Has This Been The Greatest Week, Or What?

I swear…if things keep going like this, I’m gonna start believing in Santa Claus again.
What more could a confessed anti-semite ask for in this season of giving?  The world is hours away from witnessing the Statehood/observer bid of Palestine being approved.  And the bad guys…israHELL and the United Snakes are powerless to stop it.
Palestine just kicked the jewish state’s ass in a week of valiant resistance.  Stevie Wonder just refused to perform for the fucking IDF fundraiser in jewlandia, usa. 
I can’t wait to see what else is under the tree for the decent people of the world to open.
Things are looking bad for the tribe.  And when that happens, it’s a good thing for everyone else.  Then they pull something. I dare them to try.  Now.  When the whole world is watching. I dare them to try and get away with it now.  It ain’t gonna work.  As they love to say…”never again“. 

I posed the rhetorical question up there about what more I could wish for.  You want the whole list? These of course, are baby steps.

These things I listed.  But as any parent can tell you, those first few faltering attempts by a child are quickly replaced by ‘cruising’…then there is no stopping the life-force.  Try as you may to remove all breakables from the path of this emerging exploratory toddler…things will get broken.  And no bad thing.  It’s a learning experience…these initial steps.   And they lead to independence.  Just as the Gentile population of the world is shuffling off the drug-dependence of the yiddish.  The drug of ‘political correctness’ and its injustice… and their propaganda that pushes it.  
It is in relief now.  When you look at the mainstream news, you can clearly see by their absence, the important issues of the day.  These are the days of telephone screamers and button-pushers panicking.  The days when no spin they come up with can be believed by anyone.  So they cannot report these things happening around them.  There is no way to spin an obvious truth. The jewish culture sucks.  Everyone knows it.  There is no positive stereotype anymore.  As much as she tries to be humorous…we all know that Sarah Silverman is truly a repulsive whore. This is no act. Watch her carefully, if you can stomach it. She IS judaism.  She is the persona. There is nothing else there.  She is the fail. That glorious failure for all to see. And this is how jews themselves will wipe israhell off the map…and ANY positive image of the jew from our collective perception.  And we will look back shortly and wonder.  Wonder how we were taken in by the tribe when they showed us at every turn how inhuman and filthy their faction has always been.
So yes, we have more items on our wish-list.  The complete dismantling of that terrorist state.  The re-education about the factual history of their phony holohoax.  The trials and executions of their most violent.  The public humiliation of all that have yet to disavow their actions.
Jew and Gentile alike.  The divestment of media ownership and political influence will follow naturally.

I could go on with this list for a long time.  And I’m sure you have your own.  But suffice to say that these items are being checked off by humanity, one by one.  The wish list will be fulfilled in its entirety. Eventually. And we are here at the beginning to witness such a glorious  period in our history.  It has taken far too long to get this ball rolling.  Far too long for those that have suffered.  But it is finally starting.
So if you…for one minute…think that it is beneath one of the tribe to shove a contract under a blind performer’s hands and say “here, sign this…you are doing a benefit in L.A. for a lot of money.  You don’t need to know what it’s for”.  If you think…for one minute…that Nutty-yahoo wouldn’t kill every Palestinian child in Gaza for half a shekel or a few more votes.  If you think that the jewish-owned political machine in D.C. wouldn’t threaten every other country in the world with untold horror, if they vote to let Palestine in the UN.  If you think that these things are outlandish and wing-nut theories…well, just look around. Look around and rejoice.  Look at what is happening in this, the beginning of the awakening.  This Great week. 


16 thoughts on “Has This Been The Greatest Week, Or What?

  1. Well, not to be the one to piss on this party, but go hang out on the Rez, and know what a non member observer becomes, fuck that. So that is become sick, but accounted for, and be the first to beg for whatever crumbs are not locked up in dumpsters, fuck that. If that helps everyone else get some sleep, fuck off. My people are being hunted, and if rules are followed, I suppose the bodies will be more glamorous, and feed more of it. But happy birthday, the dead ones to come will forgive you, try swallowing that.You were so close, that is sorrowful. Keep praying for the Calvary, the soldiers are coming, not what you want, in the end.

  2. Neal – I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one. It doesn't matter what it does for those with the little balls it took to vote yes. What does matter is that there is MUCH more visibility. AND the bastards are going to be taken to court over their war-crimes. And it is a horrendous embarrassment to the US and their sycophants. It does have meaning. Jews lose. That ALWAYS has positive meaning to me.I assume Calvary reference was meant as a Christian reference? We are the cavalry…no booga-booga in the sky gonna help us. If that's what you meant.The world has endured 65 years of the "piece" process. Now we gonna try the "justice process". That is a step forward.

  3. Your use of the term "anti-semite" to describe yourself lends credence to the inaccurate, fraudulent use of the term. You are no more anti-Palestinian than anyone- in fact, you are a pro-semite- so why use a term which is inaccurate, fraudulent and used to deflect legitimate criticism? Perhaps you can come up with something else to describe your leanings, but anti-semite (given the reality of modern jews as mongol-turks or khazarians rather than israelites) is simply a useless, inaccurate and fraudulent term.

  4. Anon@8:01 – I can tell you haven't read my book. Of course Semitism -actually a language designation-has nothing to do with khazarian descendents. And I am fully aware that these secular ashkenazim for the most part are less semitic than those that they suppress. It is a tongue-in-cheek kinda thing. But thanks for the comment and BUY MY BOOK!(grin)…

  5. You're right, and Neal is also right. At this point is just a matter of how one wants to look at it… is the glass half empty or half full. Me, I think if the Israelis just paid property tax to the Palestinians the Palestinians would shut up and even go away. Just send them their fucking checks and have a nice day, assholes.For us in the USA though, I think we are sick of them no matter what. I know I am!

  6. I have never seen the Timster, so HAPPY! A MAN AT WORK THE OTHER NIGHT, TOLD ME ABOUT THIS VOTE OF 138 TO 9 AND BEING SUCH A DUMASS,I WAS UNAWARE OF THIS VOTE! Seems to send out a message! Those like you my friend, keep a candle in the window, hopefully growing becoming a lighthouse to the world!

  7. Genie – I agree. It can be a matter of perception. But to me, it is the beginning of the loss of international jewish power. The world, no matter how effectual this vote is, said NO to israhell and the united snakes that they own. I hope the PA trots the zionistas off to the Hague sometime soon so the world can see these assholes in the dock.

  8. Glenster – Well, though many out here don't care for it…I am trying to take a more positive outlook. It seems a lot of folks are hooked on fear-porn and gloom-and-doom. I see a wonderful new beginning here in this statement made right in the nest of the viper himself…jew york! YAY!!!

  9. Happy happy happy!Nice stuff huh! Thanks for the positive take on things.On Saturday evenings I like to listen to Max French's Victory Hour on the Ugly Truth Radio because his show also has a positive slant along this line. (7 pm est)I just might end up posting this…. with your permission of course.

  10. Hello
    Please don’t call them ‘bastards’, it is an insult to ‘bastards’ and it sounds ‘impotent’.
    Call them Shit-farmers or scum-f___s or murderous inbreeds or whatever, but not ‘bastards’.
    Enjoy your writing.

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