Calm Down…

I like the sound of that phrase. Calm down. It always seems to come from the person with the most level of heads in any given situation. It is the call to reason. The order to get your head together, get your facts straight, and even though you do have a case to plead…do so rationally. 
A lieutenant would not use this phrase to his men before battle.  The time for calm has obviously been passed, and calm is put away for another time. A coach at halftime does not insinuate this into the speech to his losing team.
But the Western world is neither of these things. Yet. Your country may be at this stage. But those revolutionaries in the West that sit in their comfy chairs and type, or the peaceful marcher down a shaded avenue, is not there yet. That place where calm cannot be found. And as clearly as I understand that revolt begins with a pen;these are the times when clear heads must prevail. If you don’t have one…I would ask that you refrain from trying to scare the piss out of everyone else, and look in the mirror.







I cannot count the number of times I hear this type of inane claptrap from internet screamers. This is not the way. 
Of course, there is social engineering going on. There has been since the beginning of human existence. Yes, it is now the province of the ruling jewish tribe. But there has always been a ruling tribe.  Yes, this particular tribe is worse than those that have come before and that is why we are here. Because this is the place to begin the inevitable resistance. Rational resistance. Not ‘WAKE UP, the sky is falling!” insanity. These bloggers scream at the top of their lungs about how the ruling class lies to us…but how do they lie?  In their media. THEIR media, folks.  It is theirs…it has always been theirs…it is not a method of human communication for us. So what do the screamers do about this? They keep tuned in to listen to even more lies.  It baffles the imagination.  Do you realize how much weight a teleplay like “The Newtown Massacre” or “Aurora” would carry if no one watched it? Zip. No importance. Nothing. No threat to the second amendment.  No fear of the kid next door that won’t make eye-contact with you. Zilch.  It is only when you listen and watch their little horror plays that these scenarios play into the tribe’s plan. And these things don’t really happen outside the media. Nothing revealing the tribe‘s nefarious activities will make it to the evening news.  It is a media presentation replete with advertising. 

But no one turns off the talmud-vision. No one stops reading their papers.  Believe or don’t believe it…they watch and read.  Those that believe, are subject to the above mentioned fear-mongering and social engineering.  Those that don’t believe, scream. The screamers become the Branch Dividians of the day…they demonize resistance…and the tribe advances.  Surely this is obvious to even the dullest of dolts out here. The dolts that refuse to shit-can their TVs for good. If ever there was a ‘wake-up’ call to be heeded…it is this.
And yet their electronic fictions ensnare us all. Otherwise intelligent, rational people believe these things actually happen, and  are happy to offer their opinions about the causes…when the causes of these teleplays are yiddish film directors.
The sun will rise tomorrow morning.  That much is sure. That much of reality, the social-engineers cannot affect. Beyond that, you are wise to be suspicous. You are wiser to be inattentive.
The jewish/zionista that controls the media has the advantage of a cool head.  Cool head and patience. While you are ‘either with us or against us’…he plans, directs and waits for your reaction.  And you fall for it every time.
You don’t speak to your grocer about handling products from israhell, or the kosher symbols on all of the food on his shelves.  You watch tv.  You don’t organize grass-roots movements to reveal lists of jews overly-represented in all the wrong places.  You watch tv.  You don’t hack into the tribe’s media technology.  You watch tv. You don’t boycott and divest anything jewish; from books and movies, to education, banking and commerce.  You watch tv.  You scream about lies you see on tv…and you watch tv.  
So I would caution those that are not ‘paid screamers’ to do some thinking before you warn the world of vaccinations that are turning our children gay.  Think about your responsibility when you decide to tap away on your keyboard about the new-world-order.  Think about the role you are playing in their plan.  
Calm down.  And think.


6 thoughts on “Calm Down…

  1. Tim , doubt that en-tropic virus that wears down the best of men with the best of intentions. Doubt a thief that steals years from our lives in consciousness that moves in cklyconic fashiong sweeping away reason, people, friends, love. Doubt that pollutes the conviction that love is the great creator by whom we affirm inalienable rights. .Doubt that fashions illusions ,situations.Doubt that friction that inertia which in a blink of an eye will change the future.Embrace that voices that attempt to affirm whether the conditions they are experiences are happening. Lao Tzu – “Don't imagine that you'll discover the truth by accumulating more knowledge. Knowledge creates doubt, and doubt makes you ravenous for more knowledge. You can't get full eating this way.”We are still free men no matter what is said and done-Proclaim only this one truth -a great truth without a doubt.thank you for all you do-live well

  2. Calm down, we're goners one way or the other! Shite we always have been and always will be controlled. The strongest, wisest, caveman, the tribe with the most warriors, the leaders in name of their God, etc. The big sharks rule dude!that's the name of the game! Odds in Las Vegas, hummm… in favor of the house. Wake up Zombies and expect 'em to think, organize, boycott! Yer still high from the 60's grow up Grandpa!!!

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