Render Unto Caesar…

After having watched Caesar’s Messiah”, I have a swirling bee-storm in my head.  I guess I should let them out here.  For most of them are pertinent to the thrust of this site. Firstly, I highly recommend this film. It’s one of those head-smacks for anyone that has ever pondered the beginnings of Christianity.  Whether one accepts the myths surrounding this particular religion to be taken literally or as allegorical…or has a more secular ‘atheistic’ view  of it… I think you will come away impressed.  Very little presented in the film can be disproved by the most scholarly of Christian, or in fact, jewish apologists.  And you get the added bonus of listening to one of my favorite gals…D.M. Murdock.

But it goes beyond that.

It is delightful to watch myths fail.  When the fairytales that fail are harmful to the world.

Many have accused me of being soft on religion here at ‘howdarei”.  And with good reason. Apart from judaism, I am.  I learned long ago about the power of myth.  It‘s place in the human psyche.  It‘s stubborn and sluggish transition into more logical thought patterns. The comfort it affords…the tradition it supports…and in general, the need to walk softly concerning it.  But those times are changing.  And I am glad for it.  It is very much like confirming to a child, that ‘yes, there is no Santa Claus, when they grow to understand that he might just be mythical.  Because you are beneficiary to the supportive conclusion to that slight disappointment by telling such a child “Your Mom and I give you these gifts because we love you and look forward to seeing you so happy on Christmas”.  But of course Santa never waged war on anyone.  A purely beneficent mythical creature, Santa. It is easy to replace him in the eyes of a child, with an even more beneficent and objective reality. Just as science has replaced so many myths about the very real need for knowledge of when to plant and reap, so too will the myths of all religions give way to a much more impressive and useful understanding of our own human history. 

Of course, not all of you understand this now, and may not in your lifetime.  And that’s okay.  Though I am not gifted with any special wisdom or knowledge that you yourself cannot acquire, I understand that the personal needs for religion vary from person to person.  I am not the first, the only, or the most clever to hint to you that there is no Santa, or Christ or Mohammad.  And, if you are religious in any way, I know you have your arguments prepared and memorized against such blasphemous debate.  And that too is okay. I won’t even debate the issue here.  That’s not what this place is about.  For if you side with me on the evil intent of judaism…and use your own particular myths as weaponry in such battle, I would hate to see you fail…so I will point out your lack of artillery.
But continuing the allegory of SC that I started up there(I love allegory…as does religion itself), it too can be replaced with a more objective and much more awe-inspiring view of the universe and our place in it.  Each religion(save one)glorifies love/regard for its fellow human.  That is in us regardless, (and probably shaped) of the myths to which we cling. It isn’t ‘Santa-given‘.  So this gives me hope that such dangerous mythological incentive used as tools to coerce and subjugate, that this compendium of the world’s religions(save one) will ‘boil down’ to the essential precepts of regard for it’s fellows.

You, of course, have noted my “save-one” references.  So I will, using the myth-busting attitude of the subject film, direct you to understand that judaism and its rebellious ‘chosenness’ attitude is indeed what brought about the Roman need to create Christianity in the first place.  As explained in the documentary, it was the warring jew that would not conform to Roman influence that, through a jewish-turncoat, gave rise to the very Gospels that are yet revered as the peaceful edicts that are the very foundation of any and all good that Christianity has brought to history.  Whether you believe the jew to be an ‘evil’ entity by way of metaphysics or as this cult is simply explained in the study, you are on the right track.  For very little has changed over the millenia with either religion.  The Christian still seeks to improve the world(by doctrine)through peaceful/trusting means…and judaism still wars through adoration of itself.
I couldn’t have ordered a better explanation of the way things are in our modern world from the true history of both religions.  It fits.  It is entirely objective. No Santa Claus required. 

