In The Blood…

It would seem that I come by my temperament honestly.

Genealogy is a hobby of mine. I have spent way too many hours pouring over ancient documents since, well…for a long time.  With the advent of the LDS having released their gold mine of records a few years ago, we family history nuts have had a field day. Several online genealogy membership sites sprung up out of nowhere and utilized this recent onslaught of info by charging the public to create their own family trees digitally. Although I smell the tribe behind this (or any other money-making enterprise)…I am hooked again. Addicted to searching through history for my ancestors…good or bad…and letting chips fall where gravity dictates. It is enormous fun to me.  Having recorded proof of your lineage is a thrill.  Well, to me anyway. And though it is something that every family-history buff dreams of, it is rare to tie one’s own family members to royalty. But lo and behold, I have found such proof in my family’s case. I have discovered that I am directly descendent from the Plantagenet family of British/French rulers. True royalty. 
The more educated among the British out there will know the name well. But for the rest, the Plantagenets boasted no less than six rulers of England over a period of over two hundred years. They ruled over the Britons in some of their most trying periods.  I’m not here to claim them as right-and-true leaders…just blood relatives.
As it turns out, Edward the First, or “Longshanks” as he was known, was my 21st Grandfather.

Now, how significant is all this?  Probably not very. I’m sure there are thousands out there that can prove direct bloodlines to royalty …without so much as a raised eyebrow among those we hope to impress with such claims. But it’s fun to me anyway. And although the British ruling history has always resembled one huge soap-opera to amerikans, it is revealing to find something like this, referring to Grandpa Longshanks:

Edward I was a tall man for his era, hence the nickname “Longshanks”. He was temperamental, and this, along with his height, made him an intimidating man, and he often instilled fear in his contemporaries(that’s me to a tee).

“Edward and his efforts to solve his financial problem had both positive and negative outcomes.The infamous negative result was the crackdown on the Jews. The Jewish population had grown quite wealthy through money lending (loaning with interest being forbidden to Christians) and their riches made them both unpopular and a prime target. Reasons were found to confiscate much of their wealth, money-lending for Jews was banned and Edward even tried to convert the Jewish population to Catholicism by forcing them to attend sermons by Dominican priests. Finally, in 1290 King Edward formally expelled all Jews from England. The positive outcome of Edward’s efforts to raise money by this expulsion was his establishment of much of the original system of parliamentary government that we know today.”

Sounds like something I would do. It seems to have done the trick for a few hundred years, until Cromwell sold you guys out. It’s a shame we have no such visionaries like Ed today.  Well, none with such power anyway.

Now, as you know, I am no believer in the metaphysical. Nor do I accept that family traits can be passed down through generations by anything other than one-teach-one.  But…I dunno.  Coincidence?  Could be. Or maybe there is a ‘no-bullshit’ gene. One that congenitally disallows tolerance for money-lending cults. Who knows. Maybe it is really ‘in the blood’.


Our Winter Of Discontent…

Well, there is always discontent.  Winter or no. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t be human, I guess. Maybe we shouldn’t be.
 I read a rather lengthy review of my book, “How Dare I“. I had no idea I wrote all that stuff.  The stuff the reviewer read, I mean. Some times you get what you came for…rather than what is actually there. Oh well.  Helter-Skelter. At least he bought it. And as jewish as that sounds, I still haven’t recouped what I invested in that ‘vanity’ publishing effort. But that’s okay. I didn’t do it for money.
Speaking of which.  I finally found an outlet for the 2006 documentary “Rachel”. I have been looking for it since, well…2006. I reckoned since none of the big streamers, or my local movie store didn’t have it, that the tribe had locked it up somewhere.  I hate when I’m right about things I don’t want to be right about. But hey, it‘s affordable at this…the one-and-only location.  Only $295. I’m saving my pennies as we speak…to give to the tribe that bought the rights. If any of my readers know the ins-and-outs of seeding a torrent anonymously…LMK. Maybe between us, we can help spread the truth about the deliberate and grizzly murder of an Angel, by Satan himself. I‘m told that the film exposes just that.

In case you are not familiar with Rachel Corrie…you should be. The day of her martyrdom is coming up.  March 16th.  She had the stuff that civilizations should be made of.  But aren’t.  The kind of courage that I can only write about, but don’t have myself. To quote Vonnegut…“Hi Ho”.

