The Flagrum, Or What Am I Bitching About?

I had a smart-assed Aunt.  When I was a young guy, she told me once: “Did you know that the word ‘gullible’ is not in the dictionary?”  “Huh?”, says I.  “Really…go look it up if you don’t believe me”.  Well, of course, being the trusting kid I was…I did.
Duh.  I have been through a shit-storm since then.  But I am convinced of one thing.  The word IS in the dictionary.  It is in the air that we breathe.  It permeates our world like water in a sponge.  Is this new?  I hope to tell you it isn’t.  It’s the basis for everything evil…including twinkies.
As someone once said: “prejudice saves time”…so too does gullibility.  Just taking what you hear as fact and moving on.  “I don’t have time to fact-check everything, fer chrissakes!”  “If you say it is so, well, unless it is going to impact my day-to-day dramatically…I gotta file away what your telling me as real”. File. Move on.

I started a joke♫A petition actually.  Although the joke was on me.  And I bitched you out for not signing it(see below).  I don’t know if it was rage against complicit laziness/fear that I saw in you amerikans that were within your obama-given right to sign it…or vanity.  But I bitched at you.  I won’t apologize just yet. Sometimes we all get to be a bit vain.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone…I guess. But that’s as may be.

It is about one more slap.  A slap in the face to those few that signed mine and the Les Visible  petitions.  One more belief melting away. A gut intuition that most people are more good-hearted than the “I Me Mine” that George sang to us about...proved wrong.  How fitting that this was the last recording the Beatles ever did.  Hi ho.
I don’t have many left.  Beliefs.  Unlike Les, I don’t think Mr. Apocalypse is coming.  I don’t think he exists any more than Christ or Buddha.  Any more than Mohammad…any more than twinkies.  I used to think that we depended on these mythic righteous sword-wielding equalizers too much to level the playing field. To save us from ourselves, so to speak. That we had to take matters into our own hands and make things happen just like the psyhopathic sphincters that we hate do.  Then I fell into that comfort zone of karma.  That not-too-terribly-religious observance that what goes around comes around.  The devil will get what‘s coming to him.  All we have to do is endure him…just one more turn around that corner.  That corner that prosperity is just around.  Just one more dead child.  Just one more bomb and he will have gone too far for the great judge in the sky to endure.  I truly believed that.  Well…maybe not.  But it gave me comfort.  Sort of.  Isn’t that what religion(of any flavour) is supposed to provide?  Peace of mind.  So we can get on with I-me-mine.  I guess.  It worked for me for a while.  I think it works with a lot of folks.  Like the ones that won’t sign our petitions.
Then I came to the understanding that no one is going to fight our fight for us.  And I started this site.  Confident in the number of readers that I quickly garnered.  Convinced that through this technology…we really CAN overcome.  Uh-huh.
Now, I understand that Mr. Apocalypse is an allegorical being that represents the decent human spirit of mankind, and I don’t mean to belittle Les’ efforts.  But, you forget…I don’t even truck with that anymore.  That spirit that lets children be butchered by maniacs bent on more luxury...and incensed that anyone should deny them that.  That’s the spiritmathematically speaking…that prevails today.  And that is what I believe in now.

But short of converting to judaism…I will just chastise.
When you are too high on yourselves…come here.  When you are feeling guilty about your lack of action in the face of the tribe…come here.  I will flog you so you don’t have to do it yourself.  I‘m better at it.  For all your sins.  For all your gullibility. For all your self-inflicted fear.  Come here.  I’ll make it all better.

So what have I got to bitch about?  I have a new mission.  I won’t be one of those countless other anti-jew sites that tells you about other ‘sheeple‘ that aren‘t awake or aware of what ‘we’ know to be true.  I name you.  Like the Catholic church, I will flog you and give you penance.  Then ask you to come back for more.  I’ll still sleep well.  You will sleep well.  Sure…the children will go on dying.  But sleep.  Sleep and mirror reflections…these are the important things.  I get to do these things because I am an arrogant prick who has taken the moral high-ground that you could have had if you had but jumped up there a little faster.  Not to worry.  I’m on your side here.  We all need punishment.  I will give it to you as I punish myself for also not doing enough.  But I am trying.  With my lost cause.


4 thoughts on “The Flagrum, Or What Am I Bitching About?

  1. Maybe not lost, just traveling, I do not like it much.Do not eat, not so much sleep, no opinions, just being more mean, and lost. The wife, she lets me do that, but she draws some line against digging another foxhole, the place where almost all pray sometimes. Lots of words, in these places. Not so much the real rules, do not set my boots on fire, then piss on them, and come back later, with higher orders. That never works, in the real world.

  2. getting back to the fundamentals isOBLIGATOIRE – en francais Il Est Obligatoire….vous desirez renseignements ?{do you need directions?}…if you were to inquire from a lofty position…and this is where the saucer pod comes in…[I met Willie before he died, he may have made a few typo's but he had done a lot of research]{after having read Sitchin & Tellinger it is abundantly clear the RECORDS have been Tampered with,that may be the underlying theme of the CURSE OF CANAAN by Mullins}not that Les is a crazy fundamentalist or anything…but the bottonm line is time…{imagine taking the results of a Mass Murder investigation to the Kosher Crackhouse called Congress Carlos- only to be told…We Don't work for you…}our souls continue…onjust your space suit changes…wanna have some fun sometime come over and we'll take a trip in the time machine and then you'll knowin the meantime when you're beating the flock for malicious and excessive "Jew" worship give them a few whammies for Davyi've kinda washed my hands of them

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