For Those With No Time For Petitions…


5 thoughts on “For Those With No Time For Petitions…

  1. Thank you dear Timster. No child from anywhere, from Vietnam, from Iraq, from Hiroshima or Nagasaki, from Afghanistan, from Israel, from Gaza, from America or from China deserves this kind of pain. No one deserves this!People say there's nothing we can do. I can cry, I can scream, I can look at these pictures and not turn away. We can love just as Rachel Corrie did! Marigold

  2. Tim,Besides those categories that have not signed your petition, there is at least one more that you haven’t mentioned or taken into consideration. Some people do not believe in asking the perpetuator to stop acting on its evil nature and thus acknowledging its power, legality and morality. Since this entity is illegal, immoral, self serving and criminal in nature. It is getting its existence from the acceptance and acknowledgement of the people it programs with the belief in its inexorable reality. The beast has no life if it is not fed. The beast feeding is performed by sheer acknowledgement of its existence. Some folks do not acknowledge evil because of non duality principles. It is the same as not voting, for voting is acknowledgement of the beast and its rightful existence. Thinking and living outside of the constraints of the political box is one way of perceiving existence and shaping it. Your contribution is essential for the uninformed and uneducated and your wisdom a much needed alternative to these dark times. Please detach yourself from the depraved mentality of government and politics. Their time has gone and a new perspective of reality must be created. Divest all support for the so called “government” and its minions.

  3. Dan – An interesting observation. I have no attachments to politics. Nor to this country. To me it is just a means for putting yourself in the crosshairs. For standing up somewhere for what you believe in…no matter what forum. I'm tired of being told that amerikans support israhell. When it comes down to it, either most don't care or are unaware of what they are supporting. The rest are like us. And we are many. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Yes, I admire, appreciate and love you. You are a sane voice in the wilderness of confusion and despair. All this needed for the purification of the "soul". Existence is refining the best "spirits".

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