But I was talking about Winter, wasn’t I? I hate Winter. I like discontent. I love chaos. I want to see civilizations crumble. Temples destroyed. Halls of governance demolished. Upheaval at the expense of psychopaths. A little quirk of mine that few share, I guess.
But documetaries like “Rachel”, “5 Broken Cameras”, “Tears of Gaza…well, they document. That is their purpose.
I suggested to a friend that he watch “Cameras“, and he did. He was astonished to the point of true disbelief. By that I mean his mind dug for scenes that he could believe to be propagandized.  Rather than focus on what the camera recorded for his edification he searched for a slant. I can understand that. It is a tough thing to watch a child’s life being stolen. Right there in your face. It is unbelievable that the greed of a few can alter so many lives so horrifically. But he, like myself, doesn’t like to be fooled.  I don’t want to see only someone else’s take on such large events.  I want to know the whole truth…and then and only then…can I watch and relate.  But a question he had stumped me. Why did this film win the Sundance best documentary award for 2012 in this…the second nest of zionism?  The second home of the Western jew. Why did Sundance, whose list of board members other than Robert Redford, reads like a bar mitzvah seating chart, promote this film? 

 It exposes the same jewish inhumanity in Palestine as do countless other films that have been silenced by the very same tribe members.  Am I wrong about the jewish mindset entirely?  Was Sundance’s yiddish infiltration trumped by Redford’s sense of fair play? Or are these zionists beginning to see the light. Plagued by guilt. Contrite. Willing to make amends.  Uh-huh.
Or am I seeing what I want to see in “Cameras”?  Is there something else that a viewer can come away with that I am not seeing…because of this delusion I have considering judaism? 
These are not rhetorical questions.  I need some input here from those of you that have viewed said film.  Tell me I’m nuts and that I have it all wrong.  That somehow after viewing this doc, you can feel as though israelis are really okay guys.  Soldiers just doing their job.  That it is a balanced conflict that the film documents. That it is hard to say who is right and who is wrong. This just doesn’t make sense to me. But I am willing to try and understand this conundrum.

But that’s as may be.
I will also try and trudge through this, another winter. Discontented as always. Unsatisfied that I do not have the courage of some…unsatisfied that some do not have at least my courage. 

The Other Foot…

My father served in WWII. He was trained stateside as a radio operator in the Air Force(more accurately, the Army Air Corps in those days) and was stationed in Saipan for the duration. He later used the tech knowledge gained there to come back and attain an electrical engineering degree. 
Now, I won’t go on and on about how great he was…even though I thought so then, and still do. He was a brilliant man, and he taught me a lot in his short life.  As do most veterans however, he mostly  kept his wartime experiences to himself. Rarely would he impart tales of his life in the service during that world war. But a few times he let down his guard, when he thought it important enough to do so. I remember as a kid, begging him to tell me how he had won a purple heart. He laughed as he recalled pulling a radio component off a shelf, and a bayonet that had been laying next to it had fallen and stuck into his calf.  That was his big physical war wound. Although he had many mental scars to carry…he had not seen much actual battle. He did feel it important enough to relate to we kids once that he and his company had been awakened early one morning to witness a plane taking off from the Tinian B-29 airfield, only a stone’s throw away from their base. The C.O. told the sleepy-eyed men that they were witnessing the plane that was on its way to end the war.  Of course, he was right.  An historically horrible thing to witness, in retrospect, I’m sure. But that’s as may be.
What I wanted to cover here was that my father’s love of radio communication followed him all his days. Growing up in our house meant sharing this enthusiasm.  He had an elaborate set-up of radios in the basement and it became an enjoyable pastime for we kids to pick up a new transmission, on short wave or CB, from many far-flung locales around the world. On shortwave especially, between broadcast bands you could always hear morse code. 

“Dad!  What are they sayin?”.  He would stare at the radio for a few minutes and usually say something like: “Oh…nothing really important…that was a position of a ship off the coast of Spain”.  The magical talent he used to decipher those beeps amazed us to no end.
But what left the biggest impression on my young grey matter was “Radio Free Europe”.  Not the actual broadcasts by them that we could easily pick up…but the idea.  As it was explained to me then, those countries behind “The Iron Curtain” needed to hear the truth. RFE was supplying it.
“The truth?”, thought I. “Well, ALL radio broadcasts transmit the truth, don’t they?  And what is this curtain all about?” So I learned about propaganda.  Theirs and ours.

Funny that.

How amazed my father would be if he could see me now…intensely interested in receiving another type of Radio Free Europe.  Searching feverishly for truth…as the founders of that effort envisioned those desperate to hear it under communist rule.  Desperate to hear what is really happening in the world before it is synthesized behind a ‘curtain’.  Same people closing the curtain on the truth.  A few generations later…the other side of the world.  The shoe is on the other foot.  Everything that is old…is new again.

