Some Perspective, Please…

I’m going to try to write this piece without seeming heartless.
But cruising the net over the past 48 hours has been spooky to say the least.  And I feel obligated to write something about all this.

The latest mass shooting in a New England primary school is tragic.  It should be a wake-up call to this nation to take some sort of action to prevent this senseless trend of killing, by these mentally ill people that have too easy access to guns.  My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of those victims in this latest stain on our nation.  Blah, blah, blah…. You know the drill.

The above would be heartfelt and true, if only. If only the facts as shoved down our throats were indeed facts. I have no idea what happened in that school.  As you have no idea what happened.  There are so many conflicting stories, as there always are in these rather dodgy tales lately, that you have come away with a story distilled to just a few things.  Lone nut kills kids.  Lone nut shoots students in college.  Lone nut kills president. Lone nut kills theater goers.  Lone nut shoots mall shoppers….lone nut, my ass.
I no more believe this narrative than gas music from Mars. And neither should you.  Discount it. Every bit of it. Wipe it from your memory  and try to remember that the ‘medium is the message’, folks.  

I would think that as well trained as we all are out here to discount ANYTHING in the S&MSM…that this would be a given.  It is the things that they DON’T report that are important.  Haven‘t we learned this?  Time after time after time, we are told that these things happened and how we should react to them.  Manipulate our sensibilities.  Stick a knife in our moral outrage and twist it. Mourn with us.  React.  Comply. Be afraid.  Be suspicious.  As they wipe a tear. 
Not wasting any opportunity, I read that Rupert Murdoch is now behind gun control.  Bloomburg wants it to happen.  And the head of the NRA is a jew.  What’s a mother to think?  Has the world gone insane?  Or do you think the world watches too much talmud-vision.

We should all be used to children dying.  It happens every day and you pay for it to continue.  Children are murdered with your tax dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Palestine.  Bullets paid for with your labor.  But when they TELL us that a ‘lone nut’ murders 20 upper-class white students in a suburb in Connecticut, we weep and mourn as a nation.  Horseshit.  As inhuman as it seems…there is an agenda here.  It is social engineering at its most potent.  And we weep and mourn.  Those could have been our kids.

I am always amazed that when I disbelieve a MSN event like this from the get-go, people call me heartless.  When I said that 19 Arabs didn’t kill 3000 people in Jew York and that I refuse to fall for their manipulation, I am unfeeling.  When I say that mall shooters and school shooters and theater shooters are social manipulation, I am cold and inhuman.  And the real perps of these crimes go on babbling about the next lone-nut on talmudvision and they are the sympathetic ones.  It boggles the mind.
Of course, whether you watch the TV or not, you are going to be exposed to this type of shit.  You are going to see flags at half-mast on your way to work.  And you are going to glance at glaring headlies on your way into the grocery.  And you are going to be curious.  It’s interesting when people die.  And you want to know why…and how…and who.  And they are there to help you in your quest.  Wolf Blitzer is eager to spill all the beans about the shooter and get an in depth report from someone that used to be a neighbor of a friend of the shooter.  And this ‘witness’ is going to tell you about how quiet and unassuming the shooter was in grade school.
And even though Wolf would kill your children for two-and-a-half bucks, he is going to weep with you.  And I would say, “how can you buy all this bullshit?”…but I know already.  It is when the most precious thing known to man…human life…is involved, there is that knee-jerk response that Wolfie counts on.  That innate sympathetic reaction that you will have for his underlying cause.  Be it gun control or Patriot Act II-The Sequel.
If asked what I might conjure as the real facts in this case, it could have been something more like this:  Goth kid that is used to playing shooter games gets his chance to be a real hero…or so he thinks. A government agent makes him believe that because he has access to a local elementary school, and he has weapons, he can help a team of anti-terrorist agents stop the killing of children. Only he can help them.  He dresses up…grabs his Mom’s 9mm and heads off to the school.  His Mother being a witness to this all, is murdered shortly after he leaves.  He lets the ‘agents‘ into the school…the rest is a “Special Bulletin” with a few variations.
Regarding this scenario…if you think that it would be beneath ‘agents’ to mow down Gentile children(I would be interested to hear how many were jewish), well then you haven’t been paying attention since 9/11. 

So to conclude this sad duty, I would tell you all to turn off your televisions.  Don’t read newspapers.  Do not listen to the radio.  All that is there are lies and advertisements.  Indistinguishable from each other.  When chicken-little screams that the sky is falling…no matter how convincing he his…ignore him. Pay attention to the REAL child-murdering activities of our commanderin-chief…not the crocodile tear he wipes for the cameras
And keep some perspective…  


13 thoughts on “Some Perspective, Please…

  1. my sentiments exactly….and of course, i get the same reactions… i am unfeeling…i think the government is evil…all the time…i need to get a grip..there are evil people out there…etc. etc. well…there are evil people out there…and they reside on 1600 penn,. avenue…and their puppet masters are from israel.

  2. Mass Murderers should not be the definition of Government for Americans…Truth and Justice hating "Jewish" economic Terrorists should not be the definition of Governemnt for Americans…but what are Americans…reallya collective of Talmudvision tranced zombies…go to any MalWart and seeDavy

  3. Ah I keep praying to Mr Sun – please develop an energy strong enough to jut bolt us out of existence.I see no healing on this planet -I used to be a eensitive.Now I read this breaking story and I go oh yea gun control.That is it.I don't even believe those kids were killed.I don't believe anything I am told anymore.I do believe however that a drone attack killed 12 Pakistan kids yesterday – and we have not got little albums dotting the web with their beautiful images.Enough already I scream, enough.And of course with so much light energy coming in the dark forces need their blood rituals.Kate and the nurse for me is also something that made me go oh blood sacrifice for the infant.Not one drop of compassion left on what the media reports.

  4. Two weeks ago I told my wife, I can not bear another picture of a broken body of a child from the middle east, yet I have. Tim, your sentiments are mine in regard to not wanting to come across as cold or unfeeling. I don't wish to take away or diminish anyone's suffering. Having said that I watched this brainwashing take place in my own house. Members of my family were paralyzed in front of the TV, listening, shocked, trying to empathise. I finally asked them if they could see the hypocrisy and disparity of our culture that will put life on hold for 20 something children here in the United States, but what about the 20 in a middle east country. I don't want to start a debate between pro-life and pro-choice, but I asked my family are the nearly one million aborted babies a year in just the United States alone any less horrific. To me legally killing children in another country or here, doesn't sit right, because legal or not I wouldn't want it done to me. I am not convinced for one moment that the bend of our laws and culture has the publics welfare as a priority. So when I see the proponents and leaders of our culture pained and distraught by these recent events, I think either they have been brainwashed too or they are just another bad actor and doing a poor job of it. Thx Tim You're one of my favorites. Still enjoying my free year's subsciption.

  5. Davy – Yep. It has come to light since I wrote this(the ever-changing story), that Lanza's father, like Holmes' dad is scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal hearings. Hmmm coincidence? Also they arrested two subjects outside the school? Reportedly they were anti-terrorist members conducting a "drill"…coincidentally. And yet they RAN from police? Hmmm…like 9/11 and 7/7? I hate coincidences.

  6. Winner – Glad you are still enjoying the benefits! Good to hear from you.Yep. There is the added benefits of a story this big. It keeps the consumers glued to the talmud-vision to boost those holiday sales! YAY! Let's go shopping!

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