Chimp Work For Chump Change…

Looking back over the last year, I feel the need to apply the brakes a little. Ride them even. I remember as a kid, never thinking I would live to see 1984. I did.  Now, here it is 2013.  We have flying cars and wristwatch video phones and robots to do all our domestic chores, and are happy to do so.  We have world justice and world peace and no one goes hungry anymore.  There is no child or woman abuse to be found.  Every man is a king.  Multiculturalism rules the day.  We all live together in harmony and as you know, religion is merely a distant bitter memory. Our scientific knowledge increases exponentially toward an understanding of the largest of questions that we can ask. The old earth has calmed down since her raging of the last decade and most days are sunny and pleasant.  There is nothing to bitch about…so I am out of a job, essentially.

All of those that caused the misery of the past few millennium have been routed out and dealt with accordingly. Either by correcting the history books to reflect their foul deeds and lives in death-absentia, or by the recent ever-popular public disgrace, torture and death brought to those that were still living in their golden palaces.  As predicted by many of us, they were mostly all jewish.  Of course there were many Gentile/Judas types that suffered the stocks, but they all gave up their paymasters before departing this life.
How bittersweet the reflections we all hold dear, now in this new year. How delightful was our reign of justice-imposed. How clean we all feel now.  Now that the world and our human family has finally found direction. The direction of progress toward what our species was always meant to achieve.  The jumps and starts…the fits of selfishness…the addiction to the material…were only the wobbly stumbling of a new colt fresh from his mother’s womb.  We have learned to walk and now we are running.  Too fast for some.  Those that cling to the past…mostly those that had to endure it for too much of their lives.  Scarred minds, needing help to keep pace with the ever-increasing speed of our new journey. But it is a fresh and brave journey. No detraction here now. For who could fault the world where every man is in charge of his own destiny?  A world in which all participants live to their fullest potential without petty concerns for food and shelter.  Without reliance on being led by others to attain these things?  It is brave indeed. 

Our young know nothing other than this new world.  To them they assess correctly that life is now worth living.  They will grow to expect this, and tolerate no less than this.  And they now read with curiosity the history of a very different world that their parents knew.  A world ruled in it’s last stages by a miniscule cult.  A world in which most were unhappy.  An existence held hostage.  
But that is in our past now. Each person is their own. There is no more ‘work’.  For all activity is a labor of love.  No man can enslave another for want of the basics.  The only currency is integrity.  That quality that we saw in ourselves and repressed for so many thousands of years, now becomes our worth. Success and failure now lies within the individual’s recognition of this.  For each person, his word is now their only bond.  For to deceive is a negative balance.  You cannot overdraw this account…for you are your own bank of the new world.
It has been a long road to this beginning.  This new journey. It is fresh and new and the past will soon be forgotten.  There will be no need for history. Old grudges and the war-torn ways of our ancestors retain no logical meaning to us now. Our religions are our embarrassment, as much as any adult forgets their childish fears. They have no relevance to our species now and are well-forgotten.

So I stand naked and without this purpose any more. There is no need to remember why we once wrote about the possibility of a new world. It is upon us. And we are now a part of history. One to be nodded to perhaps, in passing.  And also forgotten.

Good riddance to why we needed to be there for humanity. Cast us aside like the rope one would use to climb out of  a well.  No longer needed.  No praise or memorials. We released ourselves from our own bondage.
But we are now advancing so quickly that it is dizzying. So much of the positive of humanity buzzes around me that it is difficult to take it all in.  Like the Friday after the last school-bell, the world seems in crazy happiness…and running toward their individual destinies. Each with something new to add to our trek.  Each with a talent that was previously repressed. New-found joy in being alive, I guess. Well, as joyful as it all is...I need a breather.

To witness, as I have, the revelation that all of our troubles stem from deception, and to further see the world embrace this fact is a dream come true.  As we now understand, all the misery that countless generations endured came from the single temptation to deceive and to be deceived.  This was our planet’s most important discovery in our short history…but you know that now.  And you don’t need to hear it from us anymore.  We told you. You finally listened. Our task is complete.  And your world is now yours.



8 thoughts on “Chimp Work For Chump Change…

  1. Tim , did you bump your head (laughing)- if only things could be changed in the "twinkling of an eye"-The here and now is your playground , we need the artist to sketch the future . The artist dreams to paint, sing , dance,write the hope ,pain and joy of being.The great adventure awaits us -let it come soon.happy new year

  2. Possibly, you have said something of importance in this piece! Is that not the why of fine, brillant, scholars to guide to the ever glow of the sunset? Shite, is it not the way of the given ones you write about to lead the less fortunate. The leaders must look after their Kingdom, you can't expect the peasants, the beer guzzling, T. V. watching slaves of the all powerful to think for themselves!

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