The Other Foot…

My father served in WWII. He was trained stateside as a radio operator in the Air Force(more accurately, the Army Air Corps in those days) and was stationed in Saipan for the duration. He later used the tech knowledge gained there to come back and attain an electrical engineering degree. 
Now, I won’t go on and on about how great he was…even though I thought so then, and still do. He was a brilliant man, and he taught me a lot in his short life.  As do most veterans however, he mostly  kept his wartime experiences to himself. Rarely would he impart tales of his life in the service during that world war. But a few times he let down his guard, when he thought it important enough to do so. I remember as a kid, begging him to tell me how he had won a purple heart. He laughed as he recalled pulling a radio component off a shelf, and a bayonet that had been laying next to it had fallen and stuck into his calf.  That was his big physical war wound. Although he had many mental scars to carry…he had not seen much actual battle. He did feel it important enough to relate to we kids once that he and his company had been awakened early one morning to witness a plane taking off from the Tinian B-29 airfield, only a stone’s throw away from their base. The C.O. told the sleepy-eyed men that they were witnessing the plane that was on its way to end the war.  Of course, he was right.  An historically horrible thing to witness, in retrospect, I’m sure. But that’s as may be.
What I wanted to cover here was that my father’s love of radio communication followed him all his days. Growing up in our house meant sharing this enthusiasm.  He had an elaborate set-up of radios in the basement and it became an enjoyable pastime for we kids to pick up a new transmission, on short wave or CB, from many far-flung locales around the world. On shortwave especially, between broadcast bands you could always hear morse code. 

“Dad!  What are they sayin?”.  He would stare at the radio for a few minutes and usually say something like: “Oh…nothing really important…that was a position of a ship off the coast of Spain”.  The magical talent he used to decipher those beeps amazed us to no end.
But what left the biggest impression on my young grey matter was “Radio Free Europe”.  Not the actual broadcasts by them that we could easily pick up…but the idea.  As it was explained to me then, those countries behind “The Iron Curtain” needed to hear the truth. RFE was supplying it.
“The truth?”, thought I. “Well, ALL radio broadcasts transmit the truth, don’t they?  And what is this curtain all about?” So I learned about propaganda.  Theirs and ours.

Funny that.

How amazed my father would be if he could see me now…intensely interested in receiving another type of Radio Free Europe.  Searching feverishly for truth…as the founders of that effort envisioned those desperate to hear it under communist rule.  Desperate to hear what is really happening in the world before it is synthesized behind a ‘curtain’.  Same people closing the curtain on the truth.  A few generations later…the other side of the world.  The shoe is on the other foot.  Everything that is old…is new again.

I synthesize my own truth now.  Press TV…Russia Today…Al Jazeera. There are many media outlets on the other side of the new Iron Curtain. And we living under the new zio-communist rule must reject its government propaganda, as did our forefathers…and use the technology available to us to find that illusive reportage without spin. Facts, at least, will out. Truth is another matter.
As we hated the USSR in my youthful days…so too are we now hated. The jewish oppressors have simply moved shop. When it was ordered “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall”…those huddled around their computers here now understand that what was meant was that there is no need for that wall anymore.  They have a new one. In Palestine.  In New York.  In Hollywood.  The same wall-builders keeping out the same knowledge. The same curtain-closers trying to wall off people from others that have a more factual truth. 

So the circle is complete yet again. When do we break the cycle? When enough people realize that there are those among us that need walls and curtains.  And that they have a common ancestry.  They have a common political identity.  It is always them.
So this is the new Radio Free Europe.  The new crackling broadcast signal.  Telling those listening that they are not alone.  That they are being fed the same bullshit that their fathers were fed in other countries only a couple generations ago.

If you think this is all ancient history….well, you better wise up.

I think my father, if he was still living…would approve of the internet.  He would see the need and the urgency of it all.  And revel in the fact that you cannot keep the truth hidden for long.  And that the shoe being on the other foot…we are doing our best to learn and spread the truth. To the West this time around.