I synthesize my own truth now.  Press TV…Russia Today…Al Jazeera. There are many media outlets on the other side of the new Iron Curtain. And we living under the new zio-communist rule must reject its government propaganda, as did our forefathers…and use the technology available to us to find that illusive reportage without spin. Facts, at least, will out. Truth is another matter.
As we hated the USSR in my youthful days…so too are we now hated. The jewish oppressors have simply moved shop. When it was ordered “Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall”…those huddled around their computers here now understand that what was meant was that there is no need for that wall anymore.  They have a new one. In Palestine.  In New York.  In Hollywood.  The same wall-builders keeping out the same knowledge. The same curtain-closers trying to wall off people from others that have a more factual truth. 

So the circle is complete yet again. When do we break the cycle? When enough people realize that there are those among us that need walls and curtains.  And that they have a common ancestry.  They have a common political identity.  It is always them.
So this is the new Radio Free Europe.  The new crackling broadcast signal.  Telling those listening that they are not alone.  That they are being fed the same bullshit that their fathers were fed in other countries only a couple generations ago.

If you think this is all ancient history….well, you better wise up.

I think my father, if he was still living…would approve of the internet.  He would see the need and the urgency of it all.  And revel in the fact that you cannot keep the truth hidden for long.  And that the shoe being on the other foot…we are doing our best to learn and spread the truth. To the West this time around.

Calm Down…

I like the sound of that phrase. Calm down. It always seems to come from the person with the most level of heads in any given situation. It is the call to reason. The order to get your head together, get your facts straight, and even though you do have a case to plead…do so rationally. 
A lieutenant would not use this phrase to his men before battle.  The time for calm has obviously been passed, and calm is put away for another time. A coach at halftime does not insinuate this into the speech to his losing team.
But the Western world is neither of these things. Yet. Your country may be at this stage. But those revolutionaries in the West that sit in their comfy chairs and type, or the peaceful marcher down a shaded avenue, is not there yet. That place where calm cannot be found. And as clearly as I understand that revolt begins with a pen;these are the times when clear heads must prevail. If you don’t have one…I would ask that you refrain from trying to scare the piss out of everyone else, and look in the mirror.







I cannot count the number of times I hear this type of inane claptrap from internet screamers. This is not the way. 
Of course, there is social engineering going on. There has been since the beginning of human existence. Yes, it is now the province of the ruling jewish tribe. But there has always been a ruling tribe.  Yes, this particular tribe is worse than those that have come before and that is why we are here. Because this is the place to begin the inevitable resistance. Rational resistance. Not ‘WAKE UP, the sky is falling!” insanity. These bloggers scream at the top of their lungs about how the ruling class lies to us…but how do they lie?  In their media. THEIR media, folks.  It is theirs…it has always been theirs…it is not a method of human communication for us. So what do the screamers do about this? They keep tuned in to listen to even more lies.  It baffles the imagination.  Do you realize how much weight a teleplay like “The Newtown Massacre” or “Aurora” would carry if no one watched it? Zip. No importance. Nothing. No threat to the second amendment.  No fear of the kid next door that won’t make eye-contact with you. Zilch.  It is only when you listen and watch their little horror plays that these scenarios play into the tribe’s plan. And these things don’t really happen outside the media. Nothing revealing the tribe‘s nefarious activities will make it to the evening news.  It is a media presentation replete with advertising. 

But no one turns off the talmud-vision. No one stops reading their papers.  Believe or don’t believe it…they watch and read.  Those that believe, are subject to the above mentioned fear-mongering and social engineering.  Those that don’t believe, scream. The screamers become the Branch Dividians of the day…they demonize resistance…and the tribe advances.  Surely this is obvious to even the dullest of dolts out here. The dolts that refuse to shit-can their TVs for good. If ever there was a ‘wake-up’ call to be heeded…it is this.
And yet their electronic fictions ensnare us all. Otherwise intelligent, rational people believe these things actually happen, and  are happy to offer their opinions about the causes…when the causes of these teleplays are yiddish film directors.
The sun will rise tomorrow morning.  That much is sure. That much of reality, the social-engineers cannot affect. Beyond that, you are wise to be suspicous. You are wiser to be inattentive.
The jewish/zionista that controls the media has the advantage of a cool head.  Cool head and patience. While you are ‘either with us or against us’…he plans, directs and waits for your reaction.  And you fall for it every time.
You don’t speak to your grocer about handling products from israhell, or the kosher symbols on all of the food on his shelves.  You watch tv.  You don’t organize grass-roots movements to reveal lists of jews overly-represented in all the wrong places.  You watch tv.  You don’t hack into the tribe’s media technology.  You watch tv. You don’t boycott and divest anything jewish; from books and movies, to education, banking and commerce.  You watch tv.  You scream about lies you see on tv…and you watch tv.  
So I would caution those that are not ‘paid screamers’ to do some thinking before you warn the world of vaccinations that are turning our children gay.  Think about your responsibility when you decide to tap away on your keyboard about the new-world-order.  Think about the role you are playing in their plan.  
Calm down.  And think.

