Being Right…

It’s not all that it is cracked up to be.  Being right.  Oh, sure…if you are picking horses, it can come in handy.  But that seldom happens on a regular basis. Cassandra comes into play many times when it comes to being right about the bad things you see lurking just around the corner.  We all have this second-sight.  We that decry the jewish influence in all that is being brought to bear upon us. But is it real?

I wish someone competent…a rabbi perhaps…would explain to me why I see kosher fingers stirring the pot of every deadly stew.  Why do I look for, and usually find, those curly-headed bastards always at the bottom of everything underhanded and unwholesome?  Is it my warped imagination?  Is it that thing of which we are all familiar…you go your whole life without hearing a word…then you hear it 4 times in one day?  That thing.  Coincidence.  A super-heightened awareness of things that were always there, you just didn’t notice?  Or is it a treatable mental illness? Can I be cured? Or is it my lot in life?  To either see things that aren’t really there…or see things that are there; and of which most other people remain unaware?
Questions. No answersLife is full of those damned things.
Several people over the years, in an attempt to temper my leanings, have said that all these jewish connections I make to evil, can just as easily be made for Catholics, or Jesuits for instance.  And I have tried.  Truly. I have traced and read.  Plotted and connected dots.  And all this leads me to no conclusions.  Amorphous shapes with no pattern, rhyme or reason.  Of course this Gentile or that one in history seems to have had notably inhuman motives for this or that deed they did. But none of it makes human sense until the talmud and its unholy followers appear on the graph. And they always do. I try to ignore.  But I really can‘t.  I need help.
If anything bad happens that is caused by the hand of man, the yiddish culprit behind it all presents himself to me.  I can barely even be accused of looking for the connection anymore…it’s just there.  For all to see.  Or for all to ignore.
So I am probably not right. And even if I am…it won’t matter next week.  Right?  
Anyway,  I have seen this disease infect people of, well…lower intelligence. White Supremacists, for instance.  To them, all trouble in the world is caused by skin pigmentation.  They see their precious Caucasian influence withering in the face of our rapidly globalizing world.  And they are afraid that they are right. Afraid and proud. I can identify with the fear part.  Pride usually proceeds a fall, as they say, so I take no pride in being right about what I deem ‘right’.  I really wish I wasn’t so damned sure of myself, though.  That I could take a pill and see things differently.  There probably are such drugs on the market.  But like smoking…I refuse to take the cure.  I nod dutifully when my physician tells me that I HAVE to quit.  I have for many years.  But something in me says ‘bullshit‘. 
 Stubbornness. Or I don’t want the cure. Maybe I like the way I am. Smoking and thinking I am right about everything.  Well, most things.  Definitely smoking. But neither will that matter next week.
So the gist of this missive, I guess, is that I’m willing in a way.  Willing to listen to a well-argued contrary view.  Willing in principle anyway. Someone out there, please prove that I am wrong.  As I would be glad to prove to the less mentally capable that they are wrong about all their racist hatred. As I am glad to point out for the zealot that the myth of religion does more harm than good in this stage of our evolution. 
 I will do more than nod dutifully to your arguments.  I will sit still and not fidget and pay attention.  I will keep my feet on the floor and my hands to myself.  I promise. Show me on a map where I am.  Explain how I am wrong about the fearful position I have taken up about ‘being right’. 

Because I don’t want to be right.  I don’t really want the world to end next week, or any time soon.  I want the world to grow up.  Along with my children and grandchildren.  I want there to be more sense to it all.  I don’t want to be lied to any more.  I want to enjoy Christmas. I don’t want to take part…no matter how remote…in any more black-ops or false-flags. I don’t want to have to endure attempts at emotional manipulation…no matter who is behind it.  I don’t want to have to point out the jew behind every tattered dark curtain.  I’m tired of it all.  




9 thoughts on “Being Right…

  1. yes… i agree… i said as much in my blog today also…this is really getting tiring…and sickening…this has to end. this has to end. no more dead more threats to us for wanting truth…no more threats because we found truth…this isn't funny. this is not even amusing. this has gone to a new level of depravity. but no one i am associated with is in my canoe. and i have but one paddle. i go to the left…then swith to the right…oh my…i made a goddamned circle…. poo….

