My First Re-Print…

With the recent release of “Atlas Shrugged-Part II”, I thought about writing a little personal history concerning my tussle with ‘objectivism’ and Alisa Rosenbaum(Ayn Rand).  Especially since our republican VP nominee claims to be an ‘objectivist’.  
Then I thought…hey, I have written this before.  Why not re-print it, since it is one of the essays I left out of my book(now a word from our sponsors).  So, without further ado…and no punchingup.  I take a cue from the Queen-bee herself in quoting myself by doing my first reprint.  To wit:


Skepticism, The Unknown Ideal…

When I was young and dumb I thought a lot of crazy things. Besides being completely enthralled with the fairer sex, I believed many things that have since fallen by the wayside( excluding my fascination with women).

Ayn Rand was one of these. For some reason when I embraced the whole notion of atheism, her writings just seemed a natural extrapolation in those times. I was a card-carrying “Objectivist”. I don’t even know what that means. But then it meant to me that I thought her characters, Howard Roark and John Galt were essentially Gods. They “objected”. And objected to some pretty damned important things…like architectural norms. Huh? Who in hell cares about architecture? I mean really. Well, of course I sell her “philosophy” a bit short by this, but essentially it comes down to rebellion…and critical thinking and skepticism. 
But I was so deeply committed to her view of things that I even went so far(hundreds of miles one winter night) as to attend a performance of her play “The night of January 16th”, and do a meet-and-greet with her and her entourage afterward. Oh it was wonderful. I met and shook hands with the Brandons and even got about a 12-second presentation to the “queen-bee” herself. I was pretty naive back in those days. Ha. Who am I kidding…I was a dumb-ass. Still am in many ways. But if nothing else(and there WAS, for all intents and purposes nothing else) she taught me skepticism. For that I thank her posthumously. Ding-Dong, the witch is dead…la la la…etc.

For those of you that have NO idea who the hell I am talking about, Ayn Rand-nee Alisa Rosenbaum was a jewish/Russian/amerikan novelist/philosopher whose main purpose in life was anybody’s guess. But she wrote a bunch of books. From silly-ass novels to treatises on economics, espousing her talmudic background and rebellion against a collective Russian society. Somehow, she caught on here in the States in the late 40’s(hmmm I wonder how?) and she plagued us all with her jewish-inspired crap for what seemed forever. Well, until 1982 anyway.

I could go on with a diatribe concerning ontology and epistemology and the finer points of her works…but I won’t bore you. Long and short of it….don’t bother. She was an exercise in vanity, sexual perversion, intellectualism… and she was Uggggly.

I didn’t want to talk about her anyway.

What I do want to cover in my round-about way is skepticism and how that whole notion has somehow gotten lost and is rarely used in the right context lately. I can honestly say that I am NOW a card-carrying skeptic. And no bad thing. I squint down my nose at the most innocuous seeming things anymore. Of course I always had those leanings, but basically I am the guilty-until-proven-innocent type. Why aren’t more of us like that? It never got me into any trouble and probably saved me from untold amounts of it, if the truth be known.
Actually I think it is that damned Christian/Muslim ethic of “trust”. These are the only two of the three religions of Abraham that adhere to it. Take each man at his word. Bullshit.

Jews like Rosenbaum taught me that you assume every man(to me, that means every man that is jewish or represents them) is lying through his damned teeth…first. Then and only then, if it is important enough to you, do you dissect what he is saying and prove to YOURSELF that it may be the truth.

In this day and age(of the jew), it is a necessary reflex. It’s a shame. But there it is.

Holocaust?…6 million? Prove it. Jews aren’t over-represented in every seat of power in the world? Prove it. Palestinians lob thousands of rockets into israhell? Prove it.
The IDF isn’t a bunch of murderous thugs killing for a bunch of racist butchers? Prove it. Jews have nothing to do with organ theft, sex-traffic, drug-traffic, international terrorism, false-flags, economic blackmail,usery…etc, etc….PROVE it. As I said, they have taught me to hold NO affinity for trust, so I reciprocate. Hey, I’m just doing what they do. It has been a long, trying lesson they have taught me, but they got their point across. I know my talking points as well as they now.

The jewish people have taught the world skepticism, it’s time WE use it where it can do us the most good… on them.

…for Ronn


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