This Is Important

Please go to this link.  Read it. Sign it. I created it. If you disagree with this petition…you are not welcome here.  Period.  It may not start anything.  But then again maybe it will.  It definitely won’t if you don’t sign it, distribute it, reprint it on your site or suggest to other like-minded sites to publish it. Facebook it…twitter it…reddit it. I did my part, no matter what the outcome.  Please do yours. It doesn’t cost anything to sign and distribute it.  It is exceptionally expensive NOT to do so.

Thank you,


12 thoughts on “This Is Important

  1. WRH posted it. Maybe that will help in the pass around.It appears that 150 signatures are needed just to get it to show up in the search and maybe in the open petition listings.

  2. while this may simply be a symbolic gesture…IN GOOD FAITH :it certainly brings THE ISSUE to the…. FORE !!!….no one has to live in a stool sculpture deity cult compound [TALMUD],7340,L-4304521,00.html- 90% of so-called "Jews" are Khazar/Ashkenazim = GOG & MAGOG proselytesto Talmudic Judaismif some "Jew" worshipping morons really care about the "souls" of so-called Jews why would they not want to tell them the truth about leaving the CULT COMPOUND ?Thought Crimes & Judaism…Supporting the dung doodling cult compound called "State of Israel" is one of the central stool sculptures of the different effluent steams' common denominator. In the case of Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, and his movement – the commitment to the cult compound can be seen as "unconditional love", as the State does not give back love or recognize the Reform rabbis and dung doodling communities in Talmudia. I was invited to address the General Assembly of the stool sculpture dung doodling "Jewish" Federations of North America, taking place in Baltimore, about the commitment to equality for minorities in the Jewish nation state…. an ongoing CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY…not to mention the G*D of Israel …[]My hosts asked me to focus on equal rights for the Arab minority, but after preparing the address, I realized that the majority of those attending the event belong to the Reform and Conservative communities, which do not enjoy equality in TALMUDIA either. stool sculpture deity cult compound is the Jewish nation state and a…[CRUCIFY HIM/PAID MOB] so-called "democratic" country,,, {respects neil}…..hence every single Jewish dung doodling community should be allowed to express itself and uphold its culture and customs…..but for how long ? more dung doodling communities and treated sewerage streams feel they can express themselves and be creative here, and the more they feel at home here – the better. . .MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH….. for my thought crime, and to make sure that I don't fall again, and to prevent me from committing such crimes ever again in the future, I will lock my "illegal thoughts" down, I will encircle them inside strictly defined boundaries and promise to shoot any thought caught attempting to escape.., I hereby affirm that any mention of words such as Jewish, Talmud, Judaic, Jews, Holocaust, Jewish Suffering, Jewish values, Jewish soul are Holy Words which emanate from good Kelipat Nogah and can only be uttered in utmost adoration and supreme devotion.Thanks TimDavy

  3. Kenny – Thanks! Yeah, I think the last count is about 50. I called in some favors to get it posted on other major sites. Thanks for the WRH thing. I wouldn't ask Mikey myself, considering our history…but it is good to see we can bury the hatchet for something important.

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