  2. curiously the labels or slurs of the JEW spew NEWS when reporting on anyone who tells the truth…is ANTI-SEMITE…NEO-NAZI& WHITE SUPREMACIST !!!odd eh..?none…Not Gordon Kahl, Not Randy Weaver…No one the "Jews" hate [Truth tellers]PRINT CURRENCY, OWN THE MEDIA or OPERATE A CRACKHOUSE CALLED CONGRESS…or have a stool sculpture deity cult compound with cult members who are "Jews" but not Hebrews, nor Israelites…called ISRAEL….{a people}here's a bread crumb trail … the words ASSASSIN, BABYLON, CAPTIVITY]'t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon grave yard…?KNOW TRUTHif de so-called White people want to be SUPREME they be gonna have to know what de troof really is…Andy you have time check out the IN SEARCH OF ISAACS CHILDRENfactor out the "J"…Davy

  3. Hey Timster!You say, "I'm tired of it all". God I feel that too. This opening of our eyes and trying to live with all that we see Is indeed a thankless job! Well I love to argue and I have that illness of "being right" most of the time. I annoy most people around me, I always have. And I have been ignored, hated, laughed at and more. So I will ask you to consider a perhaps better rightness. If we see anything outside of ourselves as the problem then we must be wrong. So when we see ugliness outside it is only to show us what we are hiding inside. It's a bittersweet medicine I know. It's sweetness is that we are our world. Maybe nothing is really wrong, including these people who call themselves chosen and who kill and kill and kill! And who is chosing them, they haven't shown us their god only their devils and their ugly minds!!So when each one brings light into their being when they throw out the ugly minds and live free of all judgments, good/bad, beautiful/ugly, black or white, when more and more beings with pure consciousness are there how can the ugly minds win out or continue to devastate. What if the way is perfect as the mystics found and only we are unsettled??And too, to be on the side of truth(Socrates), of Love(John Lennon), of Beauty(Van Gogh, Thoreau) is to be hated. Even a small child is so right in his innocence, in his pure eyes, and he is punished, silenced, reprogrammed. So we have to accept the impure ones and be the little child in the Emperors New Clothes. We see and we say, but we just carry on, who cares about the fools, the crowds stupidity, the lies. Yes, we have to watch the children die and suffer, still we just keep seeing with clear eyes, like the child, the flowers, the seashells on the shore, the twinkling stars!Children of Sandy Hook, I love you!!Marigold

  4. Davy, white supremacists actually do exist, despite your ruminations on how jews created every word YOU personally find offensive. You're proof that they do in fact exist.

  5. just to clarify…the "freemason" thingy…[to objectively quantify the validity of a fact one must remove emotional attachment {prior belief}]the issue with the words Assassin, Babylon & Captivity is the bread crumb trail or clues to the Identity THEFT and FRAUD of the so-called "Jewish" religion…which oooooozes from the talmud {how are Nations Hijacked} [there were no so-called "Jews" in the OT]read to see – in toto – what is there….be like a cryptographer, look for clues, some evidence of a concealed message or meaning…which is why anonymous stanky dood thinks that I am promoting – "White Supremacy"…from being unable to process information that would indicate just the opposite… "Jewified" individuals have a conditioned response programmed in to recoil in horror at anything TRUE, Pure or Holy…that is after all what makes them "Jewish"…or perfectly "good" Jew Worshippersif you watch the boy in the bubble that the bomb in the baby carriage is wired to the radiothe so-called "Jews" are the only terrorists on Earth….[Tares]how many times do you see the twin towers…now see ….You can call me Althere are messages…clues SIGNS all over everywhereLIKE IN "THEY LIVE"…when one can SEEone is no longer a NOTSEEit is true there are mind controlled stupid idiot 'White Supremacist' – robot KKK evil neonazi A**holes…THEY ARE {caricatures/cartoon characters}…PATSIES !!!the robot "white supremacists" do not OWN THE MEDIA – HOLLYWOOD or PRINT THE CURRENCY or …Operate the Crackhouse called CONgress…the exact opposite of PROgressTruth, Knowing truth liberates the individual from the bondage of IGNORANCE…which is where FEAR comes from…what are the oddsI happen to Like Neil Diamond and Paul Simon and for that matter I really liked Andy Kaufman…but then I grew up in Memphis and went to 1st and 2nd grade a couple of blocks from Graceland, and knew what the Wrestling schtick was all about…it is exceedingly difficult to cure stoooopidityStupid will never change Trueso where does Bad faith come from,is it as Jesus declares @ John 8:44 Genetic…?

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