Has This Been The Greatest Week, Or What?

I swear…if things keep going like this, I’m gonna start believing in Santa Claus again.
What more could a confessed anti-semite ask for in this season of giving?  The world is hours away from witnessing the Statehood/observer bid of Palestine being approved.  And the bad guys…israHELL and the United Snakes are powerless to stop it.
Palestine just kicked the jewish state’s ass in a week of valiant resistance.  Stevie Wonder just refused to perform for the fucking IDF fundraiser in jewlandia, usa. 
I can’t wait to see what else is under the tree for the decent people of the world to open.
Things are looking bad for the tribe.  And when that happens, it’s a good thing for everyone else.  Then they pull something. I dare them to try.  Now.  When the whole world is watching. I dare them to try and get away with it now.  It ain’t gonna work.  As they love to say…”never again“. 

I posed the rhetorical question up there about what more I could wish for.  You want the whole list? These of course, are baby steps.

These things I listed.  But as any parent can tell you, those first few faltering attempts by a child are quickly replaced by ‘cruising’…then there is no stopping the life-force.  Try as you may to remove all breakables from the path of this emerging exploratory toddler…things will get broken.  And no bad thing.  It’s a learning experience…these initial steps.   And they lead to independence.  Just as the Gentile population of the world is shuffling off the drug-dependence of the yiddish.  The drug of ‘political correctness’ and its injustice… and their propaganda that pushes it.  
It is in relief now.  When you look at the mainstream news, you can clearly see by their absence, the important issues of the day.  These are the days of telephone screamers and button-pushers panicking.  The days when no spin they come up with can be believed by anyone.  So they cannot report these things happening around them.  There is no way to spin an obvious truth. The jewish culture sucks.  Everyone knows it.  There is no positive stereotype anymore.  As much as she tries to be humorous…we all know that Sarah Silverman is truly a repulsive whore. This is no act. Watch her carefully, if you can stomach it. She IS judaism.  She is the persona. There is nothing else there.  She is the fail. That glorious failure for all to see. And this is how jews themselves will wipe israhell off the map…and ANY positive image of the jew from our collective perception.  And we will look back shortly and wonder.  Wonder how we were taken in by the tribe when they showed us at every turn how inhuman and filthy their faction has always been.
So yes, we have more items on our wish-list.  The complete dismantling of that terrorist state.  The re-education about the factual history of their phony holohoax.  The trials and executions of their most violent.  The public humiliation of all that have yet to disavow their actions.
Jew and Gentile alike.  The divestment of media ownership and political influence will follow naturally.

I could go on with this list for a long time.  And I’m sure you have your own.  But suffice to say that these items are being checked off by humanity, one by one.  The wish list will be fulfilled in its entirety. Eventually. And we are here at the beginning to witness such a glorious  period in our history.  It has taken far too long to get this ball rolling.  Far too long for those that have suffered.  But it is finally starting.
So if you…for one minute…think that it is beneath one of the tribe to shove a contract under a blind performer’s hands and say “here, sign this…you are doing a benefit in L.A. for a lot of money.  You don’t need to know what it’s for”.  If you think…for one minute…that Nutty-yahoo wouldn’t kill every Palestinian child in Gaza for half a shekel or a few more votes.  If you think that the jewish-owned political machine in D.C. wouldn’t threaten every other country in the world with untold horror, if they vote to let Palestine in the UN.  If you think that these things are outlandish and wing-nut theories…well, just look around. Look around and rejoice.  Look at what is happening in this, the beginning of the awakening.  This Great week. 


Things Written, Things Forgotten…

There are certain things that you can’t do with the written word.  Among the things that you can do, however, is to bite your thumb at those not directly in front of  you.  “Do you bite your thumb at us, Sir?”  I bite my thumb.”

Among the things that you can’t do, is follow-up.  Follow-up, as any middle-manager knows, is to check and see that the things you meant to direct, actually got done.  Well, you can do that out on the production floor.  But you can‘t do it in real-life.
I have a sundial.  One of those pre-fab stampedout-made-to-look-old ones that you can buy at any garden center.  I aligned it with the North star…and in the Winter it is as accurate as an i-phone. Around the edge it says: “Grow old along with me – the best is yet to be”.  I am not sure I believe that.  But what impresses me more is that in all of its replication of antiquity, this faux-bronze dial also has the figure of ‘Father Time’ on it.  And he has a scythe. Why do he and the cloaked ‘death’ figure always carry the same weapon? Are they trying to tell us something?  Someday I will die and one of my friends will write a fitting obit here…then you will be sorry.  And I will be out there in the universe.  Or outside the universe.  Because, according to our logic, there is always an other.  An outside.  “Very nice universe you have here…what’s outside its boundries?
You may have guessed that I don’t really have a direction for this piece yet.  Hang in there. Like that number ten bus…it will be here shortly. 

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, ‘A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!’” 

Well, with all due respect to Mr. Robert Browning…I don’t trust anyone. 

