Guruism, Gay Weddings And Dr. Kildare…

I am no Guru. Never wanted to be one.  I don’t much care for sitting atop mountains. I mean, they are pretty from a distance but I get nosebleeds from too much height. And I look goofy in those robes.  Besides, I think we should all be beyond that short phase in our species development in which we ‘followed’ anyone’s teachings. But we have no shortage of Gurus out here still. I was always partial to…in the region of pedagoguery…the ‘one-teach-one‘ ethic.  I was never a big fan of the classroom situation.  I always thought that the apprenticeship idea was the best one for teaching. And learning.

I couldn’t care less if Mary marries Linda.  Or Bob weds Steve.  I don’t feel it is my place to tell anyone how to live their lives.  I have spent a couple score of my life under the thumb of those that seem to know intrinsically how I should live mine.  I wonder how they gained such knowledge.  But I fully understand why so many out here are against legislation allowing same-sex marriage.  They feel that it is yet another sign of decline.  I get it.  I too question the motives…not the individual desire on the part of couples to enter such an arrangement…but I try not to dwell on it. I think we all know who is behind this type of legislation.  Perhaps these homosexuals are looking for what we all are.  Vindication.  Satisfaction in knowing that they too have ‘rights’.  I dunno.  I‘m straight. 
Rights.  That’s a slippery slope.  Somewhere between ‘leave me the fuck alone’…and ‘I’m going to tell you what is right and what is wrong‘, lie our rights.  But again, that sounds Guru-ish. And I’m never going to pretend to show you the path to happiness and fulfillment.  I can tell you what I think.  You take it from there.

A young guy that I work with was reading an article on LBGT marriage rights and he said that even within the span of his short life there certainly seems to be more gay people all the time.  I said: “Nah…they are just getting more press nowadays”.  He nodded in agreement after quickly assessing my statement. Of course those out here that are horrified at the popular vindication of one man putting his penis into another man’s anus are probably right to be so insensed.  It is the media portrayal of such activity that has their shorts in a bunch.  I get that too.  But to me…I think we have bigger fish to fry.  Gay marriage is a symptom of a much more devastating disease.  I am not horrified of my nose bleeding when I scale heights.  That is a symptom. I question WTF I am doing on a mountain in the first place.

Oh well.  Again.  Again, I feel the need to open the blister-pack in the store and just purchase only what I need.  I don’t need the whole kit. I am not going to vilify those gay people that are in hell’shurry to rush to the alter, before I spew a little hatred toward those that drive them there in the limo. 

Again.  Again, I don’t want to make a lot of enemies because I am not sickened by the idea of two people of the same sex having to endure the travails of marriage that we straight people understand all too well.  Sorry.  I can’t go there.  I haven’t got time to think much about it.  I’m too busy with the cause of such political correctness trespasses into the common sense of humankind. Some writers don’t think.  Some thinkers don’t write. Some do both. I try to attain the latter. 

I was a big fan of the “Dr. Kildare” film series of the  30’s and ‘40′s.  Although it was before my time, and adjusting for the melodrama of it…this series had a lot to teach.  In the films, actor Lew Ayres was studying under the tutelage of a master ‘diagnostician’.  A branch of medicine that has gone the way of high-button shoes.  It was the duty of these erstwhile doctors to diagnose disease only.  Not to issue pills and potions necessarily…but to identify cause. Then turn over treatment to a perfunctory attack upon the diagnosed illness. Diagnosis seems a function that is taken too lightly by physicians lately.  The medical profession relies almost entirely on overlyexpensive testing to substitute for such human-based detective work. And in this writer-thinker’s opinion…much is lost in such abandonment.  I cannot count the times that a doctor has said to me…”Well, it could be this or that…so we’ll try this drug and if that doesn’t work…well… we‘ll try something else“.  I’m sure you too have heard this ‘diagnosis’. This is a luxury that is ill-afforded, I believe. The whole process relying on malpractice insurance to prop up.

I try to emulate those long forgotten diagnosticians.  I won’t even venture an opinion on symptoms until I collect and follow them to their source disease.  Symptoms are merely road signs. You can spend your lives concentrating on these signposts themselves…never following them to the destination to which they direct.

And around this time of year that marks the murder/assasination of John Lennon, I must say that…bless him…he was wrong about some things that I believe he would now agree with me on.  If he had lived.  One is peace.  I say, fuck peace. For now.  Peace will be a ‘symptom‘ of justice…when it comes.  For positive phenomenon can also display themselves symptomatically.  In individual health and in the health and prosperity of a species.  If you feel good, you can function better.  If we as a species feel vindicated and justice reigns, there will be the peace of which John dreamed and sang. 
Until that point, I will follow the syptomatic signs to what I believe to be the disease that has taken hold of our human body.  Judaism. 


20 thoughts on “Guruism, Gay Weddings And Dr. Kildare…

  1. You can proclaim all day that you "don't care if they wanna get married" or "don't care what 2 people do" and blah, blah, blah. That won't save you. They won;t believe you. Merely saying that will earn you more scorn than openly opposing their foolishness and narcissism.

