When You Begin To Lie…

“When a boy won’t be good…he might as well be made of wood”.

Wise words.
Just a few short thoughts to share after I revisited “Pinnochio” last night.  They had released a new and improved version recently and I just had to see it.  Again.  For about the gazillionth time.  Not that I care much for the original Collodi narrative.  Not that I care that much for animation.  Not  that I even care so much for old Disney movies.  It’s the ‘feel’ of it. A vision that Walt had for children and instructive parable. The original story was penned as allegory, mostly considering the “lie-telling” caution that surrounded Collodi in his position of a censor in turn-of-the-century Italy.  Walt’s idea to make it more of an instructive fable for children was a stroke of genius. 

 I reflected on that as I watched.  I also imagined Walt, the old visionary, spinning in his grave, while the tribe he fought so valiantly, now sour what was his mission in life.  As the jewish always do. Sour, spoil and diminish.  I also thought that the film’s animated antagonists resemblance to the very tribe which Walt battled over the years, was unmistakeable.  Lying, conniving and thieving “Honest John“, “Stromboli” and the shadowy gold-master, to me came to life as the yiddish crowd that hammered away at Disney as he strove to keep his dream alive.  A dream that of course is no longer there.  Replaced by essentially ‘kiddie-porn’ movies and gay marriages at Disneyland.  You can say that about anything.  You can read anything into anything…but.  I imagine at the time of Pinocchio’s release…many of the tribe saw the parallel as well. A ‘thumbed-nose’ if you will.  A flipping-off to those that tried every trick they knew from labour strikes to smear campaigns…and finally the purchase of Walt’s own brother…to gain control of this money-making enterprise that amerika loved so dearly.  Oh well.  Judaism happens.  Like shit.  It’s always there somewhere.  And you can always smell it.

Oh, I’m not deifying Walt. I know his reputation.  I knew a girl that animated at his studio…and the tales she told…oh,my.  She had met him several times as he wandered through the drawing factory.  As she told it, he was exacting, dictatorial, had no tact or people skills to speak of, and demanded more work for less pay…as a company policy.  She finally quit during one of the many jewishinspired unionization attempts that left her without a paycheck for too long. But she knew him in his later years, so I will temper her impression of him with what he accomplished in the face of staggering opposition from the JPTB in the entertainment business. One can get tired.  I know that all too well.  And one of the first casualties of battle is loss of patience.

But that isn’t what I wanted to cover here now.  
Lying.  We all do it.  Yes, you do. Call me nuts…but when I watch the clip below, I can only think of one thing.  The hollow-co$t. “Nazis? Weren’t you afraid?”…
“…a lie keeps growing and growing, until it is as plain as the nose on your face“.

Lying? Nose?  Coincidental?  Probably.
But most of us understand this concept of the tangled web of deceit. And how to avoid it altogether. And most of us do.  But I remember a line from Bergman’s “Fanny and Alexander“.  The antagonist preacher was disciplining young Alexander and he asked him “why do people lie”.  He thought for a moment then said “to gain an advantage”.  Truer words were never spoken.  But as we all have experienced…that advantage slips away when our lies are exposed.  And they all are.  Eventually.  Even if it is after death.  Things are what they are.  You can’t lie them into something else…for very long.
So let’s celebrate Walt despite his human frailties… and lessons taught to a few generations through his simple animations. Let’s look at the noses that have grown around us. And be more like Jiminy…”Leave me out of this”.


2 thoughts on “When You Begin To Lie…

  1. Hi Timster!I enjoyed the Pinnochio clip. I will admit to feeling a little safer in my lonely self as a child hearing that song, When you wish upon a star….mAkes no difference who you are…I liked that part, it meant I would be alright somehow. Thank you for your interesting take on Pinnochio and Walt Disney. I am one who has never cared for lying. It is hard for me to find places where I have lied. Although I have been conditioned and believed many lies. Undoing all that has been written on us is the path back home. And anything that we did not find to be true for us is a lie, anything!!!I love the truth and I am always feeling my way towards it. Marigold

  2. Marigold – I know what you mean! I think a few generations have made some wishes on stars because of that film.Thanks for the comment. Sorry I haven't answered it until now…been busy with the petition.

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