Somewhere Between "I Don’t Really Give A Shit" And "I’m Scared"…

I was talking with a journalist friend of mine about my petition.  It may reach 150 signatures today.  If I’m lucky.

Below is a list of a few of the caring and brave websites that have pushed it in your face over the past 24 hours.

Kenny’s Sideshow
Lasha Darkmoon’s site Darkmoon
Les Visible’s Smoking Mirrors

The French Connection
What Really Happened
Gilad Atzmon’s site, Writings

(All good people, and I thank them deeply)
And there were many more tweets, reddits and facebook entries directing the ‘alternative’ reader to my symbolic effort to show Washington that the amerikan people have had enough of being ruled by the zionist regime in the terrorist encampment inside Palestine.  But apparently, my effort is a lie. They haven’t had enough.  They are okay with it.

But what of these readers? These other ‘caring’ people that are aware of or have followed the link to my petition?  Other than the REAL people that actually signed it…what happened to the probably gazillion that were exposed to it in this short time?  
Well, my friend offered me a few suggestions about that in my disillusionment. The reporter told me that those amerikans exposed to the document that didn’t, or have no intention of signing it; they will fall into one of these categories.

One- Those that don’t give a shit. One way or another.  Armchair revolutionaries.  They love to read other’s ‘radical’ opinions…but when it comes right down to it…would rather watch television than publicly agree or disagree with anything.
The journalist reckons that about 30% fall into this category.

Two– Those that read and agree wholeheatedly with the wording  and the thrust of the statement…and WOULD sign it…but are scared shitless to do so.  Pussies. Scared of their own shadows and thinking that it will target their little lives somehow. My friend puts that at around 40%.

And Three-  Those that also agree with the petition but think, “Hey, it isn’t going to do any good anyway…why waste my time? I don’t sign petitions”.  He thinks that makes up the remainder of those exposed to it.

Hard numbers to swallow.  But swallow them I did.  Bitter.  He also told me that I ask too much.  “You are asking amerikans to disassociate themselves from our greatest ally”.  “WHAT?”, I said.  Thinking I just heard my true friend turn on me.  “We and israhell are the two biggest soulless assholes among nations…true friends“, says he.  Hard to argue with that.

Ever since the end of the “Sixties”…that time of my first disillusionment concerning how much people really care about one another, I have thought of myself as a cynic.  One not deluded about the amount of social conscience in our society. Learned my lesson. I cut my hair, went back to school and got a good job.  Leaving “we shall overcome” to the suckers and the unemployed.  
Then came the internet.  A new way for grass-roots revolution to popularize, thought I.  A marvelous way to reach out to my fellow humans, share our discontent and actually wrest control of our world from psychopaths.

Even in my advanced stage of life, I got suckered again.  No fool like an old fool, they say.
I wasn’t trying to change the world with one petition.  I wasn’t expecting very much, really.  That’s what I got.  And even more.

So for my many amerikan readers that signed and helped me get this out there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the rest that know about my symbolic effort and have treated it like the plague; for those that refuse to lift a finger, literally, to make a stance… I would tell you to “go to hell”…but you are already there.  Your attitude has handed the zionist jews what they knew they would get all along.  I was the liar.  By telling you that you cared enough to try and stop them.  You don’t.  Or you are so scared of life that I don’t see how you can even function. Do the world a favor…stay off the internet. Go watch your talmud-vision or take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. 

Bitter?  You bet. But a lot wiser.



18 thoughts on “Somewhere Between "I Don’t Really Give A Shit" And "I’m Scared"…

  1. good to get that off your chest…now you're freewelcome to the NEW REALITYthose assholes will be a pile of ashes in two shakes of a lambs tail…and you know what….I'm not going to miss them….at all.frankly speaking, earnestly from the heart I don't want to live in a country where these evil motherfucking assholes get to steal my time and "pursuit of happiness" with their incessant "JEW" worshipping…Remember the Branch Davidians…the zionist TALMUDIC TERRORISTS proved that the little children didn't deserve DUE PROCESS rights either…let alone Old People and innocent men and women…in their HOME…just like the Palestinians…so yeah, these useless fucking assholes are adjudicating themselves in REAL TIME and then Mr. A is going to beat the shit out of them with his walking stick and set their corpse on fire in a New York nanosecond they will be a pile of ashes….and we will be FREE to pursue happiness which was the original idea…in the first placeNO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A "JEWISH"….but those who are or are "JEW" worshippers have a very short window of opportunity to climb out of the bottomless pit that they have augered themselves into ….as a result of avarice, greed, self righteous self centered special chosen assholeness…and well just being so extra fucking special…!!no need for being bitter…Thank God you have the Balls to tell the Truth, and encourage others to do the same…may your reward last a thousand yearsDavy

  2. Tim Confucius said– In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of. additionally he outlined a hierarchy of work "To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right. It is man that makes truth great, not truth that makes man great." So don't be anxious there is a lot of work to be done " To lead an untrained people to war is to throw them away." – Confucius being prepared comes first stay clear headed

  3. Sorry to disappoint, Timster.Simply no point in voicing a political opinion in the current situation. The simplest, most compelling testament is the farcical vote at the Demo convention recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Talmudistan.The only public action worth taking is to inform citizens who are in the dark.Anti-Semitism is rising as it always does. We only need to open the door on 9/11 and the rest of history falls from the tree.Fuck the White House. Fuck the Congress. As Freedman pointed out in 1961, we've been ruled by the Tribe for a long, long time.The only thing they fear is an awakened populace.

  4. Was proudly the third or so person to sign it(Chris R.). Posted it to twitter too but I only have 54 followers. You should post the link again on this story so I can go shame/annoy some more people into signing it.

  5. here's one of the numb nut "jew" worshippers…tom opened his parachute and broke his back… Al Quida a "Jewish" fantasy…PATSY…? gordian knot is unravelling swiftly….another "Jewish" stageplay theatrescript…with a few adlibs…ever seen the adventures of baron von munchausen…?OPEN THE GATE !!!cheers

  6. Anon@11:10 – Then they clearly have nothing to fear.I don't subscribe to the notion that people aren't awake anymore. They are totally cognizant of what is happening…and it all boils down to the fact that they simply don't care. Somewhere amerikans have learned to be mean uncaring assholes. I don't know where or when that happened…but I have a good idea who taught them.

  7. Dave – I hear you. And to a certain extent I concur. I try to protect my identity…a bit…for the sake of my family. Because of the asshole wingnuts out here. Not because of the JPTB. I think you have to admit to yourself at some point that they already know who you are. If you visit sites like mine, you have been in their sights a long time. And they aren't worried. They know folks like us are about as dangerous as water. But what are we teaching our children by cowering before them? I won't try to change your mind about this. You have your reasons, I'm sure. For me, it isn't even a choice. They know me…come and get me. Fuck em.

  8. Face a fact Timster..the goy(for the most part) are, or have beentransformed into cattle.Almost ready for the slaughter.Even the mooing just gets a little louder right before the steel boltgoes thru the brain (whats left of it).Unless….

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