So don’t miss this one.  Believe it or not.  Understand the objectivity of the research and conclude what you must. Anti-semitism is as essential to propagate today as it was to the Romans during their reign.  We must destroy this cult.  Then and only then, can we render unto humanity what is humanity’s.


11 thoughts on “Render Unto Caesar…

  1. Hi TimsterIf you wish to go further with the Ceasar's Messiah topic there were recently 3 very good interviews with Joe Atwill @ Gnostic Mediaand an additional one at Red Ice Radio, I can't find part one any longer.. I just download them as they come upBut while your at gnostic media give a listen to this interview fits in nicelyRed Ice, the first hour with Joe Atwill and company is available you'll be able to find it there easilyI have heard all of these more then once, find the topic fascinating and want to see the documentary

  2. Penny – Yes, by all means, see it. Amazing stuff. I have been reading Murdock's stuff for years. Between the two of them, I think they have this whole Christian/jew thing placed in its correct perspective. Thanks for the links. I just listened to them.

  3. Hello Timster….myth and symbols are powerful controls for keeping the herd together Your words are profound , however most of us still want to believe in sanity Claus and will go to their graves professing in their beliefs…..

  4. Timster, my question might seem silly or obtuse but has anybody ever considered that maybe the stool sculpture worshipping deity cult may know something that we do not know which possibily could be that the beginning and the end of human existence is what is here on Earth and nothing more? I myself don't believe it but the way they act and treat others sure does seem like this is all they got.

  5. Mike – Well…yes and no. Rabbinical teachings do not include an afterlife, which would explain why the cult believes in the get-it-while-it's-hot type of thing. Do they have any sublime answers about the purpose(or lack thereof)of life itself? Doubtful. No jew that I have known possesses any such all-encompassing knowledge. I think it is more the ultimate cynicism concerning human existence, coupled with a disgustingly hedonistic/narcissistic view of the universe…packaged as religion. To me, Christianity is and always was mere folly. But judaism has always had unhealthy ulterior motives.

  6. Timster,Here is what Acharya S/D.M. Murdock herself wrote:A conversation on the Caesar's Messiah thesisThursday, 04 October 2012 23:02Excerpt:Please note that I do not concur with Atwill's Josephus/Flavian thesis vis-a-vis the origin of the canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There remains no clear, scientific evidence for the emergence of the canonical gospels as we have them until the end of the second century, when they suddenly burst onto the scene with a slew of commentary. (For more information, see "When were the gospels written?")Read the rest: M. Price is the host of The Human Bible "a podcast that deconstructs and demystifies the Bible. It takes a secular, sober, and impartial look at the Bible—no belief in the supernatural, no favoritism, no animosity. No questions are off limits, and no dogma stifles our inquiry." wrote a review of Joseph Atwill's Caesar’s Messiah in which he takes issue with Atwill:Excerpt:Atwill claims he has learned to read the esoteric secrets of the gospels, whereby they are seen as black-comedic satires of events in the Jewish War…He connects widely separated dots and collects sets of incredibly far-fetched verbal correspondences, from gospel to gospel and between the gospels and Josephus, then uses them to create ostensible parallel accounts…They are the product of his own arbitrary gematria… Kenny over at his Sideshow posted a compilation of my comments which you and your readers should find interesting:No More Myths wishes!

  7. No More – Many thanks! Glad to have my readers question everything about Abrahamic religion…no matter what their conclusions…certain realities stand out. I had read about the reservations she had over the Josephus conclusions and was eager to see the film. The important point is that so many academics DO question. Thanks for the Price links, and the comment.

  8. What the hell do you mean that Santa is not real!?!You ARE just joking about that part aren't you?(Going to go and check out links from readers and the film itself).I look forward to seeing if this film makes note of the Jewish Medicis and Borgias who became prominent (and depraved) popes during the time of the Renaissance. If you hear of the unexpected death of a Canadian West Coast blogger, know it is me. I just cannot accept the reality of a world without Santa Claus!You are a mean man Timster!

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