But that isn’t important now.  What is important in the modern world is action.  And things.  And things of action. Things with apps.  Like the War-Mart psychos that everyone is talking about.  Or killing children in Gaza.  There is an app for all these things.  Perhaps there should be a “bite your thumb” or “grow old with me” app.  Maybe there is.  I’m not sure.  All I know is that Eve Arden was not a jew.
So I started this petition thing.  A noble act on paper, I guess.  Not meant to accomplish much.  And don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to go on whinging about the lack of support I got for it.  I am approaching 1000 signatures and may reach that goal(though I have stopped trying) by the time it is supposed to collect 25,000 names.  But I doubt it.  And that’s okay.  Like I said, it was  a silly venture.  I won’t berate you for your personal reasons for not signing it.  Nothing will come of it either way.  I just saw it as perhaps a sign of the times(pun intended).  Like Barry’s latest kinda spooky ambiguous declaration while probably getting a BJ from some intern on Airforce one.  I was on that plane several times.  There is plenty of room for BJ’s of various kinds.  Maybe he dictated it while high on something besides the obvious.  I dunno.  It isn’t very well veiled however.
Kind of a “after they lone-nutwastemyass, this will be my posthumous  warning” type of document. Quite apparently directed at jews in federal power, it could be seen as a potshot at his own foot.  Oh well.  I’m sure it is on its way to being forgotten.  But it is hard to forget something that wasn’t even reported on the evening news. Those are the important items…as you well know.  I guess I will take them both on soon enough.  The old guys with the scythes.  The one with the beard and the one with the hoodie.

So proving my original statement that there are some things that you cannot accomplish with the written word.
I didn’t with my petition.
Barry didn‘t with his proclamation.
Browning didn’t with his poem
And I haven’t here…    

The Flagrum, Or What Am I Bitching About?

I had a smart-assed Aunt.  When I was a young guy, she told me once: “Did you know that the word ‘gullible’ is not in the dictionary?”  “Huh?”, says I.  “Really…go look it up if you don’t believe me”.  Well, of course, being the trusting kid I was…I did.
Duh.  I have been through a shit-storm since then.  But I am convinced of one thing.  The word IS in the dictionary.  It is in the air that we breathe.  It permeates our world like water in a sponge.  Is this new?  I hope to tell you it isn’t.  It’s the basis for everything evil…including twinkies.
As someone once said: “prejudice saves time”…so too does gullibility.  Just taking what you hear as fact and moving on.  “I don’t have time to fact-check everything, fer chrissakes!”  “If you say it is so, well, unless it is going to impact my day-to-day dramatically…I gotta file away what your telling me as real”. File. Move on.

I started a joke♫A petition actually.  Although the joke was on me.  And I bitched you out for not signing it(see below).  I don’t know if it was rage against complicit laziness/fear that I saw in you amerikans that were within your obama-given right to sign it…or vanity.  But I bitched at you.  I won’t apologize just yet. Sometimes we all get to be a bit vain.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone…I guess. But that’s as may be.

It is about one more slap.  A slap in the face to those few that signed mine and the Les Visible  petitions.  One more belief melting away. A gut intuition that most people are more good-hearted than the “I Me Mine” that George sang to us about...proved wrong.  How fitting that this was the last recording the Beatles ever did.  Hi ho.
I don’t have many left.  Beliefs.  Unlike Les, I don’t think Mr. Apocalypse is coming.  I don’t think he exists any more than Christ or Buddha.  Any more than Mohammad…any more than twinkies.  I used to think that we depended on these mythic righteous sword-wielding equalizers too much to level the playing field. To save us from ourselves, so to speak. That we had to take matters into our own hands and make things happen just like the psyhopathic sphincters that we hate do.  Then I fell into that comfort zone of karma.  That not-too-terribly-religious observance that what goes around comes around.  The devil will get what‘s coming to him.  All we have to do is endure him…just one more turn around that corner.  That corner that prosperity is just around.  Just one more dead child.  Just one more bomb and he will have gone too far for the great judge in the sky to endure.  I truly believed that.  Well…maybe not.  But it gave me comfort.  Sort of.  Isn’t that what religion(of any flavour) is supposed to provide?  Peace of mind.  So we can get on with I-me-mine.  I guess.  It worked for me for a while.  I think it works with a lot of folks.  Like the ones that won’t sign our petitions.
Then I came to the understanding that no one is going to fight our fight for us.  And I started this site.  Confident in the number of readers that I quickly garnered.  Convinced that through this technology…we really CAN overcome.  Uh-huh.
Now, I understand that Mr. Apocalypse is an allegorical being that represents the decent human spirit of mankind, and I don’t mean to belittle Les’ efforts.  But, you forget…I don’t even truck with that anymore.  That spirit that lets children be butchered by maniacs bent on more luxury...and incensed that anyone should deny them that.  That’s the spiritmathematically speaking…that prevails today.  And that is what I believe in now.