  2. "I was a big fan of the "Dr. Kildare" film series of the 30's and '40's."That was a 1960s series. Richard Chamberlain, omg. be still my throbbing heart! What a burn when he "came out." wasn't that terribly long ago. The mother of all burns. I have a crazy gay cousin same age as me, we use to hang out when we were teens and young adults. He enjoyed to tell me….this was in the early 70's…that Richard Chamberlain was gay. He told me about a bunch of gay actors and musicians and I never believed him. Damn gays really know each other but I always thought it was lies. Nope, he was right about all of them. And if you know the biblical story of Lot…Sodom and Gomorrah was crawling with gays which is why it was destroyed. You have noted that the numbers of gays are increasing. Yep. Crazy how people don't connect the dots. They don't notice the increase or ask themselves why, they don't wonder about consequences. One does not have to be religious to understand that there MUST BE negative consequences for mankind.

  3. Gays dont scare me. Gays being allowed to marry seems fair and rational. Zealots are annoying and certainly scarier than your average gay person. Maybe I'm just more secure than your average homophobe. The sky didnt fall when interracial marriage was made legal and it wont fall when gay marriage is made legal. Get over it(for those of you insecure or fundamentalist enough to let it bother you).

  4. CHILD PORN AND PEDOPHILIA TO BE LEGAL SOON, (NOT SATIRE) post could be used in response to those who defend gay marriage and all the rest that goes along with it.And yeah it is a symptom, but it is a symptom we have to do our best to deal with as we do to so many other firers the chosen ones throw at us…. then douse with gasoline.Tim you are bang on about peace and justice. May I quote you on that?

  5. Genie – Yeah. I remember that series. Apparently, Ayres turned the role down…and they hired a 'dick'…Richard, I mean.And I agree with you about the negative consequences. Such behaviour can seriously impact our reproductive element. And when the nuclear family breaks down completely…well, we are beginning to see the tribe's influence there already.

  6. Anon@5:18 – " Zealots are annoying and certainly scarier than your average gay person". I tend to agree with you on that one. But then I have always found fault with those that tell others how they should conduct themselves at home. It is when it is paraded in the media for some hidden tribal agendas that irks me. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Noor – Yep. Lasha sent me that to reprint, and I wasn't close to my computer till everyone else had copied it. For the most part, I agree with it. And she does have a persuasive way of writing. Thanks for linking it here.You are welcome to use anything here, Dear. No need for YOU to ask…

  8. Language…"gay" defined is happy.sodomites are not "Happy"..marriage is a covenant sodomites cannot enter into….Israel and the word "Jew" are antonyms…common sense allows that the higher up the mountain one climbs…the horizon expands, allowing for a more complete perspective…in the common sense dept. the more true information the more true conclusions…TALMUDIC judaism is a HATE truth "Religion"….fuck stupid…"Society"

  9. Genie, there seem to be more gays now because less of them are "in the closet" because thankfully the opinions of bigots like you are becoming more rare. Note to self, take zombiesoup off of my daily list. Great site overall but I cant support bigots or zealots like you. Get a clue please and leave your deeply ingrained bias at the door. Oh and the old "jews created that word" line again? Do you know what that makes you sound like? I'm guessing no.

  10. Anon@3:25 – Yeah. I never did get the "gay" moniker. Again, I don't dance down the street half naked and kissing women to promote my sexual preference. I wonder why the LG's seem to find that necessary. Oh dear.

  11. Anon@5:33 – That comment pushes the envelope here. Please keep the name calling to near zero? I only published it because it was directed at someone that can defend herself and I will let her do so.

  12. anon I replied to a polite comment you left before on my blog, I think you were responding to a Brother Nathaniel video and I explained to you, politely, my position on the matter. I disagree that I am a bigot and you have not offered any examples to justify. Calling me a bigot is not an argument. I disagree that the number of gays have increased because they are now free to come out of the closet. There are more because people are brainwashed into thinking they have OPTIONS. That's exactly why. Had a bad heterosexual relationship and are sour grapes? There's an alternative. Kids are sexually confused before they get started because they wonder if they are this way or that way. There's always that "maybe" lurking in the backs of many people's minds, especially inexperienced youth. Many feel they have to experiment to "make sure which way to go." I have known people who "become gay" to have a community to turn to. The gay chamber of commerce takes care of it's own. Gays can move around anywhere and head to the commerce to set them up in the city before they even get there. Sweet! Did I forget to mention that I have a gay cousin and I know more than I would like to know on the topic? And believe me there isn't anything I can say anywhere that I haven't said to him. It's our favorite argument. And we are tight knit since toddlerhood.

  13. What is the difference between civil partnership and civil marriage? None: homosexuals are given equal rights with normal people. So what is this all about?Marriage is a contract which may be solemnised in a religious ceremony (historically, exclusively so), whereas a civil partnership is what it is says on the tin. Therefore the objective of 'gay marriage' is to shoehorn the recognition of homosexuality and homosexual relationships into the religious and cultural sphere.Gay marriage is a deliberate attempt to undermine our culture by redefining normality by including within that meaning that which is abnormal and therefore without cultural recognition. (Homosexuality is abnormal, but natural for those whose foetal development was abnormal and prevented the correct orientation of sexdrive with sex.)Vote Tory: get the Frankfurt School cookbook of which gay marriage is a recipe. Gay marriage will not cause the collapse of civilisation as we know it, but the Cultural Marxists will simply tick it off and move on to the next item on their agenda in much the same way that they invade one ME country after another until they have reached the biggie, Iran.

  14. The Mountain is the pile of shit inside self, that needs shoveling off the top of the consciousness.That is mountain.If you have ever shoveled a shit pile, you know you start at the top first, and work your way outwards in a spiral from the top to the bottom, otherwise you get it all over yourself.

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