Kane, Multiculturalism And Lists…

I am a wealthy man. I have had a wealth of experience in my lifetime. I can say without reservation that I have experienced most every culture on this spinning rock. Experience through knowing some people of these many countries.  Now, I don’t want to say that I am an anthropological academic, but I have known people from every continent and far-flung island that I can find on the globe. And although those people I have known may or may not have been the most valid representatives of their native locales, I can say that I got a feeling for our differences at least. But more importantly, our similarities. I assume that technological advances have contributed to this wealth of mine. That, and jews. For they are at the forefront of world-wide immigration.  Of course, I feel that their efforts to divide and conquer through multiculturalism have backfired so far.  They have produced an empathetic element. I knew a Palestinian family that was ethnically cleansed from their homeland…therefore I have empathy for their cause to return.  I have known South Africans and was empathetic to their battle against British(read jewish) apartheid. I know several Icelandic people and applaud their courage to overthrow their banking(read jewish)elite. 
I am not very special in this wealth I have attained.  More and more Westerners have learned at a very rapid pace that, for instance, the Muslim terrorists’ as reported in the tribal press do not match the impression they have of the Muslims across the street.  They are learning first-hand that people are just people.  No matter what the MSM tells them nightly. And the very fact that this MSM(read jewish) are trying their damnedest to demonize various groups other than themselves in our global village, points the finger directly back at them as the only group that should really be singled out.  Read jewish.

But that’s as may be. On to Orson Welles. 
It is rumored…I don’t know where I read it…that in 1941, William Randolph Hurst, the publishing mogul of his day, threatened Lois B. Mayer and his jewish cronies in Hollyweird.  Hurst was very concerned about Orson Welles releasing a damaging film, “Citizen Kane”.  The storyline of which paralleled the life story of Hurst so closely that today the film couldn’t have been released on grounds of slander. 

I have no sympathy for publishing moguls…then, or now…jewish or Gentile.  However, in his day…the threat he made to Mayer et al, was an heroic and seminal one. Apparently, Hurst threatened to publish on the front page of all of his widely read papers, a list of the jews that ran Tinseltown, if Mayer didn’t reign in his fellow tribe members at RKO, the studio slated to release the inflammatory film. For a short period…it worked. Hurst as well as Mayer knew the weight of this threat. The publisher knew his readership of the time, and that they would take such a list very seriously.  Although he never published the list as threatened, the controversy surrounding the yet-to-be-released movie caused him to begin a campaign of essays and reviews slanted toward killing the release…using his most popular reporters writing articles about the ‘alien communist influence’ in the Southern California industry. This campaign was influential in getting the ball rolling on the famous McCarthy trials of the 50’s, I’m sure.  And no bad thing. Hurst did not trust jews and hated FDR and his ‘new deal’.  He, like the fictional Kane, prided himself  in the ability to know what his readers valued.  In the film, Kane overestimated his ability.  In reality, Mayer knew Hurst DID have common sense and the common man on his side. It was a death threat to Hollywood then. Would it be today?
I wonder.
The Gentile publisher promised only to publish a list of the CEO‘s, producers, writers and directors of the various studios, their backgrounds and politics. Nothing else. At the time, nothing else would be needed for his readership to see that an infiltration had occurred while they were munching popcorn and enduring more and more filth on the silver screen. Readers would see why this filth was there…and more importantly where it came from. I wonder daily how much it would take today. More than just a list?
Well, this is all academic now.  The jewish and their sycophants are now the publishing moguls, and no such list will be printed for the common man.  But what of the internet?
Is this where the list…much akin to one nailed to a church door long ago can change the world? I believe this or I wouldn’t be here.
But how many lists must be published here? I could reference all the online lists of tribe members and their negative influence that you could shake a stick at.  But you are the choir. And so are the sites that print these lists. You know the words to all these hymns.  What of the congregation? The ones that can make or break this church. What angle do we take to get these lists to the common feeding-ground of the general populace when due to the very nature of the lists, such enumeration is not allowed? There is a frightening power in these lists. From Wall Street, to Hollywood, to University administration, to politics, to pornography, to destructive social movements…the tribe dominates. You know this, but how do we get these numbers to the people?  If they could just see them, I think common sense would take its natural course. The sheer numbers of tribal names in these arenas is what frightens the tribe.  It did in Hurst’s day…and I believe it still retains such power.

So…assuming that I am right about all cultures, above all, being just humans with common sense…our mission is clear. Research, compile and disseminate these lists of yiddish names and politics everywhere you can. Inundate the social media platform with names…just the over-represented jewish names…nothing more.  No axe to grind but the one presented.  This action above all, is what they fear…and rightly so. They can argue opinion…and they do.  They can argue ‘tolerance’…and they do.  
But you can’t argue numbers.