14 thoughts on “The Other Foot…

  1. very good. the gate keepers are always trying to find ways to keep us from the truth….even by killing messengers. information that benefits humans should be free…but then, we would have power…that can never be. … ; ]

  2. I'm just truly grateful you were not born to be the ugly stepsister… texas, "zionist occupied territory"…masons and "Jew" worshippers friend Robert has been under siege for over 20 years as a Targeted individual by the REAL TERRORISTS…gang stalkers with billions in printed currencyand it's good to know you can pull the sword from the stone and slice and dice…Davy

  3. Good post Tim.Do you ever wonder if the internet is being left as a sandbox for the politically awake to play harmlessly in while the globalists (zionists) proceed slowly and methodically with their financial and political fascist take over of the world?In all the time I've been politically awake to the virtual iron curtain imposed by the zionist global media, many fantastic truths have been written about by you and many others, but nothing seems to change in the overall world juggernaut chugging along towards a zionist world order owned and controlled by the 0.01% uber rich.At times it appears we in the sandbox are allowed to play and voice the truth to each other because we represent basically no threat at all to the main stream brainwashing going on in the minds of 98% of the world population.From reading you for over three years I believe we are on pretty much the same page politically. I ask you respectfully, what difference to the trajectory of the world does it make that we and a handful of others know to whole system, financial and political, is a complete scam?Just musing.Peace

  4. How different…. our parents' generation…. they just came home from war and got on with it if they could. That war identified the generation … my Mom served also. She was one of those Canadian nurses that the soldiers seemed to hold so dearly.If she were alive… and capable of seeing what today's truths are… she would understand what we try to do here. But that whole generation was pretty clueless about world politics… still very innocent of the evils of the Jew.Your Poppa did a good job Timbo….

  5. Mouser – Good question. And one that has been haunting me over those years. It certainly seems that we are being taken more seriously. We are certainly impinging on the "Headlies" of the talmud-vision news. We just keep on plugging…

  6. Noor – Thanks. Well, of course they were clueless to the real reasons behind that war…as you and I would have been also, I'm sure. At least they got some personal gain from their experience. Maybe it's time for such a communal/concerted effort as that…but for real justice this time. Not another war for jews, but against them? I could die easy knowing that this is at least a possibility.

  7. My father served in Burma and was injured by the Japanese army. My mother had to leave burma and many relatives were killed. You mention your father and link him to your own conspiracy theories and worst of all parade racists views targeting Jews. Your father would never have shared this obscene hatred of yours. Using the generation that fought fascism and racism to give some interest or support to your false and ugly views shows the world has changed since our parents battles for freedom. You are a disgrace to your father's memory.

  8. Anon@8:01 – The thought crossed my mind to make an entire post dedicated to the rebuttals I have to your comment. But I will just try to contain it here.Firstly, thank you for your comment. I don't often publish such negative input, but yours was obviously heartfelt, and more or less civil.Let me address the points with which I disagree.I don't have any conspiracy theories. You must have confused me with another blog. Also, you say that I "…parade racists views targeting Jews." I do target the jewish religion/culture/cult here. This much is true. However, judaism is not a race. So…how am I 'parading' racism? I don't remember ever targeting a race, here or anywhere. All hatred is obscene. I am merely returning some that emanates initially from above mentioned talmudists, for they are the masters of that emotion. My views are indeed ugly concerning this cult. I cannot paint a pretty picture of such evil intent as their culture parades before us all daily.I must partially agree with you on your observation that my father would not have shared my political views. In the 1940's. However you skipped something that I revealed about him in my post. He was a brilliant person. A no-bullshit kinda guy. Had he lived past the sixties, I'm sure he would have seen and understood as I do, the patterns of which I write about here constantly. You assume too much about someone that you did not know…and I did.I am probably a disgrace to my Father's memory. Only by not fighting harder than I have against what I see as the basis for our modern global problems. He always told me to "have the courage of my convictions". I have tried…but as all children disappoint their parents in some way or other…I'm sure I haven't done quite enough to suit him.But thank you again for your comment.

  9. You struck a sensitive spot with the reference to Radio Free Europe. It was 90% run by the tribe. It was also the first job deserters from behind the iron curtain got. Here they were screened for loyalty and usefulness. Jacek Kalabiński was one of them. Known in Poland for his late but virulent opposition to the ruling clique. Following a stint at RFE he attempted as many others to make a name for himself as an investigative journalist in New York.Little did he know what to investigate and what not. Following this piece: got fired from Jew run Gazeta Wyborcza by Adam Michnik himself.What is probably more important is the essence of RFE's propaganda. It was focused on selling American consumerism to East Europeans who had no immunity to the myth of owning useless stuff.

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