.
Or am I seeing what I want to see in “Cameras”?  Is there something else that a viewer can come away with that I am not seeing…because of this delusion I have considering judaism? 
These are not rhetorical questions.  I need some input here from those of you that have viewed said film.  Tell me I’m nuts and that I have it all wrong.  That somehow after viewing this doc, you can feel as though israelis are really okay guys.  Soldiers just doing their job.  That it is a balanced conflict that the film documents. That it is hard to say who is right and who is wrong. This just doesn’t make sense to me. But I am willing to try and understand this conundrum.

But that’s as may be.
I will also try and trudge through this, another winter. Discontented as always. Unsatisfied that I do not have the courage of some…unsatisfied that some do not have at least my courage. 


One thought on “Our Winter Of Discontent…

  1. Hey man… did I hear you write, or read you right? YOU wrote A what??? A old hippie writing a book! HOW DARE YOU!!! What the %@#k's got into you?DISCONTENT? In wonderful times like these? Just think if we were rich like some!!! HA, HA! HA! WE OLD ONES, LIKE YOU AND I, COULD BE SIPPING MARGARITAS IN MARGARITAVILLE.BY THE WAY WHERE IS THAT PLACE ANYHOW? PERHAPS IN THE BAHAMAS MAAN!Oou-la-la. Is that where the women wear no tops? No, no, no sorry! That be Tahiti. I THINK! Glenster1043

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