But short of converting to judaism…I will just chastise.
When you are too high on yourselves…come here.  When you are feeling guilty about your lack of action in the face of the tribe…come here.  I will flog you so you don’t have to do it yourself.  I‘m better at it.  For all your sins.  For all your gullibility. For all your self-inflicted fear.  Come here.  I’ll make it all better.

So what have I got to bitch about?  I have a new mission.  I won’t be one of those countless other anti-jew sites that tells you about other ‘sheeple‘ that aren‘t awake or aware of what ‘we’ know to be true.  I name you.  Like the Catholic church, I will flog you and give you penance.  Then ask you to come back for more.  I’ll still sleep well.  You will sleep well.  Sure…the children will go on dying.  But sleep.  Sleep and mirror reflections…these are the important things.  I get to do these things because I am an arrogant prick who has taken the moral high-ground that you could have had if you had but jumped up there a little faster.  Not to worry.  I’m on your side here.  We all need punishment.  I will give it to you as I punish myself for also not doing enough.  But I am trying.  With my lost cause.

Somewhere Between "I Don’t Really Give A Shit" And "I’m Scared"…

I was talking with a journalist friend of mine about my petition.  It may reach 150 signatures today.  If I’m lucky.

Below is a list of a few of the caring and brave websites that have pushed it in your face over the past 24 hours.

Kenny’s Sideshow
Lasha Darkmoon’s site Darkmoon
Les Visible’s Smoking Mirrors

The French Connection
What Really Happened
Gilad Atzmon’s site, Writings

(All good people, and I thank them deeply)
And there were many more tweets, reddits and facebook entries directing the ‘alternative’ reader to my symbolic effort to show Washington that the amerikan people have had enough of being ruled by the zionist regime in the terrorist encampment inside Palestine.  But apparently, my effort is a lie. They haven’t had enough.  They are okay with it.

But what of these readers? These other ‘caring’ people that are aware of or have followed the link to my petition?  Other than the REAL people that actually signed it…what happened to the probably gazillion that were exposed to it in this short time?  
Well, my friend offered me a few suggestions about that in my disillusionment. The reporter told me that those amerikans exposed to the document that didn’t, or have no intention of signing it; they will fall into one of these categories.

One- Those that don’t give a shit. One way or another.  Armchair revolutionaries.  They love to read other’s ‘radical’ opinions…but when it comes right down to it…would rather watch television than publicly agree or disagree with anything.
The journalist reckons that about 30% fall into this category.

Two– Those that read and agree wholeheatedly with the wording  and the thrust of the statement…and WOULD sign it…but are scared shitless to do so.  Pussies. Scared of their own shadows and thinking that it will target their little lives somehow. My friend puts that at around 40%.

And Three-  Those that also agree with the petition but think, “Hey, it isn’t going to do any good anyway…why waste my time? I don’t sign petitions”.  He thinks that makes up the remainder of those exposed to it.

Hard numbers to swallow.  But swallow them I did.  Bitter.  He also told me that I ask too much.  “You are asking amerikans to disassociate themselves from our greatest ally”.  “WHAT?”, I said.  Thinking I just heard my true friend turn on me.  “We and israhell are the two biggest soulless assholes among nations…true friends“, says he.  Hard to argue with that.

Ever since the end of the “Sixties”…that time of my first disillusionment concerning how much people really care about one another, I have thought of myself as a cynic.  One not deluded about the amount of social conscience in our society. Learned my lesson. I cut my hair, went back to school and got a good job.  Leaving “we shall overcome” to the suckers and the unemployed.  
Then came the internet.  A new way for grass-roots revolution to popularize, thought I.  A marvelous way to reach out to my fellow humans, share our discontent and actually wrest control of our world from psychopaths.

Even in my advanced stage of life, I got suckered again.  No fool like an old fool, they say.
I wasn’t trying to change the world with one petition.  I wasn’t expecting very much, really.  That’s what I got.  And even more.

So for my many amerikan readers that signed and helped me get this out there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the rest that know about my symbolic effort and have treated it like the plague; for those that refuse to lift a finger, literally, to make a stance… I would tell you to “go to hell”…but you are already there.  Your attitude has handed the zionist jews what they knew they would get all along.  I was the liar.  By telling you that you cared enough to try and stop them.  You don’t.  Or you are so scared of life that I don’t see how you can even function. Do the world a favor…stay off the internet. Go watch your talmud-vision or take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. 

Bitter?  You bet. But a lot wiser.


This Is Important

Please go to this link.  Read it. Sign it. I created it. If you disagree with this petition…you are not welcome here.  Period.  It may not start anything.  But then again maybe it will.  It definitely won’t if you don’t sign it, distribute it, reprint it on your site or suggest to other like-minded sites to publish it. Facebook it…twitter it…reddit it. I did my part, no matter what the outcome.  Please do yours. It doesn’t cost anything to sign and distribute it.  It is exceptionally expensive NOT to do so.

Thank you,