Let’s Pretend…

Do you remember “tend like”?  That is short for ‘let’s pretend as if…”
A fun game with which girls would begin every doll-playing session, and boys began a rousing game of cowboys-and-Indians.  It was the ultimate in subjectivity.  An exercise in role-playing for the young.  Good training.  They would have to play it time and again as they grew.  And we did.  “Let’s ‘tend like I’m the Mommy and you are the Daddy and a corporate exec about to lay-off thousands of people”.  “Then let’s tend like you are a factory worker, slaving away for 50-60 hours every week to make ends meet and raise all those ‘tend like’ babies...but this time you get laid off.  Let’s tend like this makes us happy”. If one does this enough, the subjectivity of it all begins to melt away and leave the reality of being careful what you wish for.  Being careful what you pretend.  But what of those that pretend while at the top of the heap?  What about their subjectivity?
I watched and read two empirically important things recently, that gave me pause.  Things don’t often do that.  Make me think differently than I have ‘tended like’ in the past.  I have thirsted, as I am sure you have, throughout my life for things that teach me.  That change my perceptions of things.  Someone with some truly objective answers.  
The first of these two things was a book suggested by a friend: “You Gentiles”, by Maurice Samuel.  And the video was a sermon by used-to-be-Bishop Williamson(“Will no one rid me of this turbulent Priest?”), on Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.
In the book, Mr. Samuel tells it like it is.  There is no anti-semitism in it, of course…but by its very nature, it supports everything I have been saying about jewish identity.  You would have to read it in lieu of my detailed analysis, to understand the specifics about which I speak.  But the gist of what I garnered is that the jewish culture is one bent on destruction of the Gentile ones.  They do this simply because they view the Gentiles as children at play.  Societies other than kosher ones are not taken seriously by the judaic, so they do not play by their rules.  This is, of course, quite true.  I have been trying to get this simple fact (objective) through to Gentiles for a long time.  Mr. Samuel makes no bones about this fact, but he does quite a bit of ‘tend like’ in rationalizing it.  He implies that jews understand (innately), that Gentiles at play are dispensable simply because they do not understand the equality with which the jewish see themselves to God himself.  Truly ‘chosen’.  Chosen to rule.  Chosen to be their own messiah.  Chosen to be Gods.  Let’s ‘tend like.
Bishop Williamson’s sermon, although covering quite different ground, depicts such delusional thinking.  In it, he states that although Orwell‘s novel was brilliant(as was Orwell himself),the author fails to see his own lesson concluded in the tome.  That is that his protagonist eventually lost the battle against the Party, simply because he had no real view of the objective…ie, the objectivity of faith.  Well, I would quarrel with that point…but I see where he is going, and I like it.  Two plus two does indeed equal four.  I at least have faith in that.  I like the fact that the Bishop always returns to the objective.  Not the subjectivity of the “jew“-world order.  He names it without naming it.  And because he has denied the objectivity of the holocaust…if pushed, and off the record…I think he would reiterate much of what we know to be true considering the ‘tribe’.  I believe he understands who is behind the decline of the Catholic church just as clearly as you and I do.  He understands who was really behind 9/11, as indeed do we.  I would nit-pick religious particulars with him if I had the chance, but on the whole, I cannot think of anyone I would rather hear a sermon from.

So let’s ‘tend like’ given the chance…we could all return to the objective view of things.  This is this. It isn’t what you want us to think it is.  It doesn’t matter who wins elections, if indeed they were real elections.  Pretending that a vote counts for anything is subjective and a waste of time and energy. I don’t wanna ‘tend like’ any more.   As a matter of fact…I will go out on a limb and break one of my own rules.  I will quote the Bible:  “…when I became a man, I put childish ways behind me”.  And pretending things are something other than what they are…is childish.  And for the most part, as adults, is very dangerous. 

So how are these two things related?  They both identify ‘childish ways‘.  The jew’s pretense that they are in any way ‘divine‘ and that our Gentile lives are in anyway important to them, except as slaves.  And our tendency to believe that they are not simply playing a game with us.  Both of these instances of pretending will spell the downfall of the world as we know it.  That is a fact. 


9 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend…

  1. I watched Atwill's "Caesar's Messiah" documentary today, after reading his book a few years ago. It's not something I figure I'll be able to ignore going into the future.As a presbyterian by birth, and anti-church by choice, I'm still out there cheering for someone like Bp. Williamson when I see him in action, but not without some serious misgivings!

  2. My sincerest apologies for not recommending 'You Gentiles' to you years ago. By your writings most would guess that you had read a lot of the older books. Eye opening to say the least. A few others well worth the read are William G. Simpsons "Which Way Western Man?". Points out the problems that more of us are gradually waking up to. Revilo P. Oliver has several very good books. Going back to early twentieth century writings there is Carleton Coons' (sp) book 'Race and Reason' and a very good book that was fiction but turns out was prophetic is 'The Camp of the Saints' by Jean Raspail. Basically asks the question, what would the West do in the case of a 'Brown' tsunami? Would be impolitic to shoot them all now wouldn't it? Enjoy.

  3. Peter – Many thanks for the recommendation! I was aware of D.M. Murdock's collaboration in the film, but I didn't know it was out yet. I hereby recommend this film to any Christians out there with an even somewhat open mind. After viewing it…the next time you hit your thumb with a hammer…you will be exclaiming "Titus Flavius!!".It costs $5…but well worth it.http://caesarsmessiah.com/

  4. Strawman – Not to worry. I had read excerpts from the book over the years, but was amazed that it was available now for free online in PDF.(I hate paying jews for info I already have – Ha). I have read Simpson's and Oliver's works. I found "Race and Reason" to be short on reason. Haven't read "Camp of the Saints", but reading a synopsis of the book was enough for me to steer clear. Thanks for reading and the comment.

  5. "Our horror at the stories about extreme Jewish suffering amount to a weaponization of our human empathy."I found this line in the link to the article on Bishop Williamson and it is so worth its weight in literary gold. This is not in sync with your excellent piece but it expresses fully how our decency has been used against us ~ the decency of caring ~ some call it humanitarian leanings. According to Tamudic values, I suppose it would be more like animal leanings since, as you know, we gentiles are not actually human! In the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview (The Hidden Tyranny) he speaks scathingly of Christ who came telling people to turn the other cheek and seek peace which just did not suit the Judaic lust for vengeance and violence. They then turned Christianity into a weapon against us….Our food, fashions, morals, entertainment, religions ~ everything has been turned into a weapon against us by these foul creatures.I dunno about you, dear friend, but I stopped "'tending" long ago. Something to do with survival perhaps? That attitude of Samuel's, about gentiles being children next to their wisdom, yada yada yada, is the source, as well, of much of their innate smarminess….As one reader put it after reading those quotes… they take themselves much too seriously. Alas we cannot ignore them as much as we wish we could…. Infernal critters…..

  6. Noor – In their own 'wise' words: "I wish I could buy them for what they are worth…and sell them for what they think they are worth". We would all be trillionaires.

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